Final Thoughts

Catherine and Lindsay – Is one better than the other?

It seems like forever ago, but our last adorable Bachelor Ben had the classic good vs. evil according to the edits, and chose evil. Hugs, Courtney! I never believed it. Jake had Vienna and Tenley, Andrew had Jen and Kirsten, and Matt had Shane and Chelsea. Side bar here, do you see a pattern? Andrew Firestone is the only one who chose who the viewers would have chosen. How interesting is that?

Moving on, that’s not Sean’s final two? True? Tierra, the biggest villain in Bachelor history, has been gone several weeks. So now what or who do we root for?

Heck I don’t know. I’m sitting in my living room, watching reruns of the Celebrity Apprentice. Shhhh! My boyfriend looks so much like Brett Michaels I had to watch it again. I’m wearing a Rick Springfield 2XXL Co-exist t-shirt and sweats. I know who wins, but I don’t know who the editors want me to root for. I have not one idea. Can you tell from the edits who we are supposed to want to win?

So I get the call from my best friend. She is the woman whose son is my godson, the woman who sat next to Sean’s parents in the high school football stands. She’s a teacher and a military brat. No, I’m not describing Lindsay; I’m describing her. So you see where I’m going, right?  I had a two hour conversation with her on how awesome Lindsay is and why Sean chooses her. Yep, she was right on every point. She had a list a hundred miles long as to why Sean’s choice must be Lindsay. She’s also very concerned we see Sean’s mom cry (according to the previews from tomorrow’s episode.)

In the meantime I get two phone calls from my life-long BFFs. First, my BFF from San Francisco, who is adorable, calls me and she reminds me so much of Catherine. Then I get phone call number two from my male BFF, from Alberta Canada. He’s a new dad and in love with Catherine’s twin who has an exotic look men like.

Sean is the Bachelor with the most diversity. I was instantly impressed by that. I never felt someone was there just to be there. I feel I have to say it, because as much as I hate to admit it, in prior seasons…well I’ve change my mind. I’m not going to put it on paper.

I’m from San Francisco, a true rainbow in every way you can imagine, so my friendships are diverse. I live in Dallas now, and it’s different. It’s not like home. However, to have Sean have the most diverse group, I stood up and applauded him. Bravo Sean!

When my Dallas best friend flies to San Francisco she insists on eating Filipino food, by the way. Not that it matters, because military brat that she is, she lived in the Philippians so she knows what good Filipino food is. She knows in the continental United States that a good place to get it is San Francisco.

I’ll tell you what I like about Catherine. She’s been vulnerable. She’s had a relationship with Sean that is indeed fun, but it’s also serious. Go back and watch. Honestly, go back and watch. She put her heart on the line and she showed no fear. Is she fun? Yes, she’s fun, but is that what Sean wants? Yes, that’s what he wants…F U N. Don’t make me quote Gary Busey.

Let’s get beyond the fact that she’d be the only culturally diverse female chosen by the Bachelor if she wins. What I like about her is that she had a relationship with Sean that I think was off camera. She wanted the relationship to be private. Does it concern me that she’s ready to leave Seattle and her family? Yes, it does, but I also like that she’s shown both happy and sad.

What I like about Lindsay three fold:

  1. I like that she’s a military brat. Why? Because it shows me she can weather the distance and that is critical to keeping love alive, across the miles.
  2. As a substitute teacher, she can work anywhere.
  3. Her parents are on board.

What concerns me about Lindsay is that she was drunk and basically incoherent on night one. It’s as simple as that. Do I think producers poured champagne down her throat? Yes, I do think she was encouraged to drink, but it’s a huge red flag. It’s bigger than Big Ben.