The ladies are off to Vegas for a “girl’s trip,” and spent most of the trip talking behind Porsha’s back about her marriage. Kenya and Phaedra finally had the work out video confrontation we’ve all been waiting for, and in the end it was a draw.  

NeNe has arranged for the ladies to take a bus to Vegas while she finishes up shooting her show, and flies in first class later on. I was so happy when she actually arrived before they did. They should have all flown in together, especially when they all hated the bus, although, this bus is where most of this episode and its drama takes place. On the bus, they plan their evening, and they’re all excited to go to the Crazyhorse. That’s a pretty famous strip club, but Porsha doesn’t know that. She asks, because Kordell wouldn’t want her to go to a strip club, supposedly. Phaedra tells her it’s a burlesque club, and she’s happy about that. The ladies joke around and Kandi talks about what else, sex. When she tells a story about farting during sex, I realize that this season has been so long and I’m totally over it. I can’t handle anymore, really. 

Once they get together with NeNe and get back on the bus to head to the Crazyhorse, NeNe reveals that it is in fact a strip club. Porsha freaks; she’s not going. She says to us that she’s against strip clubs and the stripper lifestyle, but tells the women that Kordell wouldn’t want her to go. They all get annoyed, and after she parts ways with them, they spend the whole night talking shit about her marriage. They all pride themselves on being independent, self-made women, and boost their own egos on that fact. They think Kordell is too controlling, and because Porsha married into money and is taken care of, they can’t relate. Sure, that’s true, and maybe Kordell is controlling. Based on the entire season, I think he is. I think though, that Porsha used him as an excuse not to go to the Crazyhorse, and just didn’t want to go. The women marvel at all the strippers, their bikini waxes, and NeNe reminisces about her stripper days.
The next day, Porsha is on the phone with Kordell and tells him what happened. It seems that he wouldn’t have had a problem with it, and tells her to do what she wants, and don’t do what she doesn’t want. Cynthia is a witness to this. It truly seemed that he wouldn’t have cared. NeNe decides she’s going to have an intervention with Porsha, today, on that damn bus. Back on the bus, they ask her why she didn’t want to go, was it because of Kordell? She prefaces by saying she’s a Christian woman, which Phaedra immediately shoots down. NeNe gives her some advice about being newly married, and maintaining who you are and having your own life. The advice is good and seems to come from the heart. Porsha is annoyed about being put on the spot, and when she says that she’s proud of her husband for letting her go on the trip in the first place, the women gasp at the term “let me.” Oh well, I see that they are concerned and it’s very nice, and it may be what Porsha needs to hear, but they have to let it go. At the next destination, they continue to talk shit behind Porsha’s back, and how they can’t relate because they’re all so strong. Did Porsha use Kordell as an excuse because she didn’t want to offend NeNe by saying she doesn’t approve of strippers?

Back at the hotel, Kandi hosts the ladies for a sex toy party. She goes over all of her greatest hits, from the Kegel balls to sexy chocolate covered strawberries. When they go around the room to see who eats the strawberry the sexiest, Kenya has a major fail. Not only does she fail, but Phaedra also calls her Captain Crunch and says that even Walter didn’t like that. Kenya’s face is priceless, and I laughed so hard when Phaedra called her a loser. Housewives gold! 

They put questions into a hat for everyone to ask about relationship advice. Kenya, like the idiot she is, asks what to do when a friend gets into a fight and then acts like nothing happened. This was about sex toys and relationships, not friendships. NeNe answers the question by saying you should confront them, so Kenya is like, OK, I’ll confront Phaedra right now. As usual, Phaedra acts shocked with those faces she makes. She makes a good point because she mocked her by dressing like her at the charity event, and that’s childish. Kenya says she did that to show Phaedra that she’s the one that’s crazy, not Kenya like she’s been telling everyone. Good point! For once, Kenya says something I agree with. Then she says Phaedra cut her to the white meat, and neither can apologize to each other. They agree that each woman just wants an apology, but they won’t do it. They’re both hurt, and they decide they’ll leave things the way they stand, unsettled. They agree to disagree, and never be friends. 

What’s your opinion? Is Kordell controlling? From the looks of next week’s episode, umm, yes. Let me know what you think here.