Tonight’s episode made me feel like I was on peyote. Seriously, it was like watching deleted scenes strung together with no coherent purpose. From Dana Wilkey’s surprise appearance to Mauricio and Marisa doing some real estate, this episode was pointless. That is, of course, not including Kyle’s grand opening of her store. 

On the final day of the trip to Paris, they all take a cruise and have a final tour around the city. Yolanda gives a gift to Brandi, which would have been nice if she didn’t preface it to us saying it was because Brandi is a lonely girl. Yolanda has David waiting for her at home, so she doesn’t need material objects. It’s still a nice thought, and I like the fact that Yolanda appreciates the art of gift giving, because it’s nice to show someone you think about them “in a special way.” Yolanda gives Brandi shoes, and she loves them. It’s her second favorite thing about their trip, the first being her new found friendship with Kim. Kim is so starved for affection, like a puppy dog, and marvel’s in the fact that Brandi’s favorite part of her trip has anything to do with her. 

Back at home, Kyle and Marisa meet up, with Kyle offering condolences. On the way to the airport, as you may remember, Marisa’s father-in-law passed away. She’s distraught but wants to hear about the trip to get her mind off of it. All Kyle can talk about is the shopping she did for her store, prepping us for this store opening coming up. Marisa is also putting her in-laws house on the market, and wants to share the listing with Mauricio. 

 Lisa is at home. Guess who happens to stop by? It’s Kevin Lee! Remember Kevin Lee? “Shee shee shee shee.” He’s back, and I love him. Kevin Lee was Lisa’s wedding planner for Pandora’s wedding last year, and he’s back to plan a housewarming/vow renewal for Lisa and Ken. As soon as this is mentioned, I know the season finale is coming up. The biggest party of the season will always fall on the finale. So, it’s no surprise that this season is coming to an end. Sad! 

I really have nothing to say about Yolanda and David’s “Asian fashion shoot.” That’s when I really felt like I was watching a lost footage episode. I mean, really? This is what it has come to, Andy? 

More randomness as Mauricio and Marisa put her in-laws house on the market. What an amazing house! It was so beautiful, and huge. She wanted to put it up for 25 million, but Mauricio thought that 23 million would make it sell so much quicker and make someone buy it on the spot, rather than go home and think about it. Sigh, it’s just rich people problems. 

Kyle goes shopping for her store, and this I actually love. As annoying as Kyle can sometimes be to me, I’m excited about the store and fashion. I wonder how much work she’s really committing to this store. As a buyer myself, I know how fun it can be to shop for the entire neighborhood, but it’s also a lot of work and careful planning. I love the clothes and the store, although I’m not too crazy about the name, “Kyle.” 

Am I having a Real Housewives lucid dream, or is Dana Wilkey really chain smoking on my TV? What the hell is going on? Dana Wilkey is back, and Taylor sees what too much drinking looks like. Dana says that she’s the only one in the group getting laid these days, and I wonder what makes her think she’s a part of the group. Taylor wants to give her advice, seeing how much she’s drinking, but because she’s not one to talk, she tells her she’s so fun instead. Dana goes off on how much she hates Brandi, and that she wants to puke when she sees her. She says, “How dare you be the low life you are,” and Taylor admits to being her friend. Taylor tells Dana (as she chain smokes for some reason,) that her life coach told her to be careful who her friends are. Dana tells her harshly that none of the girls are her friend, so she better watch out. She says all the women have ulterior motives and love themselves so much they don’t have room for Taylor. I’m starting to think that Dana just wanted to make a big crazy scene on the show, and she lucked out because they’re running out of material.

At Kyle’s party, everyone arrives one by one. Brandi shows up with her husband, Jen, of course. Brandi exclaims that she’s actually happy when her friends are successful, unprovoked, which means she’s absolutely not. Marisa arrives, then Yolanda, Lisa and Ken, then Kim, and then Taylor. Taylor tells Yolanda that she still wants to have coffee with her and resolve her issues, and Yolanda wants to hash it out then and there. She says that her problem wasn’t with Yolanda, but with David. He was married to Taylor’s friend for years, and so Taylor only knew bad things about him. Now, she sees that he’s a good guy. Yolanda is super defensive, saying she doesn’t need to hear that. She knows her husband is a good guy; she married him! Yolanda thinks it would have been cool if Taylor took her aside and told her this right off the bat, but telling all the other ladies behind her back makes her uncool. Yolanda rants at her, and they hug and make a clean slate.

Taylor arrives and Brandi freaks out, but says she’s done with them and is no longer socializing with them. Taylor thinks that Brandi would want to make a scene, but she won’t give her the satisfaction. Kim and Kyle go off to talk alone, and Kim reveals why she was acting so loopy in Paris. Apparently she was mistaking her water pill for some pill she used to take recreationally, and it wasn’t intentional. Kyle cries, and she believes Kim because it does make sense. Kyle tells Kim how scared she always is and was for her, and that she used to wait for the call saying that Kim was dead. Kim says she too knew in her heart that she was going to die with the way things were, but she didn’t care. It’s sad and emotional, and I hope that Kim continues to do well. I hope what she said was true about the pills. She seems to be honest. 

 Next week looks amazing with the start of Paul and Adrienne’s marriage ending and Faye accusing Brandi of destroying their marriage. Seriously? Can you really blame someone for causing a divorce, without sleeping with one of them at least? I didn’t think so. What do you think? Let me know here