Well I did it! While packing for my big trip to LA, I finished the 2013 season of my all-time, super favorite, reality show, Celebrity Big Brother UK. All I can say is, “Wow!” I am still confused and I still don't know what to think about Speidi.

I've given the super couple so much attention; I want to at least make an effort to focus on the others in the house. I am writing this on an airplane and the internet access is down, so if I miss someone or spell someone's name incorrectly, I apologize. I have an autobiographical memory so we should be okay. My sissy remembers everything else for me, but she hasn't watched this season yet. Mind you, I say, yet. I daresay she'll become a super fan too…eventually.

Back to the plane, drinking my citrus-mosa (diet lemon soda and orange juice - I just invented it,) like my sissy, I would have rather had champagne straight, but they didn't have any, and it is very early in the morning.  I’m just making my effort at stretching the calories of the orange juice! Oh wait, y'all don't care about that. I forgot which show I was writing for. I can't help it! I'm so excited!

Rylan - I saw him as our winner almost immediately. First of all, he's a gorgeous, immaculately kept man. If I were traveling to England, and I could meet one English celeb, I would not hesitate with my answer. It would be Rylan. I'd want to go power shop in that little village of shops he's been talking about. I'd then want him to help me get some clothing, a haircut, color … and heck, a complete makeover.

Next, I'd want to meet up with his new BFFs, Claire from Steps, and Trish, so we could have lunch. We'd all go out dancing in the evening at a club with Jill, Paula, Razor, and Frankie.

What I love about Rylan is that he's polite, but he's going to be polite just for the sake of being polite. Good for him!

Yes, Razor was warned to tone it down for an incident that would have never involved producers on American Big Brother. Maybe if he hadn't been told, he would have called-out Speidi more, but the person who continually kept calling them out was Rylan.  Of course, the true Englishman that he is, he was still polite and he kept the living environment as tolerable as possible.

Rylan is also selfless. He shaved off his signature facial hair so a member of the house, Claire, he believed, would receive a letter from her children.  This was foiled because apparently Heidi can't spend even a brief amount of time without Spencer, but more about that later. I am kind of tired of thinking about them.


Now onto the Housemates:

The Women:

Clare – What a gorgeous, voluptuous blonde from Steps! She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

Tricia – She’s beautiful, energetic, and sympathetic.

Jillian – This woman is a lovely soap opera star, with a classic beauty.

Paula – She is a glamorous spitfire, who made her career as a fashion model. Even in the basement, she looked high fashion. She reminds me of what we Americans would call the “Jackie O type”--American royalty if there is such a thing. But, she really reminds me of my Auntie Barbara. I am a quarter English, and Paula has physical features that remind me of my Aunt. The other thing my dear Aunt could do that I strongly suspect Paula can do as well, is the art of lecturing someone, or expressing disapproval with such elegantly phrased and utter perfect politeness that you would never know you were being lectured. However, the words still stuck and the behavior did change.

Lindsey – She’s a young, spirited, and adorable pin-up girl.

I am going to make an educated guess here. The average age of the female house mates, not including Lindsey and Heidi, was the mid-forties.  You'd never see that here in the US. Additionally, they were not all model perfect. I love that! I honestly felt I could have lived in the house, made 4 new BFFs, and had a grand time.

If Celebrity Big Brother came to the US not one female would weigh over 110lbs. Well, maybe one would. Maybe a couple would be over forty…only if it were a celebrity season though.

I cried when Claire finally got her letter from home. I understood Ryan's point when he was upset that the women and Razor got their letters when he and Frankie did not. Yes, dads are just as important too, and yes, like Frankie said, more focus is put on moms’ roles in society. Yet, I see more and more dads taking primary roles at home all the time.  However, I didn't like how it went on and on and on after the letters were read.

If you felt that the letters should have only been read if everyone had one, then make the obviously debatable argument before the first letter was read, period.

The Men:

Rylan – I love him, but it took a few episodes before I could understand what he was saying. I had to get used to his accent I guess.

Frankie - I have a soft spot for Frankie because he's Italian. The Italian Stallion had the best entrance and exit in the history of Big Brother UK. The military dictator idea was hysterical!

Razor - I will always fondly remember Vinnie Jones from seasons past. I never would have thought I'd adore another English athlete, but Razor is a teddy bear who is hard to resist.

Ryan - Early on he slugged through some stuff to give the house hot water and heat. I think it's interesting that two of the final three had votes/fans from another country.

Sean - I hope his name was Sean. He is a gorgeous young man who was evicted much sooner than I thought he'd be. He stood right next to Ryan in the muck. Bleck!

By the way, Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars has a lot of former American contestants from past seasons of Big Brother UK. 

Can't wait until next season!