Oh Walter, go away. Just like the Slade Smileys, the Kim Gs, and the Faye Resnicks of Housewives past, we have a stalker. Desperation to be present on any Housewives franchise is so apparent, and Walter is showing all the symptoms of fame fever. What the hell was really going on in this relationship? Was it real? There is so much confusion, so many misinformed tidbits of half-truths; I can’t take either party seriously. Nevertheless, here’s Walter invited to every party, with Kenya’s cast mates provoking him and egging him on. As hard as it is to say, I think I actually am starting to feel a little bad for Kenya.  

We start out with the couple that is starting to get on my nerves, Porsha and Kordell. I do like Porsha, but the whole is he controlling issue is losing my interest. Yes, he’s controlling, and it’s getting hard to watch. My issue is not with last week’s strip club debacle, because I think it was stupid that they were trying to drag her to a strip club, and I think she was just using Kordell as an excuse not to go. My issue lies among the being a mother versus having a career controversy. Porsha wants desperately to have kids, and he keeps putting it off. It’s annoying. Also, he is insistent that she be an at home mom, despite her desire to continue to do her charity work. I can’t stand to watch him in action anymore, Porsha, he’s too controlling and you’re too young for any of this. I don’t see the positive. He’s not controlling, he’s “in control,” and I’m as clueless as Porsha often seems.

NeNe’s only presence on the show aside from a few guest appearances with the girls for certain events, and their disaster of a visit, is only to see NeNe in action with her new found stardom. Maybe not so new, but blown up. Here she is going on “Kelly and Michael,” “Good day New York,” and “Wendy Williams,” all in one day. This is what she was born to do, and she’s truly a star, as I always knew. I love NeNe, and think she’s hilarious. She’s a natural at going to all the live shows and loves to tell us about how much work it is to change outfits and drive to each studio. Whatever!

Peter and Cynthia are just as annoying to me, and Peter is another one who wants desperately to be a part of the show and stir the pot. Does he really need to invite Walter to whatever stupid party he doesn’t even need to have? Who has all these parties in the first place? It’s too much, even when Jill Zarin was part of the Housewives we didn’t have this many parties. I know that they know that Walter is a topic merely for the sake of the show, yet they try to justify it by acting like they’re suddenly great friends. The fake drama caused by both Kenya and Walter reminds me so much of Daniel Staub and that Hell’s Angels guy she used to run around with, Danny. It was all for the show, and so fake that it almost ruined the franchise. That’s what Kenya is doing in Atlanta, which I thought used to be one of the more free-flowing of the Housewives.  

Kenya shows up to the party with a fake date, and she avoids Walter. I would feel more sympathy for her if I knew that deep down she didn’t secretly want all this attention and drama. Not much happens at the party, other than a few snide comments from Kenya. These are never as funny as she thinks, like calling Walter a tow truck driver. Kenya doesn’t trust Peter in that she thinks he would stick them at the same table as Walter, and she’s really smart to think that. He doesn’t, but he would, and I’m happy that she knows that. Phaedra thinks that Kenya is staring daggers at her the whole night. However, in the end, she approaches her and they again agree to disagree and take baby steps towards a friendship. I would believe that if it weren’t for an upcoming reunion which I’m sure will tear that to shreds. 

At the party, Walter tells the guys that he only dates women under 32, and Kenya was too old. So why were they dating? According to him, they weren’t really together. According to her, she thought he may be gay because of the whole shower incident. Now, they’re both claiming they weren’t together and trying to save face. Why then was she begging to be proposed to in Anguilla? Nothing makes any sense, and it just proves that making up story lines to be interesting on a show doesn’t pay. Get your stories straight. I was happy for Kenya that she was able to throw in the fact that when she asked Walter if he was in fact gay, she doesn’t remember him ever saying no. Her first semi-funny jab, I’ll give her credit for that. Kenya claims that she never saw Walter with an erection, and he was never interested in sex. The Kenya we saw a few months ago was begging to elope, so what’s the truth?

Kenya needs to realize that Cynthia, Kandi, and NeNe are in no way her friends like she may think. They’d be protecting her if they were, and both Cynthia and Kandi are the cause of Walter’s presence tonight. Kandi has a housewarming party, and Walter is there. First of all, her house is unbelievable. Her daughter has a stage in her room, not only that but she actually has two giant houses, one being a guest house. It’s incredible. Walter is there as I said, with a date who is obviously just there for show. Kenya comes not knowing he’s there, and Kandi pulls her aside to talk to her about his presence. Kandi acts as if she knew, but it’s obvious that she didn’t and Kandi is pretty cold as usual, “I know you probably feel a certain way cause Walter’s here, whatever.” Kenya gets upset, of course, and storms off. Kandi tells us it’s her house and she can invite whomever she pleases, and that pisses me off. That’s called being a bad friend, and makes me think a little less of Kandi, my last hope at normalcy on this show for a long time. 

We all know that Porsha and Phaedra don’t like Kenya. For them to know that Walter was there to confront Kenya about things she said makes sense. What does that say about Kandi and Cynthia? 

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