You only have two choices after watching tonight’s episode, you’re either on Brandi’s side, or you’re not. There’s no way you could watch all the catty arguing and not pick sides. Were you bothered by Marisa and Faye’s malicious rumor spreading about Brandi and her sleazy ways? Were you proud of Yolanda for putting an end to the gossip as she always does? Or did you find yourself cheering as the women banded together to bash Brandi for being a Chanel-borrowing bad girl? Now that you know where you stand, how does it correlate to your real life friendships?

Adrienne plans her Vodka launch party, Lisa and Brandi get massages and bask in the fact that they’re not going. Brandi says that Adrienne’s always launching a product, and her whole social life is about branding and product placement. She’s always promoting something, so why feel bad about not supporting her for once. That’s irritating to me because Adrienne hasn’t been on the show pretty much all season, yet she’s using it to promote a product. She just had to get it in there before the season’s end, despite her upcoming separation, which I’m sure she didn’t want to come out on the show. Lisa doesn’t go for a very valid reason, that stupid chef we’ve been talking about each week. Bernie is Adrienne’s chef who has been accused several times of selling stories about Lisa and Brandi, and it’s pretty much been proven at this point. So why would Lisa go? Brandi spills too much tea by revealing that she thinks that Adrienne and Paul’s marriage is just a business arrangement, careful Brandi. Hasn’t she learned her lesson? After almost being sued for talking about them, that’s not something I would say.

 At Adrienne’s party, Marisa tells everyone about a text Brandi sent her. The text is really inappropriate, telling Marisa that to save her marriage she should have a hall pass system. Marisa acts like she’s shocked that Brandi would think her marriage is in trouble, despite the fact that her only memorable moments on the show are of her bashing her husband and putting him down. Brandi was bothered by that several times, and from the way Marisa talks about him, one would think her marriage was in trouble. That is no excuse for the text; I think that was just a stupid move on Brandi’s part. What was she thinking? It’s the device that opens up a major gossip session, and Brandi is lucky to have Yolanda as a friend. The women all have something to say about Brandi, from the fact that she’s not the one to give marriage advice, to the fact that she had threesomes in her own marriage. It turns to her flirting with married men, and that the ladies wouldn’t put it past her to sleep with a married man. OK, now you’re just talking trash! The best part of the entire episode tonight was when Yolanda grabs Marisa’s face and tells her to stop throwing Brandi under the bus. She says she should talk to her in private about it, not amongst the other women. Kyle remains neutral, God bless her, but then there’s Faye. Sigh. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick is overjoyed with the shit talk about Brandi, and so she tells everyone that Brandi had sex with what is implied to be a married man at the white party. Bullshit. I highly doubt that, and Yolanda warns her not to spread rumors. Kyle obviously already had that piece of information, but says that she didn’t see it for herself. 

Maris seemed like a friend to Brandi, and although the text may have been bothersome to her, I don’t know why she suddenly turned on her in such a vicious way. Adrienne I can understand wants nothing more than to bad mouth her, but why is Camille so involved? All of a sudden Camille is going back to her season one ways, and she’s not even on the show anymore. It’s times like these that I appreciate Yolanda’s presence, and loath Faye’s. Faye implies to Yolanda that Brandi threw her under the bus as well, but never says what she’s talking about, because there’s nothing to say. Yolanda tells her to speak to Brandi directly, and Faye says she’d love to. Great!

Everyone realizes that talking about this in front of Yolanda isn’t going to work, so they scatter. They really all just made themselves look bad tonight, and gave Brandi a few more fans I’m sure. Camille tells Adrienne about the comment Brandi made about owning the Palms, and I wish she’d just shut up. 

The next morning it’s announced that Paul and Adrienne have separated, and there’s nothing on the show that would make us think that. Before the commercial break they were fine, now they’re separated. Although we all knew it was coming, the lack of these two on the show makes it less important. Everyone has something to say about it as they head over to Lisa’s party in their limos. Brandi’s friend Jen calls it a publicity stunt, which I do not understand whatsoever. A divorce is not a publicity stunt! What are you talking about? Brandi also talks about all the things that were gossiped about her at Adrienne’s party, so we know more fighting is ahead.  

The most irritating thing about this season, and Beverly Hills in particular, why do these women need to bring two girlfriends to every event? If you’re not married, why do you need to bring two other women with you? I’m so sick of the sidekicks. When Brandi arrives, after asking Mauricio to confirm that she’s never flirted with him, she and Lisa discuss the separation. This is what’s really interesting. Adrienne’s divorce was announced on Radar Online, and the story about Brandi having sex at the white party in the bathroom came out on the same site, by the same writer. That story is here. Brandi has a friend who works for Radar Online, who confirms to her that Adrienne is the one giving these stories to them, time and time again. It was confirmed. It’s so hilarious after watching Adrienne, who accused Lisa of doing just that, last season. What a hypocrite. 

Camille and Faye are the true mean girls at this party, both going around accusing Brandi of being the reason that Paul and Adrienne are getting divorced. Are they serious? If that’s all it took, they were bound for divorce anyway, and based on all the bickering and lack of love we’ve all seen, you knew it was coming. Were you really surprised? 

Yolanda pulls Marisa and Brandi together to resolve the issue, and Marisa makes it seem as though she just showed them the text and said nothing bad about her. Yolanda does not let her get away with that, at all. She keeps correcting her memory, in that she was in fact calling Brandi out in a “how dare she” way. Marisa defends herself and says that she has no idea why she would think her marriage needed help, and Brandi boldly says that she thinks it does. I was shocked by that one. Marisa is like, so what if I want to sleep with a tall, dark, and handsome guy, yeah I’d sleep with them, but I’m married. What? None of it makes sense, but I understand that Marisa is making jokes, and Brandi is taking them seriously. That’s the issue. The argument escalates, according to everyone listening, but it wasn’t really a heated argument. Then Faye has to get involved. 

Go away Faye! She had to butt in, and Brandi immediately tells her to go away. Faye says she’s involved in everything, yeah we see that. She tells Brandi to be a lady for once, and makes the stupid comment about borrowed Chanel bags. I rehearsed the un-funny line; that just proves how badly she wants to be cast on the show. Faye tells Yolanda that she’s “being misled by a very bad girl,” to which Yolanda brilliantly replies, “Sweetheart, I’m 48.” Then Faye drops the bomb about Brandi causing Paul and Adrienne’s divorce, and both Brandi and Yolanda find that laughable, and walk away. 

It takes almost nothing to cause this much drama, and with Faye around it’s not even the entertaining kind of drama. It’s the pathetic kind, much more like watching Kenya Moore and Walter in action. It’s annoying and useless on my television. Next week Faye goes after Lisa, and I really hope Lisa asks her to leave. I’m imaging it like last season’s Orange County party when Heather Dubrow’s bow was eaten off of her cake and she went ballistic on that girl and had to ask her to leave for 40 minutes of the episode. Please embarrass Faye. Take Camille with you. 

I can’t defend anything Brandi has said or done this season, yet I find myself on her side much like Yolanda and Lisa. Maybe it’s because the other side is full of too many mean girls. Faye, Marisa, Camille, and Adrienne are not my cup of tea, much like Yolanda and that Red Velvet Vodka. 

Let me know what you thought here. Be sure to check back next week to read my recaps of the epic finale, as well as part one of the reunion. Here’s a sneak peek, and get ready to have a major discussion next week. I want to know your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree with me, I’m not ready to say goodbye to these ladies yet and have so much more to say.