“Walter’s here, whatever.” Back where we left off last week, Kenya doesn’t have her security with her, and there’s a stalker amongst us. Does Walter really classify as a stalker? Maybe he does for the cameras, but not for Kenya. I can’t say I blame her for leaving though, and if I were there I’d be even madder than she is at the other girls, believe it or not. As much as Kenya loves drama, and as much as this could easily be seen as just causing drama, I see her side. Why is Walter there? It turns out that only Phaedra and Apollo knew that he was coming, and who could blame them for not telling anyone? Everyone gossips about it as Kenya feverishly tries to make her way out of valet gridlock, and they all roll their eyes at her. All of this just makes me look forward to the reunion even more. 

There is more of NeNe self-praising about “The New Normal,” and her new fabulous life. She has arrived, blah blah blah. I love her, and she makes me laugh every time she’s on my screen, but there’s nothing left to report. She feels great, she’s on a show, and she won. The talk is now about re-marrying Gregg, which I’m sure, will happen. 

Cynthia rips Kenya a new one about the whole Walter situation. I thought Cynthia’s “talk” was going to be an apology for not telling her he was there, which would have been deserved. Instead, Cynthia lays it down for Kenya, basically telling her to get over it and move on. Miss Lawrence is there, whom I love, but why is Walter team Kenya? Cynthia says she doesn’t know who is lying and who’s telling the truth, pretty harsh. Kenya isn’t smart enough to pick up on that, I thought she would be offended that Cynthia is basically telling her she may or may not be lying about Walter. Kenya backs down and takes it; she takes it as advice to move on to another man. Can Cynthia set her up with someone? Cynthia is like, umm, no. Take care of this first. Cynthia then sums up Kenya perfectly, “Yo, she’s beautiful, but what’s up?” Exactly! 

 Porsha is in therapy, and I’m so over her and Kordell. From the looks of next week, I’m definitely over Kordell. She wants a baby, he’s a controlling asshole, and her story about losing her last pregnancy is really sad. I feel bad for her and hope she gets what she wants, I really do. These two however are making this season drag on for me; I can’t wait until I don’t have to hear about these “issues” with no resolution. Apparently she will not be returning next season, so it’s all for nothing anyway. I do like Porsha, but she’s too oblivious for me to worry about her problems for her. 

Why am I tearing up at a sex toy convention? Kandi meets all the women that are going to be selling Bedroom Kandi at parties for her, pretty much like Avon or Mary Kay. She makes a really nice speech and is so touched to see all the women who are there to take her dream to the next level. I got a little misty and was happy for her, she may not bring to the show what I often want her to, but Kandi is a smart business woman that you can truly look up to. So what if it’s vibrators, look at what she’s done for herself. Phaedra should pay attention to Kandi, maybe stun guns isn’t the answer, nor is the funeral business. 

NeNe and Cynthia at the wine bar was hilarious, with NeNe making faces while she tries different wines. They catch up, basically talking about NeNe and Gregg getting married again. Something about this scene makes me feel like they just stuck it in this episode and that it was actually shot a long time ago. She talks about her show not even being on the air yet, but I’m pretty sure it was by this point in the season. Who knows? They extended this season to 20+ episodes, when usually these shows are about 12. I appreciate all the extra footage though. 

Kandi and Todd are talking about her mom and pre-nups, and I really like Todd. Kandi talks about the possibility of her mom moving into their guest house, and about the future. They’re turning out to be a really cute couple. 

Here we go! I was afraid that this episode was kind of pointless, until I saw Phaedra in her little green skin tight onesie gearing up to work out that bootie. Oh no, Kenya is simultaneously about to shoot her work out video. Miss Lawrence is talking shit about Phaedra’s body while Kenya gets her hair done, while Phaedra is talking shit about Kenya’s body while getting her make-up done. What a coincidence. It’s Jessica Rabbit vs. Spongebob Squarepants, as Kenya puts it. Watching these two shoot their videos is glorious. I love every minute of it. From the retakes to the booty pops, it’s Bravo gold. Phaedra wins the award for comment of the night, making clear there’s no comparison between her and Kenya when it comes to authentic donkey booties. “Have you seen that booty?” Boop! 

In the end, Gregg proposes to NeNe. She chokes, but she knew it was coming. He calls her the wind beneath his wings, not to sound corny. She would not have accepted anything less than him being down on one knee, too bad he can barely bend his body. She says of course, and it’s happening! 

The preview of the finale looks vile. Stun guns, Kenya’s coming out party, and the men fighting. Not to mention a hard to watch therapy session with Kordell and Porsha, poor Kandi dressed up like Tina Turner, and Peter gets his precious screen time. Luckily there will be a three part reunion this year, so we’ll have lots more to talk about well into the spring. 

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