Andy Cohen’s service announcement about Adrienne not being there was definitely a well thought out approach to subtly putting her down. There’s no doubt that she totally pissed off Bravo with everything she has said and done as of late. They call her cowardly for not coming to defend herself, and she’s left nothing more than a negative impression by not getting the last word in any form. There are no secrets in reality television, so the ladies wonder what she was doing on the show. Brandi’s reveal about Adrienne’s kids being from a surrogate, was only to prove that Adrienne was in fact a liar. Lisa would like to again bring up for the millionth time that Adrienne plants stories, and yet accused her of doing the same. Andy says it all started with a “shut the fuck up.” That’s where the problems started this season, but they stem from the last reunion. That’s when Paul and Adrienne tried to get Brandi to bash Lisa both at the reunion and on Twitter. She says that when she said no and started yelling back at them, the stories about her being a bad mom began on Radar Online. That’s Adrienne’s “go to” website, and it seems very true from the looks of all the stories on that site. Brandi says, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, that Paul apologized to Brandi once Bernie the chef began to blackmail him and sell stories about him. Paul realized it was all true and told Brandi he didn’t know. Nothing new to report on this topic, can we finally put it to rest?

There was lots of talk tonight about Yolanda. I had begun to really like her towards the end, only because I agreed with everything she has been saying. They say she came across as cold, and that she had a hard time integrating into the group. I guess that’s true but I didn’t realize it was an issue. She gets into it with Kyle, as Kyle says that she made an effort to befriend Yolanda, but Yolanda never had her over without a camera present, as well as declined all of Kyle’s invitations. Yolanda says she kept her guard up because she didn’t like the fighting and didn’t want to get stabbed in the head. She makes it pretty clear that she didn’t feel welcome, and Kyle becomes her target since Kyle had to chime in. Some story comes out about Yolanda being sick in Kyle’s driveway and not getting a glass of water. Yolanda wishes she had watched the show before because it took her a while to figure everyone out. Kim is upset that on the Ojai trip she was excited to get to know her. Then the next time she saw her Yolanda was accusing her of skipping their date to do the master cleanse. Yolanda swears they had plans, Kim swears they didn’t. Kim makes it clear that by Yolanda making her out to be flaky, she made her look bad. After she tried so hard to be responsible in her sobriety, I see her point. She also talks about her Lyme disease and that she couldn’t think clearly, which is what led to her calling Taylor an asshole. It’s OK Yolanda; you don’t need an excuse to call Taylor an asshole. 

Speaking of Taylor, let’s talk about her denied alcoholism. Does she have a drinking problem? Taylor admits to using alcohol to cope with her problems, and poor Taylor does have a lot to cope with. She however sees a distinction between drinking to cope and drinking at a party, in which the ladies tell her no. Kim says she doesn’t think Taylor should be drinking at all. They then clarify the not knowing where Kennedy was, and Kyle confirms that the part about the nanny was cut out of the show. Taylor was confused because the nanny was supposed to pick her up, it all makes sense. Brandi makes a great point, why were Kim and Kyle talking about it to Marisa, a complete stranger to Taylor? If the phone call made sense to them and was just edited to look bad, why were they making such a big deal out of it? Why tell Marisa and let her talk badly about Taylor for the world? Taylor reveals that she’s dating her lawyer, who has been in the process of a divorce for several years. Brandi takes issue with that, but Taylor is madly in love. 

Lisa says that Kyle was never close to Adrienne, so why was she taking her side and defending her all season long? Well, here’s the juicy answer that makes the last two hours watching Bravo all worth it. Lisa says that Kyle only defended Adrienne so that Mauricio could get the listing to put their house on the market. Boop! Kyle is shocked. There’s more, Lisa says that her relationship with Kyle changed after Mauricio sold her house. Bam! Now I have NeNe Leakes noises pouring out of me. She says that Kyle and Adrienne were never close, and can prove it in that they’re not even close now. Kyle admits that they’re not. Andy asks Kyle if she’s jealous of Brandi and Lisa’s friendship and she says yes. Brandi says it’s this simple; she doesn’t talk behind friend’s backs. That’s it. Yolanda finds a way to accuse Kyle of being catty; she really just doesn’t like her. She says that Kyle was being catty when she joked about Brandi’s plastic surgery in Vegas. Kyle says that Yolanda isn’t as straight forward as she likes to think, she talked major shit about Lisa in Paris. Thank God for these trips where all these topics are coming from tonight. Kyle says that Yolanda called Lisa a phony when talking to Kim after Lisa was mean to Kim about relapsing. That’s true, Yolanda was talking about Lisa to Kim I remember that, but Yolanda denies it all. Yolanda was the one that got mad at Lisa for talking about Kim at the dinner and told her to stop, and the next day she did talk about Lisa not being her friend. Here Yolanda acts like none of that ever happened, and even says that Lisa wasn’t talking about Kim which she clearly was. Damn Yolanda I was on board, you’re losing me. Maybe it’s her brain and she doesn’t remember, so I forgive her. I don’t think she would have a problem admitting it anyway. 

Kim was there to bring it tonight, Yolanda has it out for Kyle, and it’s all just getting started. The only thing I remember seeing for next week is when Brandi accuses Kyle of secretly wanting Kim to relapse. That’s a low blow, and Kyle will surely explode.


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