Well, that’s a wrap for this season, and it ended just as expected. Kenya brought unnecessary drama as usual, and everyone else took it with class. Sometimes it takes being around someone who’s more immature than you are to make you grow up. Who would have thought that NeNe would be the voice of reason and the peacemaker? All it took was a little Kenya to show them the error of their ways. 

Kenya’s planning her big coming out party designed to celebrate black women in film. What that has to do with her, I have no idea. It’s an excuse to get everyone in costume, and that’s fine. 

Porsha and Kordell are in couple’s therapy, and it’s even harder to watch this week after the announcement of their divorce. Kordell filed for divorce, shocking Porsha and it is clear things are going to get ugly. He has no plans to give her a dime, and now she’s saying she helped raise his son and wants money and the house. What son? I had no idea there was a kid involved with her constantly talking about wanting a baby and complaining about having nothing to do all day. The evidence of her raising his son is certainly not caught on camera, but Kordell's douchey ways are evident all season long. None of us liked him, we’ve all been complaining in the forums about his controlling ways, and I don’t think anyone is upset about his departure. Take a look at the therapy session tonight. When talking about Porsha’s previous miscarriage, Kordell admits to not being there for her or wanting to talk about feelings. Oh but Porsha, you can talk to Kordell about your feelings right? Umm, well, no. They were doomed. It was previously said that Porsha would not be returning next season because Kordell didn’t want her on the show again, so now we may see her back after all. I’d love to see her back as a single woman doing things on her own. I think she’s going to be much better off. 

I can’t even take Phaedra’s new stun gun seriously. It’s another stupid product. What happened to her funeral business? Who would have thought that a lawyer would come on to this show and use it as a platform to push crappy products down our throat and start bad business ventures? This isn’t QVC Phaedra, stop putting on a show for us. 

Now we can focus on this party. Cynthia was asked to be Diana Ross, but she ends up just looking like Cynthia. Porsha was asked to be Halle Berry in BAPS, and she’s at the salon trying on outfits and getting fitted for a gold tooth. Did anyone else think this salon seemed like a spin-off for another show? Everyone agrees that Kenya gave this assignment to Porsha in the form of throwing shade. It was an insult; not giving a glamorous character to her was on purpose, and Kenya’s way of putting her down. 

As everyone arrives at the party, there’s Kenya dressed up as Foxy Brown with her boobs being her biggest prop. Kandi walks in as Tina Turner, and she looks like a kid on Halloween. Lose the denim vest Kandi! Cynthia, like I said, just looks like Safari Cynthia, not Diana Ross at all. In walks Porsha as Halle Berry, too bad she’s Dorothy Dandridge instead. She went for glamour and went against Kenya’s wishes. Hmm, what does she thinks going to happen? Kenya is pissed. Porsha is unapologetic in her choice, and after thinking it over for a minute, Kenya asks her to leave. Apparently Kenya had a skit planned for each Housewife based on their character, something Porsha knew via email. Well that kind of changes my view. What do you think? Does Kenya have a right to be mad? I think she does, actually. Maybe not to the extent of kicking her out, but it is obvious Porsha came to her party knowing there was going to be some kind of a confrontation. Why go at all? I see both sides, I really do. I’m never team Kenya, but it’s her party and she had something planned, Porsha obviously doesn’t care. 

Asking Porsha to leave, and be escorted by two huge security guards, does not sit well with the group. Cynthia and Kandi both decide to leave as well. They tell Kenya if she goes, we go, and they gather outside. Cynthia calls NeNe, who is not pleased. Phaedra shows up as Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman, looking like a crazy lady. NeNe arrives a little later as Grace Jones, looking amazing. Kenya argues some more with everyone, not backing down about Porsha ruining her program, and refusing to apologize. Everyone acts like they won’t go back in without Porsha receiving and apology, but once NeNe gets there it’s clear that she’s not wasting the costume. She’s going in despite being pissed at Kenya. They all go back in, even Porsha taking one for the team. 

Kenya does kind of apologize to Porsha, agreeing that they have issues with each other. Porsha accepts, but doesn’t offer any remorse for going against Kenya’s instructions. NeNe demands that Kenya be brought to her to speak with her. She demands that Kenya gets it together. She lays it down for her to stop being crazy. This is not the NeNe of seasons past, the woman who caused all the drama whether it was completely irrational or warranted. It’s as if she has grown up, or dare I say, ARRIVED! 

The reunion preview looks great, although I want to take that stupid fan from Kenya and stick it somewhere. She brought a dramatic prop, and I can guarantee that she’s going to try to dominate the entire reunion. What did you think? Should Porsha have apologized to Kenya for not wearing the costume she wanted? Should Kenya have just said nothing? Are you surprised about Kordell filing for divorce?

Let us know here.