We jump right back into the last topic discussed, did Yolanda say that Lisa was full of shit to Kim and Kyle. She denies it, and the Richards sisters are adamant she did. Andy asks Lisa who she believes, and she believes Yolanda. This leads to Lisa putting the ladies in the order of which one she trusts most. They are as follows: Brandi, Yolanda, Taylor, Kim, and then Kyle. It’s harsh for Kyle to be last on the list, but accurate just the same. She says that Kyle has done too much behind her back for her to have her trust, and Andy then asks Kyle where the relationship stands. Kyle says it’s all in Lisa’s hands at this point. Will they ever be as close as they once were? Probably not!

Next we talk about Adrienne and Paul’s marriage, and how their light hearted bickering was something more which led to their divorce. Adrienne keeps looking worse and worse. Andy reveals that Adrienne had made comments in the press blaming Brandi for her marriage’s end, and that her new friendship with Paul is a ploy to stay relevant. First of all, wouldn’t it be Paul’s ploy to be relevant? I don’t think Brandi needs any help staying relevant at this point, not with all the comments she makes about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian on a weekly basis. No one thinks Brandi ruined their marriage, and then we talk about Chef Bernie and the pictures he put out there of Adrienne’s bruises, claiming that Paul was abusive. No one believes it, especially with last season being centered on Taylor’s own abuse issues. Not only do they not believe it, but Lisa wonders why Adrienne would allow Bernie to do that and condone his actions. Kyle is shocked by everything, and thinks Bernie just wants attention, all true. Taylor says she lost respect for Adrienne in all of this, and so has everyone else. 

Has Kim’s relationship with Kyle improved since her recovery? Kim thinks there’s a lot of work still to be done. She feels Kyle’s support when they’re together, but is hurt when she watches the show and sees Kyle making fun of her behind her back. She hurt her feelings numerous times, and all Kyle can say is that she was joking. Lame excuse for someone so sensitive, and the fact that she would publicly comment on Kim’s sobriety is the worst party. Kim then digs into Yolanda using her accent or her disease as an excuse for things, and then joking about Kim remembering things that she said in Paris. That hurt her feelings too. Brandi jumps in and Kim isn’t having it. She tells her that all she ever does is jump into other people’s business and say mean things. Brandi then says that Yolanda was there for her in Paris and even carried her shit stained pillow through the airport. Kim doesn’t deny the shit stained pillow, but gets mad that Brandi would bring it up. Brandi then says that she thinks that Kyle almost wants to see Kim fail. Kyle flips out. She says she prays for Kim every night and has been going through this for years. I could almost see Brandi regret saying it after everyone was so shocked at it, even Andy, and especially Taylor. Kim can barely speak, but says she can’t handle hearing that anyone would want her to fail, and thinks this is her last chance at sobriety. She’s so emotional. Kyle switches couches to sit with Kim, and she tells Kyle that she was hurt that Kyle was making jokes about her in Paris, especially when she knew the truth. Kyle says it came out wrong, and that’s just bullshit. She’s got the most excuses.

Next the men come out, and they talk about Mauricio fighting with Brandi and Ken. Brandi thinks that no man should ever speak to a woman like that, and he was too aggressive. Mauricio doesn’t take back what he said, and says he was offering advice, but does apologize for his tone. He says he does like Brandi and really was just trying to help. The accusations about Mauricio only being friends with Paul and Adrienne for their listing, as well as dropping Ken and Lisa after selling their home is quickly dismissed. He says it’s because of Kyle and Lisa’s issues, and that he would have dinner with them every night, Kyle’s in charge of his social calendar. I believe that. Ken is asked about the abuse allegations against Paul and says that if Paul did abuse Adrienne and the kids, he wouldn’t have shared custody. Not only that, but with all the security in their home, someone would have known. He makes good points. 

There is also a segment with Paul’s side of the story, saying he’s focusing on being a good dad and a good doctor. He had a dysfunctional family and wishes his parents divorced when he was young because of it. He says of Brandi that what she did was wrong, but he accepted her apology and in no way blamed her for his separation. 

In the end, the ladies all say they love each other and have a toast. With the center of the reunion being about Kim’s sobriety, maybe they should have skipped the toast. Lame! What did you think of the reunion? Are you sad to see the ladies go? Let me know what you thought here

To say goodbye to our favorite Housewives, let’s take a look at how well they did this season. Do you agree with their final grades?


She had the most fans supporting her this season; everyone seemed to take her side in her fight with Adrienne. That doesn’t mean that she should have ever revealed the fact that Adrienne’s kids were had by a surrogate. Not in front of cameras, and she has to lose points for that one. She stood up for herself beautifully though, and garnered much sympathy when Adrienne and Paul threatened to sue her. Where would we be without Brandi this season? Her relationship with Lisa was the most honest friendship I’ve seen among Housewives in a while, and her no bullshit attitude is something to be admired. She stood up for others as well, her sympathy for Kim was nice to see, and aside from Adrienne and Faye, she really stayed out of trouble with the others. 

Final Grade: B+


Oh, Kyle. Kyle tried so desperately to be a friend to all, that she was a friend to none. By taking Adrienne’s side so passionately, and avoiding conflict at all costs, she lost major points with Lisa. With the help of Mauricio, she did some major damage by playing innocent and yet getting in there and causing the most drama, none of which was her battle to fight. She was involved in it all, and if it’s true that it’s all just a way for her husband to get the listings on her castmates properties, that’s a big fail. Aside from the opening of her store, Kyle’s role this season was to comment on the drama happening around her, and despite what she says she used Faye to do her dirty work. She may have gotten along with Brandi, but she presented us with Faye to take her down. Watching her relationships with Lisa and Kim dwindle was sad, but watching her do nothing about it was infuriating. 

Final Grade: D


Kim was a different person this season, for the most part. She started off being fresh out of rehab and trying to prove to everyone that she changed. She ended the same way. I have sympathy for anyone who can so easily be brought to tears at any mention of something that hurt her in the past. She graciously developed a new friendship with Brandi, yet doesn’t forget how devastated she was when Brandi called her a meth addict. She tried to work on her relationship with Kyle, but wasn’t blind to Kyle’s icy ways. So what if she overslept in Paris, she’s doing well in my book. Not to mention her sweet attempt at helping Taylor with her drinking problem, Kim is a good friend with a good heart. I’m happy we got to know her better this season.

Final Grade: A-


Our Beverly Hills matriarch was fabulous as always, with not much to say. She had her issues with Kyle, and was right in wanting a true friend to have her back. She took it well when Adrienne, Faye, Camille, or even Kyle got in her face and tried to take her down a notch. She rose above it all, and we always knew where she stood. She loses some points for giving Kim a hard time in Paris, she was not too supportive of her, and it’s obvious she was looking for problems. Overall, Lisa is first class, and still a favorite to most. 

Final Grade: A- 


She was a no-show to the reunion, pretty much a no-show to the season, and yet all of the drama this season revolved around her. She kicked it off by yelling “somebody’s crying” about Kim, pissing Brandi off. This was the final straw in Brandi’s loath for Adrienne, and began the downward spiral that revealed Adrienne’s big family secret. She dropped off the face of the earth after that, and then showed up at the end once Paul filed for separation. Her biggest fail though is in all the rumors about selling stories about Brandi and Lisa, and the fact that there’s so much evidence against her. 

Although she deserves a major fail, she gets some points for being so boring, and yet being the only reason to watch this season. Without her storyline, we’d have nothing to talk about. 

Final Grade: D-


She started off being the new girl who seemed to have it all, and loved to tell us about it. I was not a fan of the chicken cooking, husband worshipping, lemon picking woman that Bravo was shoving into my eyes. I grew to like Yolanda; however, because she was not shy in giving the women her opinion of everything they were doing wrong. She called Taylor an “asshole.” She called Adrienne a “nobody.”  She also put Faye in her place. For that, she gets major points, and the bragging of episode’s past is long forgotten. 

Final Grade: B


I almost forgot she was on the show, and yet she wasn’t in hiding like Adrienne was. Taylor’s only scenes this season were drunk and disorderly. She was only there to bring up her own problems and make things about herself. She caused a little drama with that phone call to Kyle where she revealed she didn’t know where Kennedy was. She’s always been a woman in crisis, and I was hoping to see her pick herself up and make a great life. She hasn’t changed, and I was disappointed. 

Final Grade: F