Week Eleven: Down to the Wire

Before I summarize the finale, let’s take a quick look back.

It has taken me quite a bit to get to a summary of this episode. I almost decided I would just skip it, but I changed my mind. This was the hardest episode to summarize for a number of reasons, and so as not to disappoint, here are a few of my rants:

  1. Gina goes home. I have heard mixed views on this. Now that I know she was the “At Home” winner, it makes a little more sense. The only way the two houses leaders could both win, so to speak, would be by sending Gina home (when everyone else went home as well in all actuality) to make her eligible for the “At Home” prize.
  2. The trainers and contestants have stated over and over and over again that they are at “Week 11.” However, Dr. Robert Huizenga clearly states they are at day “one-oh-one” (101.) I told you so. If you do the math, that puts them at “Week 14.5” at least.
  3. At the start of the episode, Joe is razed for losing 6.2 pounds. This number was considered over the top, and in Gina’s interview she remarked that maybe he lost a little too much. At the end of this episode, Joe loses five pounds and everyone holds a funeral for the low number. It’s pretty obvious it was more than a seven day period for there to have been that big of a negative reaction after his loss.
  4. Jackson loses five pounds and there is even more concern at how low his loss was. Let’s put aside that five pounds is an exceptional loss, for “Week 11,” a seven day period, but more than that, this is Jackson who didn’t hit big numbers until we went to singles. Bravo Jackson!
  5. Gina loses two pounds, which put her below the red line, an automatic send home. For a seven day period, a 2.5 percentage of weight loss at “Week 11” would be considered exceptional. Don’t doubt that.
  6. Jeff and Danni both lost eleven pounds; enough said!

Having worked in the weight loss industry, my best educated guess is that the time period was about three weeks. That would mean Gina lost just less than one percent of her body weight, and Jackson and Joe lost one percent. Not to be a broken record, but one percent is considered perfection. This means Joe’s and Jackson's fates were left up to America.

Thank you for allowing me to rant. Now I am moving on.

Jeff shows his sense of humor by stating to Danni, just to be clear, “You were the weakest winner,” of this immunity challenge. This was the second clip we’ve seen of Jeff’s humor. It is the first clip that I recall was when Jackson and Jeff were off-site and they speculated what the other contestants were doing. Jeff said: Joe would be “complaining about an injury,” Alex would be “walking a mile,” and Danni would be “running a 5k.” I met Jeff for the first time in an elevator at the wrap party after the finale was taped. His sense of humor was obvious; I’m not going to repeat what he said to me when I asked if I could snap a picture of us together, but let me assure you, he has a wicked sharp wit. I’d love to see him take a spin at stand up.

It was revealed for the first time that Jeff and Bob had a very strong, father-son connection.

The kids returned to the ranch as well for the last week and everyone revisited Dr. Huizenga and Dr. Joanna. Everyone’s health improved remarkably. The biggest shock was that Danni had gained 19 pounds of muscle. Let that sink in.

Tick Tock!

This was one of the most emotional episodes I’ve seen because the contestants revisit who they were when their journey started. After meeting them in person at the finale I re-watched this episode. I had to watch this episode five times; I felt as if I were watching strangers. For me, I struggled to recognize them after meeting them in person, and considering this was the episode taped just before they were all sent home, it shows how dramatic their “at home” changes were. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like to have met any of them before their journey started.