I’ve never seen Andy Cohen have so much fun at a reunion. His eyes were wide and giddy as the women tore each other apart, particularly Kenya, of course. Yes, it was the Kenya show as I expected. Despite that, it was a great start and more hilarious than usual, considering what a blah season it turned out to be.  

Kim is backstage, I’m expecting they bring her out in the next installment, but Andy begins by talking about Kandi serving Kim with papers. It was said that she was served the same day as the reunion, so she’ll have a lot to say next week. Kandi says it’s all because she wants the song taken down, and doesn’t want Kim to keep making money off of it. Andy then asks a great questions, “did you even know the cameras were rolling?” Uh, the infamous Phaedra fishnet, were the other ladies offended? Just shocked it seemed, and Phaedra says she loves nudity. Kenya of course found it offensive in front of the other men, true but as Andy points out she was busy flirting with everyone so basically, shut up. Andy is at his happiest when Phaedra somehow brings up the fact that she loves oversized penises. What?

This Anquilla trip seems like it happened years ago, but we’re back to the stupid “Gone With The Wind” twirl, and the fact that Kenya thinks she’s Beyoncé. Raise your hands if you think Kenya looks like Beyoncé, hmm no one? Kenya thinks the fact that Beyoncé said “Gone With The Wind fabulous” at the Superbowl means that she was “team Kenya.” Phaedra says that just means she watches the show, get over yourself! 

Now Kenya’s offended by the women not reaching out to her after seeing her cancer scare on the show. Come on. NeNe even says she can’t expect Phaedra or Porsha to give her a call after watching this season with all that’s happened. Kenya says she would have reached out, as the perfect woman she is. Porsha thinks she’s just playing the victim, and Kenya whips the fan all over the place freaking Kandi out. I wish they’d take that stupid fan away from her! Andy loves it though, he’s smizing like Tyra all in Kenya’s direction. 

Now let’s talk about NeNe and the subtle shade throwing between her and Kandi. Both admit to throwing shade, but I can see the fear in Kandi’s eyes as they show the clips of her talking shit about NeNe behind her back. Kandi just wanted to get in that damn house after being three hours late and get a plate of food. Kandi says that not only did NeNe know they were going to be late, but that she still had guests in her home. NeNe doesn’t care, you weren’t to come in her home at midnight, period. Boop. Now on to the glorious tweet. NeNe’s blind item tweet she admits was about Kandi. She had tweeted something along the lines of: "guess the Real Housewife of Atlanta that’s always asking about food and doesn’t need nothing to eat.” Kandi laughs it off but brings up other things NeNe has said in the past, NeNe doesn’t really care enough, and Kandi doesn’t have the energy to get into this further, they let it go as Andy brings up Ashy Feet! 

Kenya vs. Porsha, the beauty queen and the cheer leader. It starts with Porsha mistaking Miss USA for Miss America, and now Kenya thinks Porsha did it on purpose and rolled her eyes. Obviously not. Kenya basically says the problem stems from when she first met Porsha and didn’t like her energy. It wasn’t what she expected, and she just doesn’t like her. A viewer asks about Porsha always knocking Kenya for her age, saying that she better hope Kordell didn’t marry her for her looks or she’ll be dumped at 40 like Sheree. NeNe loves that, Sheree bashing is always welcome, and hilarious. Porsha says she only made fun of her age in response to Kenya making fun of her age too. Back and forth bullshit. Talking about the finale party, NeNe says Kenya should have just let Porsha in the party. I was waiting for someone to point out that NeNe had no problem kicking all the women out of her driveway, similar to what Kenya did. No one picks up on it though, so let’s move on. 

Before we get in to the major topic of the night (booty work-outs of course,) the most annoying part of the night came to me in the form of Kenya talking about pageants. First, Cynthia is called out for possibly becoming a mean girl this season, and she basically says I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. The topic moves on to Kenya being a judge at her pageant, and Kenya declares that pageants, after all, put her on the map. You’re on the map? That irritated me, and then Porsha tries to call her out for not being the first African American Miss USA as she claims, and Kenya won’t even acknowledge her and keeps fanning away.  

Here we go, I give Phaedra so much credit for the way she handles herself in these arguments. She’s hilarious and stays calm. Andy asks Kenya if she would have done a work out video if it wasn’t for Phaedra, as a viewer writes in that they don’t like copycats. Kenya is quick to point out that she has the body, and as she tried to distribute Phaedra’s video everyone wanted her to be in it, or they weren’t interested. She also says she’s in the top ten on Amazon, and Phaedra says absolutely not. Phaedra says she’s been a bestseller on Amazon three times so far, and the numbers are not there for Kenya. Andy seems to have some knowledge to it, and backs Phaedra up. Phaedra says she’s even outsold Jillian Michaels, and all Kenya can talk about is how great her body is. This woman gets to me! Phaedra thinks it’s ironic that Kenya has so much to say about her body when she was originally trying to distribute her video and gave all of her support. You should really go back and watch Andy’s face during all this arguing. 

Fake reviews. I have no doubt in my mind that Phaedra is right and that Kenya has fake reviews! She’s that type of person, for sure! Does anyone remember when Jill Zarin came out with her book and it was proven that she had created a fake profile to give herself five star reviews? Not only that, she used that profile (Susan Saunders) to give one star reviews to Betheny Frankel’s book. She also threatened to kill the cat of one reviewer that gave her book a bad review. This is the same type of person, Kenya is definitely the type of person to do that. 

Phaedra is hilarious dispelling all of Kenya’s attacks. Kenya says her BMI is not where it should be, she’s overweight, blah blah blah. Phaedra’s like OK beauty brand, you’re a doctor, OK honey. She’s so funny, Andy, NeNe, and I are dying inside of over stimulation. Phaedra clears up that she wasn’t trying to make Kenya work for free, and Kenya tells her to IMDB her, she’s got multi-million dollar deals under her belt. As Phaedra says, umm no they’re all straight to DVD movies no one has ever heard of. Next they show a clip of Kenya's music video, making fun of Phaedra. It’s all stupid. They argue about Kenya’s mockery of her fishnet outfit, Phaedra says it was from Wal-Mart, forcing Kenya to feverishly flick her fan. Kandi finally tells her to flick it with the other hand, she’s freaking her out. Andy cracks up, he’s so happy about that fan! 

Kenya goes on to defend herself for wearing that outfit, and we all know she’s crazy. She tries to say that Phaedra slandered her by calling her bipolar and an alcoholic. Kandi finally speaks up saying she copied her, Kenya can’t even address it and keeps going on about Phaedra throwing dirt with the mental illness talk. She then threatens to knock her teeth out, despite the fact that Phaedra is eight months pregnant. 

If you skipped the reunion, please go back and at least watch the last 15 minutes. It’s worth the last three months of our lives watching the whole season. I didn’t realize until this episode started that this was a three parter. I’m looking forward to Kim coming out, she’s busting out of that dress and isn’t wearing a wig. Oh, and if you click on the links above and check out the work out videos on Amazon, you'll see that Kenya has terrible reviews compared to Phaedra. Boop!

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