Tonight’s episode was not too eventful, but we did see Vicki and Tamra resolve their issues; kind of. Everyone is trying to stop Tamra from being Vicki’s friend again, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s just for selfish reasons. Knowing how close they were, it makes sense that both Eddie and Gretchen would be possessive over Tamra and want her to keep her distance. Are they right in what they say about Vicki trying to manipulate Tamra? I’m torn, I don’t really see Vicki as being full of shit like they’re saying, but they do make valid points. Maybe I’m blinded in that I see the good in Vicki and am rooting for this friendship.  

Back at the Clam Bake, the women do say hello to each other, with Tamra asking Vicki about the baby. Before Vicki’s even out of ear-shot, Tamra and Gretchen are going ballistic over her plastic surgery. Gretchen notices stitches under her chin, and basks in the gossip. Poor Vicki brings up the Miss Piggy comment Slade made last season in her interview, as if that’s why she did it, hopefully not. Heather immediately dismisses Tamra in talking about it, as a plastic surgeon’s wife she knows it’s not something to be discussed. Once they’ve been scolded for that, they go off on talking about Brooks. Gretchen wants to hire a private investigator, because she thinks Vicki is lying.  

At the table, Vicki is seated across from Tamra, and next to Gretchen. Gretchen asks her about Brooks, trying to get to the bottom of it. Vicki says they’re on a breaky break. She says it’s been so hard with everything everyone has said about them, and even asks Gretchen for advice on how she and Slade got through it. Gretchen tells Vicki that the tables have turned and she’s now in the position she put Gretchen in last season, and she’s right. I hate to say it, but she’s got a point. She tells Vicki that they stuck together out of love, and it is obvious Vicki isn’t doing the same. She never quite says they’re broken up, she keeps saying how she loves him but they’re on a break. What everyone is noticing, and firmly believes, is that Vicki is just playing the victim. It’s as if she just wants everyone to feel bad that they’re all the reason that her and Brooks can’t be together, but desperately want to be. Are they right? It seems that way, especially when they’re most likely going to get back together.

Vicki is getting along with Gretchen and jokes about being her best friend, then points to Tamra and jokingly accuses her of giving her the evil eye. Bad subject to bring up, but Vicki was trying to be civil and break the ice. Tamra doesn’t take it that way and after a little squabbling, she storms off crying. What got her was Vicki saying that Tamra wasn’t there for her during her divorce, even though Tamra’s the one that said it and Vicki just agreed. Heather goes after her as she’s always privy on her hosting duties. Finally Vicki and Tamra go off to the wine cellar to work out their issues, something they’ve never done. 

Gretchen is not happy about Vicki and Gretchen going to talk and make up. She doesn’t want to be pushed aside; she’s Tamra’s new BFF. That’s understandable, but she keeps accusing Vicki of being a liar and a bad person, something I don’t agree with.  

Sadly, Alexis is still on the show and so she and Jim have two scenes tonight. They are both awful and pointless scenes. In the first, they’re on a date night and go dancing. Who cares? Alexis talks about how hard their life was and we didn’t even know it, that justifies everything. We didn’t know guys; they had made a bad investment. Secretly, Jim felt like a failure, he hasn’t even told Alexis that though. Next, we get to finally see their biggest investment, the trampoline park. I can’t even process the scene, they’ve actually opened the trampoline park and they’re bouncing around. Whatever! Alexis clarifies that she wasn’t fired from Fox News, she took a step back to support Jim. That’s a big joke. 

Slade is also being filmed for whatever reason, doing his radio show. That’s great for him, too bad he still can’t get away from making fun of Vicki. Get over it Slade, how pathetic. He gets on the air and starts making fun of her plastic surgery, calling her Mickey Rourke. Douche. Gretchen shows up because she’s so proud of Slade, and I like her less. 

In the end, Eddie is giving Tamra a hard time about being friends with Vicki again, and I wish he’d shut up. He asks Tamra if she let Vicki have it, but we all know that Tamra can’t stand up to Vicki and always backs down. She’s got a big soft spot for her, and everyone needs to just back off and let them be friends. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I want to see them be friends again. I like Vicki and maybe they’re right about the whole Brooks thing being a lie, but they’ve all got way too much to say. Gretchen and Slade should get a life, and I like Eddie but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.