Let’s get the party started. Are you in to charts, numbers, and facts? I am too. I’m a bit of a geek about it, but I didn’t want to reinvent the window. I knew there was someone, somewhere, who was just as big of a geek as I was, and I was right.

Here are some interesting facts:

Shortest – Gina, 5’1

Tallest – Nate, 6’3

Highest Starting BMI – Michael, 58.6% (current – 40.6% Bravo Mike!)

Lowest Starting BMI – Pam, 38.3% (current – 26.8% Dang Girl!)

Lowest Current BMI – Lisa, 21.6% (WOW)

Highest Actual Weight Lost – Jeff, 181 pounds

Highest Percentage Lost – Danni, 46.9%; Jeff, 46.65%; Gina, 46.12%

Weight Loss Over 90 Pounds: Francelina – 95 pounds (She’s lost close to 200 pounds total,) Nate – 99 pounds, David – 102 pounds, Lisa – 108 pounds, TC – 110 pounds, Gina -113 pounds, Danni – 121 pounds, Michael – 136 pounds, Jackson – 138 pounds, Joe – 147 pounds,  Jeff - 181 pounds

Highest Percentage of Weight Lost at Home – Lisa, 33.97%

Most Weight Lost at Home – TC, 95 pounds

Most Weight Lost in One Week – Jeff, 29 pounds

Highest Percentage of Weight the Week They Went Home – Alex, 4.10% (Seriously! That still makes me angry.)

Half Their Size – There wasn’t a contestant that was “half” of their starting size but several came very close, Danni, Gina, Jeff and Lisa.

The kids are also known as the Ambassadors for Change. The three kids all lost about 50 pounds each, which is amazing!

A few charts compliments of Wikipedia

I watched the Finale again this morning and it is so powerful, to the point where I’m still left speechless. It is not the best thing for a writer to confess. Now that I’ve gotten the numbers and stats out of my head, maybe my head will clear up and I can actually write a follow-up about the Finale instead of throwing around numbers. My head has been thinking about numbers since the Finale because there were lots of whispers that Gina had been technically “The Biggest Loser” but in fact, she was not. I do need to share that she was ounces away, literally. Considering how normally ounces would count, Danni, Jeff, and Gina were all within one pound of being “The Biggest Loser”. Talk about a photo finish.

Outside of the happily sobering visual transitions, Lindsay performed with her future high school cheerleading squad on stage, and Biingo, whose name I’ve been spelling incorrectly all season, made his town’s baseball team.

Thinking about it all still makes brings me to tears. Seeing Jeff and Jackson next to their old bodies even today still takes my breath away. I remember how I jumped up from my chair and applauded with excitement and shock.

The overall winner was Danni, while Gina was the "At Home" winner. Talk about Girl Power – Woot!

The most emotional moment of the Finale for me was Jillian’s reaction when Danni initially came out; Jillian cried and told her not to hug her. She said she had visualized the moment for months, and she wasn’t going to hug her until the “confetti fell” and she was crowned the winner.

Sadly I didn't bring a camera into the studio, even though it looked like I could have. Total bummer! However, Alex let me have a few of her personal photos, and someone from the audience let me borrow a camera as well.

I thought the Jillian’s comment would be edited out because it gave the appearance that Jillian knew the outcome. However, they kept the exchange in, and I was pleased to see that.

Another small giggle is that although I didn’t get to meet Jillian, she did stand next to me when she interviewed the audience member. I’ve decided that I must buy a lemon yellow suede skirt when I get to goal. I don’t think many people could pull off a tank top tucked in to a suede skirt and rock it, but now that I know it’s possible, I can’t wait to try it myself.

 Live Finale 14.12