Tonight’s episode was definitely a lot calmer than last week, with a lot less Kenya. Sure, she tried to involve herself in every argument, but with a big focus on Kim tonight, there was nothing for Kenya to say. Kim was very calm; to Andy’s dismay I’m sure, she didn’t raise her voice or really fight with anyone. Only NeNe got a little heated tonight, but it never really blossomed into a full blown fight. 

When talking about the strained relationships of NeNe Leakes, Andy wonders if she’s prone to forcing new housewives to pick sides. Either you’re with her or against her. Yet she firmly disagrees. With the removal of Kim and Sheree, or as NeNe calls them, “the wig and big nose,” NeNe had no enemies to battle. She says she gives everyone a chance in the beginning, and gives them the advice of getting to know everyone equally before picking sides. Picking sides? Andy calls her out for that, but she doesn’t listen, at all. 

This conversation brings up past issues with NeNe and Phaedra. Apparently when Phaedra first came on the show, she first had a secret meeting with NeNe’s estranged half-siblings to get some juicy details on NeNe. We all remember that in the beginning NeNe denied knowing Phaedra at all, and Phaedra was adamant that they grew up together. As if we could get the ages out of these damn women to ever know the truth. NeNe went off on Phaedra who denied everything until she simply apologized, and so NeNe lets it go. It was too undefined of an argument for us to really pick sides or know who was telling the truth or not. To be honest, who cares? It wasn’t even on the show. Kenya of course chimes in on how shady Phaedra is, mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the shadiest of them all? Well I can agree that Phaedra did lie about her due date when she had Aden, but other than that I don’t see her as shady. 

Speaking of Phaedra shadiness, for someone who claims to be such a southern bell, why did she say she didn’t give a fuck about Cynthia coming to Aden’s party? When that happened, so long ago, I remember thinking that she said that in a more innocent manor than it appeared. I remember saying that Phaedra simply meant she didn’t care that Cynthia wasn’t coming, no big deal. I was right, and I believed Phaedra’s story tonight. She said it’s her son’s party; it’s about him, not the housewives. If someone doesn’t want to come, she doesn’t give a fuck. Accepted answer from Cynthia too. 

Here comes wig, I mean Kim. She’s without said wig, and I agree with Andy that she does like the Kim of season one. Now it’s really the battle of the boobs, on one couch we have Cynthia’s entire chest cleavage versus Kim’s giant nipples busting out of her dress, with the bonus of weird side boob. It’s a huge distraction, but we must move on. Kim’s excuses, it’s so obvious she doesn’t even deny it. She basically takes all the somber ridicule and goes along with it. Good for her, what’s the point in even defending herself at this point? Everyone goes pretty easy on her. 

Did Kim steal Kandi’s baby name Kash? She has written proof in emails that she didn’t, and Kandi remembers telling her about the name long ago. Kim denies it, and Kandi says she doesn’t even care anymore. Who to believe. Who even cares, this is all filler and a waste of time. They don’t seem to even have the energy to address any of these things, so it doesn’t even matter.  

They even go so far as to attempt to call Kim racist because of the comments she made about Kandi living in a bad neighborhood, and that if she was black she wouldn’t need sun. Whatever. Kim denies it, and she thinks her comments are looked at too closely, considering she’s the only white cast member on an African-American cast. I agree in that Kim is comfortable saying whatever she wants because she trusts that it’s a known fact that she’s not racist. I don’t think she is. 

In the end, Kim and NeNe actually hug. After so many reunions where the last question has been about them ever being friends again, the answer was the same but the actions spoke louder. They hugged. Rumors are going around that they are actually currently friends, and although I can’t see it, who knows? Kim says that despite everything, NeNe was her friend before the Housewives and she owes a lot to her. She feels that no matter what she has a respect for NeNe, and would even have a glass of wine with her. How nice. Kim made a dignified exit tonight, and it may have made for a boring reunion, but it left me feeling more warm and fuzzy than usual. I’m proud of her, and I think she did a nice job of dealing with something as scary as a reunion show. 

Next week we can look forward to the husbands, as annoying as that usually is, Apollo and Kenya have a major fight. He accuses her of stalking him, and she accuses him of sexting her, with proof! I can’t wait for that. I’m convinced that Kenya was brought on to the show solely for her reunion show skills. She’s what reunion show dreams are made of, and I can finally sit back and enjoy her on my TV, for once. Every other time has been nightmare though Kenya. 

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