The most awkward dinner party ever has arrived in the form of Tamra’s gym opening. Well it wasn’t really an opening, or even a soft opening, it was more of a viewing the empty space party. For whatever reason (contractual obligation,) Vicki asks Tamra if she can invite Alexis. In the real world, one would say “hey that’s my mortal enemy; I don’t think that’s a good idea.” On the Housewives, the answer is “umm, I guess.” Tamra supposedly immediately regretted said decision, and acted as if she was pressured into it and put on the spot. She could have easily said no, but of course being on the show together means that she has to see Alexis. 

Alexis visits Vicki and her new face, and Vicki invites her to the party in order for her to support her. Vicki is afraid to go alone, and I wonder what happened to Vicki. She was the strongest, most fierce, walking into the room and owning like NeNe kind of housewives, and now she seems worn down. Since when is Vicki afraid of anyone, especially Tamra and Gretchen? All of a sudden she can’t handle it and needs Alexis to back her up or maybe to take all the heat off of her. We all know it’s such a bad idea, but Alexis agrees to go since she doesn’t want Vicki to have sad feelings. Bad acting jobs all around, couldn’t they come up with a better reason why Alexis would be there? It would have been more believable had she wondered into the party looking for Vicki’s insurance office. 

Alexis then brings her kids over to Lydia’s for a play date. So far, I like Lydia. Lydia spills the tea on Heather talking about Alexis’ cubic zirconia ring. It sounds so bad when she says it out loud, I guess it was bad. I don’t know why that was the first thing out of Heather’s mouth, but she’s become so consumed with hating on Alexis that she’s overjoyed with putting her down. Last season when they had that big “you’re obnoxious” intervention, I agreed with the ladies that Alexis is annoying and way too much for me. Now, I can’t help but play devil’s advocate and ask myself who the mean girls really are. Tamra, has always been the biggest mean girl to me, I’ve never liked her despite her getting more popular through the years and being a favorite. Gretchen, she’s definitely a mean girl for turning on Alexis and having it out for Vicki, especially when she was Tamra’s target not long ago. Heather, I really like but yes she’s the epitome of a mean girl these days. Sure she started out trying to “help” Alexis, but come on, we’re not that stupid. Alexis is an easy air-headed target, and I think they need to have a little compassion at this point. It reminds me of the way the Miami Housewives all treated Karent, where it kind of got sad and pathetic after a while. They beat her down so much that they ended up being the losers. At the play date, Alexis invites Lydia to Tamra’s party as well, another excuse to introduce her onto the show. 

Heather and her husband have dinner with Lydia and her husband, to discuss the magazine article. Lydia and her husband own a lifestyle magazine and wanted to feature Heather’s home. Heather, of course, would never dream of doing such a thing unless it were on the cover to promote her husband’s business (yeah right.) They break the news to her that the cover is reserved for household names like Helen Hunt, and she then says she will not do the magazine at this time. Lydia doesn’t know how to respond, clearly, and gives us an awkward “awesome.”

Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather are at the party waiting for the others to arrive and cross enemy lines. They can’t believe that Alexis is coming, and Tamra again stresses how put on the spot she was and that she should have said no. They arrive, and it’s immediately completely beyond awkward. It’s like a junior high dance where the boys are on one side and the girls are on the other. Alexis tells Tamra that she wants to put their differences aside because tonight she’s celebrating being business women. Whether it’s a giant gym or small fashion line, business is like hard. Eyes begin to roll. Vicki points out that her insurance agency is right across the street and Gretchen cackles about her making the whole night about herself just for saying that. Gretchen being in attack mode on Vicki just proves she’s super jealous about her rekindled friendship with Tamra. What insecure bitchiness! Tamra asks Vicki about the baby and she somehow blurts out “I have a baby.” Gretchen doesn’t let it go and acts like Vicki is implying that the baby is hers. Vicki then treats Gretchen like it was a really stupid question, and the truth is obvious. She, like Gretchen, tries to talk shit under her breath, but everyone hears. She calls Gretchen a stupid person. Before the arguing can commence, dinner is served. 

At the table, as Tamra thanks everyone for coming, Vicki tries to give her a toast, interrupting her and being Vicki style rude. Alexis jumps in to thank Tamra for having her despite hating her guts. Tamra takes the opportunity to initiate the downfall of the evening, asking Alexis why the hell she came. Alexis goes into the whole bullying thing again, as they knew she would, and makes the deadly mistake of looking at Heather. Fingers get pointed and everything gets rehashed. Then she makes the biggest mistake by telling Tamra to butt out as she argues with Heather. All three women attacking her like they did in Costa Rica, and finally Tamra tells her to get out. She jumps up and pulls her chair, screaming at her to leave. Alexis is so afraid of getting hit, as Lydia and Vicki are in shock. Poor Lydia, I wonder if she watched any other seasons, she probably had some idea of what she was getting into. Alexis exits and Tamra screams, “ENOUGH.” Dinner death party to be continued… 

Will someone’s head get ripped off next week? Will Vicki pick Tamra or Alexis’ side? Will Lydia be accepted by the rest of the ladies, or did she blow it by being friends with Alexis in the first place? We’ll get to see Alexis having a breakdown in the limo, confessing that Tamra’s previous outbursts put her on Xanax. 

Does your hatred for Alexis justify the other ladies behavior? Does the definition of “bully” apply in Orange County? Let us know what you thought here?