If you’re ever looking for a good way to entertain and somehow piss yourself off at the same time, go online and search reviews of your favorite shows, especially in the incredible universe known as Facebook. (Even better is the tangled mess of Twitter: people crying out for attention in under 140 characters sometimes redefines “idiot”.) Often times after I do this I’m sad to admit I continue to sit there conversing with my computer screen and tell people who can’t hear me how wrong or right they are and why. Here are some of those comments:

“The Greg and Tamara plot is boring.”

            I’m sorry, but what exactly were you expecting? “Charming rides into StoryBrooke on a Unicorn with Diamond-encrusted armor as he brandishes Excalibur.” There’s a reason this show is enjoyable for me and that’s because it stays grounded, as much as a Fairytale-influenced story can, to the real world. It is true; characters that have no magical capabilities might seem like a weak opponent, but it’s another example of how far love can take anyone to their goal. It’s Greg and Tamara’s lack of magic that actually makes their roles in StoryBrooke that much more interesting. How can it be that two underdogs are rising to the top by mere science, and what do they hope to gain?

“Science beats magic? Not buying it.”

            My understanding is magic is a form of science. In the ways we understand how specific chemicals and materials work together to create medicines and machines, perhaps the Enchanted Forest people understood another way of achieving some of the same things. In some respects they may be more advanced in their knowledge of the world and the way elements react and this is why magic is possible. We understand atoms comprise every object in the world; it is possible the Enchanted Forest people understand how to move those atoms around so grabbing someone’s heart in their chest is possible. Magic to me has always been the word we have to explain something we don’t understand. It’s possible that Greg and Tamara are working for someone who has studied magic, understood it, and therefore created a science that triumphs over it.

“Is it possible Henry’s the death of The Dark One and not Rumpel himself?”

            When I read this comment, I was shocked that I hadn’t thought of it myself. I heard the Seer tell Rumpel the prophecy and the pessimistic side of my brain kicked in. Right away I assumed my favorite character was going to be killed off by a boy who I really don’t understand even after two seasons. That being said, I would love this comment to come true in some way. If Henry could redeem Rumpel’s soul without killing him and becoming the Dark One himself, I would be content with the show ending right then and there. Without a doubt RumBelle has become the most important part of OUAT for me. If anything happens to Rumpel, I will personally have a conniption fit. I don’t care if he is “too old” for a girl, like me. Robert Carlyle has won over my heart and I just want to see him happy. -

“I did not like last night’s episode.”

            This is very insightful input, sir. I’m sure your detailed explanation of why helped clarify any questions.

“Too many breaks between episodes.”

            I both agree with and defend against this argument. There have been way too many breaks between episodes. It got to the point where I can’t remember when it’s supposed to be on and when it’s not. In some ways I’m almost happy the season finale is here. It might give me time to catch my bearings. However, there is a reason I can explain a few of these breaks away: sports. Between the NHL lockout coming to a close during this season of OUAT and the much dreaded month of March Madness (Basketball), it’s no surprise ABC didn’t want to compete their ratings against two big sporting events.

“Were the writers even aware that wood doesn’t conduct electricity?”

            Sorry Dearie, they missed that day of Science 101.

“I don’t like Belle as Lacey!”

            I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure of the change in her either but in a strange way I think she’s growing on me. She’s certainly a good match for Rumpel. It’s obvious his evil streak is a complete turn on for her, which just makes me happy for Rumpel. The only bad thing about her being with Rumpel like this is, once again, there’s no one there to save Rumpel’s soul and turn him into the man he used to be. Hopefully that earlier theory on Henry comes into play if something isn’t done with Belle’s memory soon.

“Regina’s conversation with Henry was scary and I’m convinced she’s insane.”

            This was a hard scene to watch and not scoff and go, “What the hell? Way to traumatize the kid.” She boldly comes out and tells her son she plans on murdering everyone in town, including his true family. Not the smartest idea, Regina. Then she goes ahead and erases Henry’s memory though I’m not convinced that spell will stick. Henry is Emma’s son, which means he’s most likely more powerful than any of us can imagine.

“Why does Snow White keep saving/sparing Regina? It’s getting old.”

            Unlike us, the Enchanted Forest people seem to have the capability of remaining faithful to the morals and beliefs they were raised on. Snow White was raised to be kind, humble, and caring for everyone she comes across. It’s no surprise that no matter what Regina does; Snow will never give up on her. True, the whole good-guy versus bad-guy routine seems unrealistic. However, so are Ogres, magic, and an Enchanted Forest realm. Let’s not nit-pick on small details and just enjoy the ride. 


“The writers must be running out of good story ideas.”

            Every story will have its up and downs in order to figure out where it’s going. The story might feel like it’s slowing down but the season finale is right around the corner and this may be deliberately building to a big bang. I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of Cora and Greg and Tamara are only beginning their scheme to take over StoryBrooke. Stick it out for a little bit longer and you’ll be wondering why you ever doubted the show.

And now, quite possibly my favorite WTH comment I’ve seen so far:

“OUAT glorifies evil and negatively affects people. Shame on them!”

            Dearie, you need some help. This is a fictional show filled with lessons on how evil, while it can be devilishly sexy, is never the answer. If you truly watched the show, you’d understand how each episode teaches viewers the importance of making the “right” decision and the consequences evil brings. Every show ever has glorified some form of bad behavior, otherwise there is no conflict and the show would be boring. My suggestion to this commenter is: if you can’t distinguish fiction from reality and right from wrong, you’re too naive to be watching the show anyway. 

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