Let’s say you’re a woman of a certain age, portraying a sophisticated lifestyle on television. You’re accused of bullying and the world is in uproar about the definition of the word, its usage, and whether or not you are in fact a bully. Even if the world does determine that you are not bullying by definition, isn’t it humiliating enough that it is a topic associated with you? Would you be ashamed by the fact that your behavior is even bringing up the subject? Whether or not Tamra, Heather, and Gretchen are in fact “bullies,” they should take the opportunity to take a hard look at themselves for being adults accused of such childish behavior. That doesn’t excuse Alexis of anything by any means, but everyone this season is at their most catty, while Vicki is perfecting the art of playing martyr. 

The aftermath of Tamra’s giant outburst banishing Alexis from her pointless gym dinner, is really pathetic. It’s hard to watch once you realize that this isn’t a 13 year-old’s sleepover; the median age of these women has to be 42. I really feel that everyone here is being petty and letting their dislike of Alexis bring out the absolute worst in them. I’m especially surprised at Heather, who seems like the kind of woman that would teach her children to be the bigger person. Take the high road, something we all know and have to do sometimes. As Alexis leaves and Vicki doesn’t follow, Tamra berates Heather for having any opinion beyond kissing her ass. She threatens, jokingly I guess, to kick her out as well. She tells Vicki to pick a side, and she refuses. Vicki’s really stuck in wanting to go comfort Alexis, or at least her ride, and remaining on Tamra’s good side. Alexis cries to Lydia that she’s hurt that Vicki doesn’t come running after her, especially when she only came to support Vicki in the first place. She actually has a point there. Vicki does make her way to the limo and tells Alexis that she was trying to make things better in there. It is not really true, but she does save herself. Tamra eavesdrops outside the limo, where Alexis tells Lydia that she had to go on Xanax after the bullying she endured in Costa Rica. Lydia defends the other women saying that it isn’t bullying, but that everyone is trying to talk to her about their opinion. That’s the moment that Lydia secured her spot with the other women, and Tamra goes back in praising her for defending them. In Lydia’s blog she clarifies what she meant, that being on a reality show you’re signing up for expressing your opinion and having to hear others. She thinks that Alexis knew what she was getting into by being on the show. She, like most, doesn’t like the word “bully” being thrown around. 

Is Alexis being bullied by the others? Is she using the hot topic of bullying in schools to garner sympathy? No, I don’t think she’s being bullied, per say, but that doesn’t mean that the other women aren’t wrong. I’m no Alexis fan, but I’m no Tamra or Gretchen fan either. They all made valid points about Alexis only talking about money and being shallow, and confronting her was OK I guess. I have no sympathy for Alexis because she never took any criticism to heart. Do you really think she ever took a look at herself or thought about what they said to her? Absolutely not! Therefore, I don’t feel bad for her. As for the rest of the crew, they need to let it go. Sure, they’re not bullying, exactly. They’re not trying to intimidate her or to make fun of her, but what they are doing is being extra bitchy. 

The only other topic really covered tonight was Vicki’s saga with Briana and Ryan refusing to let Brooks into her home. She let them stay with her once the baby was born, mostly because Ryan was being deployed, and so she could help with the baby. They all agreed that Brooks wasn’t welcome into the home while they were there. They don’t like Brooks, and no one else does either, not the audience and not the other Housewives. When Vicki’s family arrives for a visit, my views finally changed a little. Did yours? Her brother Billy hears both sides, and I was shocked in the end when he and son, Michael, sided with Vicki. After hearing Ryan’s story about Brooks checking out Prostitutes in a Mexican pharmacy, I thought that Billy was getting the full picture about why they didn’t like Brooks. In the end, Vicki and Billy go visit Michael. I was so surprised when Michael had nothing but nice things to say about Brooks, and thought that Briana and Ryan were paranoid and crazy. Billy agreed, saying that it’s Vicki’s house and she should be able to do whatever she wants. So does Michael. For the first time, Vicki had people on her side and it made me think twice about Briana and Ryan’s opinions. That doesn’t mean I like Brooks at all, but Vicki is a big girl, and I don’t like Ryan taking over the house with security cameras and rules. Vicki, in the end, should be able to see Brooks if that’s what makes her happy, I suppose. Maybe we just only saw the bad. You can read Briana's opinion in her blog

Also thrown into this episode was Slade going to see his sick son, and Gretchen going to be with him in the end. I really hope Gretchen can redeem herself this season. Alexis is unpacking with Lydia’s help, as Lydia tries to arrange for her and Heather to meet and work out their problems. Tamra and Eddie having tacos while talking about their upcoming wedding with limited enthusiasm, making Tamra wonder why Eddie asked her in the first place. 

Let us know what you thought. The forum is on fire over this episode debating who is right and who is wrong, who wears too much make up, and what bullying really means. According to this week’s WWHL poll, the viewers were actually on Alexis’ side and not Tamra’s. Opinions change so fast with these Housewives, give us yours here