Last night Andy Cohen interviewed NeNe Leakes about everything from her acting career to Housewives gossip. It was a really entertaining interview, and towards the end Andy asked NeNe for her opinions on all the other Housewives franchises. She loved the New Jersey girls, loved the Beverly Hills girls, had great respect for Ramona Singer, and hated the Orange County ladies. She called them boring, and told Andy that the entire show should be recast. She said she liked Vicki for being the original Housewife of course, but she really didn’t like the whole cast. That got me thinking. As much as I have liked the major drama that happens every season, and thought that the combination of these particular cast mates was great for TV, I couldn’t help but agree with NeNe. Do you think this show needs a revamp? If you read my recaps weekly, you’ll know that I don’t like Tamra, I don’t like Gretchen anymore, I never liked Alexis, and Heather is losing me. There’s so much negative energy permeating from this show that it’s not even cute anymore. 

Lydia was smart enough to have lunch with Heather and Tamra and let it be known that she is not that great of friends with Alexis. She wants to be friends with everyone, and Tamra likes her. Tamra makes it clear that she doesn’t like Alexis, we all know Tamra, and Lydia agrees in that she feels sorry for her. She can’t help but be bothered by Alexis’ contradictions in being the victim of bullying and in the same breath declaring her strength instilled upon her by Jesus himself. Tamra compares her to a puppy that shits on your floor. It’s a nice bonding session and despite Lydia’s wanting to be a part of the in crowd, she’s Alexis’ only hope if she ever wants to reconcile with the other women. 

Alexis and Jim are grooming themselves together while talking about Vicki and Brooks. Alexis compares the situation to herself, saying that everyone’s opinions are what separated them. She knows what it’s like to be on the bad side of everyone’s evil opinions, and says she gave Vicki the advice to tune them out. Jim wonders why the hell Alexis even went to that party in the first place. Alexis went because the bible wants you to turn the other cheek and so she did. Jim thinks she takes scripture too literally, and the light bulb goes off in Alexis’ head. Oh yeah, God didn’t want me to be a naive idiot and get kicked in the stomach. They agree to never take crap again, and play offense. I can’t wait to see that plan in action. 

Vicki takes her brother’s advice to heart and confronts Ryan about Brooks being allowed into the house. I have to say I don’t really like this guy Ryan, he seems like a controlling asshole. Sure they all agreed that if they were going to move into the house that Brooks wouldn’t be there. We kind of all don’t like Brooks either and can see why, but dude you’re not the boss here. Vicki asks that he respect her decision, and he says it’s his option not to. Vicki as always thinks of something to say that makes herself seem so sad, she tells Ryan that she wants to live out the second half of her life her own way. He says that they’ll move out then, and she says that’s fine. I think they need to move out regardless. She asks Ryan several times if they’re good, and he doesn’t respond. 

Andy’s got a new mom to love more than the Housewives themselves, Lydia’s mom Judy. Judy is a hippie, a reformed stoner, and when she was a kid she thought she was a tree. Lydia admits that when she was younger, if her mom was stoned she would ask her to go shopping, knowing she’s spend way more money than she normally would. That was hilarious I thought. Here, while shopping, Judy throws fairy dust (aka glitter) into the cashier’s face. She refuses to take a bag, because bags are trees and trees produce oxygen, plus she used to be a tree. I want the cameras to follow this lady around instead of half of the women on this show. Later at dinner, we find out that Judy quit smoking pot three months ago, and misses it. Lydia is so much happier now that she’s quit; she used to be afraid to ask her to babysit. Despite being a little prudish on the subject, I like Lydia’s acceptance of her mom, and her overall breezy demeanor.  


Vicki goes to meet Brooks for dinner, and he acts like a complete douche. She pours her heart out to him, that she’s in love with him, blah blah blah. Not only does he admit to seeing other people, he tells her she’s single and she should too. He’s obviously mad that she chose Briana over him, but doesn’t quite get the fact that that’s her daughter. What could she do? She makes more pity statements about herself, like the fact that she’ll end up alone when she’s 80. He basically says yeah probably. I hate this guy. She feels like she’s being pulled in both directions, and loves her kids more than her own life, but is in love with Brooks. For the first time in my life I actually wish Patti Stanger would walk into that restaurant right now. Come on Patti, you need to take over Vicki’s love life. 

Heather gets a part in “Hot in Cleveland” and is ecstatic. Terry is happy for her, and Bravo reminds us how supportive he is of her career via a flashback in which he offered to hire nannies and teachers for their kids if she was on set. I don’t know what the hell went wrong. All of the sudden, they’re at dinner celebrating, and one wrong move is made. Terry may be trying too hard to be a funny guy for the cameras, because Heather must not be used to the humor. For someone that jokes around a lot herself, she cuts Terry no slack. All of a sudden their bickering, full on fighting, and Terry is begging for forgiveness. How many times did this man have to apologize? Why did Heather let it go on for so long in front of all of her children? Get over it. One of her sons asks if her parents used to fight a lot, and she just says no. Nice job Heather. The kid looks mortified. 

There was also a short clip of Gretchen crying to Slade about wanting a baby without trying to make herself look bad because his son is so sick. I feel for her in her quest to have kids, but that’s really all she ever has going on. Why wasn’t she just demoted to friend of the Housewives this season?

Who do you like these days? That’s what I want to know. Give me some redeeming qualities for these ladies; I need a reminder as to why I’ve been watching for eight seasons! Let me know here