Another week, another episode, and another wonderfully insightful batch of comments on the show, Dearies! This week’s episode was definitely exciting and had me yet again on the edge of my seat. I expect the twists and appreciate them. However, I just can’t bear to see some of the characters get hurt, especially Regina. I know she’s done more than enough to justify what’s being done to her but, really, does that make it okay? As for Neal/Bae’s disappearance, what else can be said except “such a bummer?” But it’s all right, Dearies, he’ll be back.

“If they killed Neal, I’m not sure I can watch anymore.”

No worries, Dearie. Neal was not dead when he fell through the portal, merely shot. If you have noticed by now, the flashbacks mirrored events that happened in StoryBrooke. When Bae fell from the Shadow’s grip and into the water, he was rescued. He’ll likely find the help he needs again.

“I wonder how many frequent flyer miles Bae has accumulated by now?”

This is quite possibly the best comment of the night. 

“What has this show become?”

Awesome, that’s exactly what it’s become. And we continue on with that strand of thinking:

Emma body slamming Tamara was the best scene this season!”

I agree 100% with this statement. Did anyone else cheer when Emma put Tamara on her ass? Too bad she got away.

“Tamara’s a hypocrite. ‘Magic is unholy,” but she used magic to defend herself!”

This is an interesting point. I’ll admit I didn’t think about this when I first watched it. Either this was a mistake in the plot or it’s a setup to get Tamara punished later down the line, especially since her use of magic could have resulted in more evil by possibly condemning two people to their deaths. (And let’s not forget she shot Neal! No magic involved there, that was pure evil all by itself.)

“To those at the “Home Office” that want to eliminate the “unholy” magic: Curse you Westboro Baptist Church!”

All laughing aside, this person has a point, just sayin’.

Is it possible Wendy is the leader of the ‘Home Office’?”

Yes, it’s entirely possible! This brings up a great point. Wendy witnessed the evil of magic at a young, impressionable age. She also learned of Bae’s history with magic and knows it cost him his family. It’s possible she grew up to fear magic and has a personal vendetta against any magic, good or bad.

“They made Peter Pan out to be a bad guy with no explanation why.”

I don't think that the words “Peter Pan” were ever spoken in this episode. I’m not sure why people seem to think this Shadow was Peter. If you remember the tale, Peter’s shadow was always running away and mischievous. I’m pretty sure Peter is yet to be revealed. Not to mention one of the promo pictures for season two depicts Henry as a Peter/Robin Hood-like character. A hint or am I taking too much away from the photo?

“I wonder why the Shadow from Neverland only wanted boys.”

Am I the only one who thought of Michael Jackson when reading this? But seriously, I have no clue why the Shadow would only want boys. Maybe the Shadow is some sort of spirit searching for the proper body to inhabit? Maybe it doesn’t like girls’ cooties? I’m not sure what exactly the writers have in mind.

“I’m eager to see what Rumpel does when he learns Bae was shot by Tamara and she sent him through another portal.”

You and just about every other Rumpel fan out there! I’m sure we can expect full on bloodlust from him. No one messes with Rumpel and his loved ones! That’s one quality you can count on from Rumpel: family matters, at least until they do something to betray him. Look out, Tamara. You just woke the Beast.

“Kill Snow White and all will be fine! She’s too stupid to live.”

You, sir, I want to smack but why should I waste my energy? I’ll just do a nerdy crossover and quote Doctor Who on this matter, “Violence doesn’t end violence; it extends it.” 

“Is Greg Mendell a nod to scientist Gregor Mendel, the man who founded the study of genetics?”

Why did I not notice this! Seriously, this is too big of a similarity in names to not mean something. I’m not sure how or why the writers would do this if it was intentional but I think we’re onto something here. If you ever have some extra time, research this and post your findings in the OUAT thread. I’d love to see what we could all find. Let’s solve this!

“This show alters characters too much. I mean, Hook barely acts like Captain Hook! This show has no concern for good form.”

Whoa, who made you critic of the year? Might I remind you, this whole show is based on the premise of “fairy tales like never before.” Disney might own ABC but this certainly isn’t a series made of happy endings. Honestly, how boring would it be if every week some new princess and prince had a happily ever after? Impossibly boring! The twists on both the tales and characters are what make the show so popular. We’re brought up on these stories about people with perfect lives, sometimes it’s nice to see them struggle too. If you want a happy-go-lucky show, go watch the Disney movies. This series is for adults capable of understanding life is unfair for everyone and can change a person for better or worse. 

“I’m ready for the show to end! The storyline is getting far-fetched.”

I’m not exactly sure how “far-fetched” a series dealing with Fairytale characters can be. Magic, magic beans, evil queens, and tiny giants aren’t really out of place in this situation. Sorry Dearie, but you need to free your mind a bit if you plan on continuing to watch fantasy shows otherwise everything will be far-fetched. Now if you said everyone on the show being undeniably gorgeous or handsome in some way was a bit much, I’d have to agree. However, I certainly wouldn’t complain about it; I’ll take all the eye candy I can get, thank you very much!

Next week’s finale is going to be a wild ride! It should make for one hell of a season finale. Hopefully Tamara and Greg get the Gold treatment. However, magic always comes with a price. Will the activation of the trigger cause the destruction of StoryBrooke and will Regina be forced to make an impossible choice? Tick tock, Dearies.

The season finale of Once Upon A Time airs Sunday, May 12 at 8pm EST.