Has hell just frozen over while Tamra was making up with Alexis? After seeing the err of her ways while reflecting on her own life as a reformed victim, Tamra is ready to make amends. With the help of Lydia, she’s willing to meet Alexis and clear the air. What affected her the most was hearing Alexis cry about having to take Xanax because of Tamra’s bullying, and she decides that no matter who is to blame, she has to let it go. They meet for lunch and Alexis is completely floored to hear Tamra apologize and breaks down. They agree to keep their rekindled friendship a secret from the rest of the cast so that no one can come in and ruin it. For once, I’m happy with Tamra and I’m glad she sees that there was really no reason to be so psycho about hating Alexis. Watching the clip of her kicking Alexis out of her party gave me pause, like woah crazy lady. 

Gretchen and Heather are on the verge of having a rift, it’s apparent while designing a bathing suit for Tamra and planning the trip. Yes, designing a bikini for her bachelorette party, that really happened. Heather is one bossy lady, she doesn’t like any of Gretchen’s taste, and Gretchen is pissed beacuse she’s a “designer,” like for a living guys. Heather is also not happy about having a stripper at the party, and later tells Terry that she’s never seen one in real life.  

Gretchen visits with Lauri who just so happens to be brushing her horses in her most equestrian chain link top. Did anyone else think of Krystal from “Dynasty?” We finally find out why Lauri has decided to come on the show just to bash Vicki. It’s because Vicki shared some documents involving personal info about George’s family with a lot of people. However vague that might seem, Lauri is fuming and seeking revenge. Gretchen inauthentically brings up what a hypocrite Vicki is, giving Lauri the opportunity to do what she came to do. She tells us she “knows where the bones are buried” when it comes to Vicki, and that kind of made me cringe. Sure this show may have staged stuff in it, it’s not all genuine, but I like all the fighting and juicy details I find to be real when they come out from hiding. I don’t really like the idea of someone coming on the show just to talk shit, especially when Bravo (in my opinion) owes Vicki a little more respect than that. Regardless, Lauri says that Vicki was constantly cheating on Don, and even had a threesome on some Insurance retreat. Do you believe it? On one hand, I remember Vicki always flirting it up hard in seasons past, even kissing a random guy at a bar on the lips one time. I could see it happening, but a threesome? A chronic cheater? I don’t know, and after hearing the reason why Lauri is pissed at Vicki, I believe it less. This whole scene just turned me off completely, and Gretchen is the last person that should be taking in this info. 

After tricking Tamra into thinking they’re going somewhere cold, they surprise her at the airport with the trip to Mexico. At first, they’re all in to party hard. In the limo once they get there, all but Vicki are exhausted and turn into old ladies. They all just want to sleep and Tamra doesn’t even want to drink. Vicki constantly insists on going to some dive bar she always goes to in order to really “whoop it up.” No one is into it, and they then end up at a boring upscale restaurant that no one likes. Thanks to Heather, they end up eating escargot and bad shrimp. It was hilarious to me to see Heather keep saying how fabulous the food there was while everyone else didn’t know what to order. It is becoming clear that Heather is not fitting in too well with these ladies. 

After sitting through a quiet and boring evening, Vicki whisks Tamra and Lydia away to go to her favorite bar while Gretchen and Heather are in the bathroom. They run wild with LED head bands on, having a little “turtle time” if you know what I mean. Gretchen and Heather sulk and frown in the limo group texting them passive aggressive messages seething with blame for Vicki. 

It is only going to keep going downhill, and lots of fighting will ensue. Even Lydia has had it and goes off on Gretchen, yay! Oh I didn’t mention the rainbow penis pops, penis cups, and giant dildos. Gretchen bought all this stuff, and yet she’s so anti-fun because she wants to go against anything Vicki is doing. So who’s ruining this trip? Gretchen, Vicki, Heather, or all of the above? Let us know what you thought here