It wouldn’t be Sunday night without Teresa wanting Joe to prove her wrong and do the right thing by realizing that Teresa is a Saint and never did anything other than give him unconditional love. All he has to do is realize that his wife is a monster, with Teresa as her victim, and they can commence their relationship. Aside from the usual Melissa, Teresa, Joe love triangle, there’s not much else going on with this season yet. Sure, Caroline stuck her nose in their business, but at home she’s dealing with puppies and pigs. Jacqueline’s storyline is focused on her Autistic son and his therapy to help him communicate. Kathy’s got nothing going on other than the fact that both Rosie and Richie are interesting enough that Bravo renewed her contract. 

What makes this show so different than all the other franchises is the amount of family members on the show. All the kids are involved, as well as the husbands. Everyone gets interviewed, not just the wives. This makes me never know what to expect. Am I going to be bored to death by those damn Manzo kids? Or will it be a heartfelt Wakilie family picnic? No matter what, in the end I can count on some Teresa delusion, and some Gorga complaining. No one can deny that the Gorgas are saner than the Guidices when it comes to who’s to blame for what. This season however, and maybe thanks to Caroline, I’m starting to see a little of both sides. Maybe Melissa is partially to blame for some issues after all. Maybe, however, she’s just given up. Did she avoid going to the hospital to avoid seeing Teresa? Was she really sick? Was it four days or two?

It all starts when Teresa and Joe’s dad is rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. Teresa, of course, rushes to spend each day with him there. Joe is also sick and can’t go see him. Melissa doesn’t go because she too feels a scratch in the back of her throat. Excuse? Next we see her at the gym, the same gym Teresa was shown at earlier. Melissa is met by Kathy and Jacqueline, and it’s very odd. In the distance, there’s Teresa’s friend Linda staring daggers while she trains to be a bodybuilder. She of course calls Teresa, who just so happens to be having coffee with Kim D., and they all joke about how fat everyone is. It’s so pathetic and dumb; the whole scene is pointless and contrived. Who cares if they’re at the gym?

Teresa now has the ammunition against Melissa for not going to visit her dad for four days. What though is the truth? Bravo’s choppy editing to withhold information from us is what makes the issues between Melissa and Teresa so damn confusing. By the time Melissa goes to Gia’s birthday party where she’s confronted by Kim D., we are forced to put it all together like a confusing puzzle. She claims to have gone the day after, and then we learn that Joe Gorga is the one that took him to the hospital. Next, we learn that Joe Gorga himself was in the hospital at the same time. Was it the day before or the day after? Melissa doesn’t even know which day what happened, and Teresa is salivating over the possibility of actually being the right one in the argument. I have to give it to her; she kind of won this one. Not to mention that back at the gym, Kathy herself said that Melissa wasn’t sick and was just using it as an excuse not to go. 

Speaking of Kathy, she didn’t go to the hospital either. Why? Because she called Teresa’s father a coward back at the reunion. She regrets the comment, and has yet to make amends. Richie gives the solid advice of going just so Teresa has nothing on her, five minutes won’t hurt. He’s right, why give Teresa another comment in her arsenal of half-truths. 

Other happenings were mostly centered on Gia getting ready for the party. It starts with Joe taking her out to talk about boys and spending more time with family over friends. She complains about Milania saying she had a “hairy grill,” which I’m surprised she would admit on camera. Getting ready for the party, Gia feels the same way I do when Teresa brings up Tio Joe and the fact that he’s not coming to the party. “He’s your godfather you know,” gee thanks. What’s the point of bringing it up? Gia says she doesn’t care, stop talking about it. Thanks Gia. What 12 year old really cares about family drama, let alone aunts and uncles? As much as Teresa wants to stress how much this hurts her kids, Gia like most kids could care less. Sure she doesn’t want her parents to fight with anyone, but is her uncle not coming to the party going to really matter? No. At the party Gia wants her mom to stay away from her. Teresa constantly bothers her about her BBFL, or “biffel” as she pronounces it; her best friend for life, who happens to be a boy. 

Caroline: pointless! She’s really got nothing going on and she’s going to have to rely on Teresa’s drama to be relevant on the show. They all will. Melissa doesn’t understand why Caroline met with her husband, and why she didn’t come to her or just mind her own business. Good question. Other than Kathy’s son taking at the Ferrari with Aunt Rosie and getting in trouble, that’s your episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” I’m looking forward to some more get-togethers and vacations to get the drama going. 

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