What does Reality Star Bret Michaels (Rock of Love, The Celebrity Apprentice, Rock My RV and Nikki McKibbon (American Idol) have in common?

Heavy Metal \m/

It’s important to have good friends. There is the kind of friend you grew up with and known since grade school, like my friend April. April, angel that she is booked a plane ticket from San Francisco to Dallas only because I am newly single and I needed a shoulder to cry on (aw...poor me).

There is the kind like my bff Robert, who carefully and skillfully coordinated my social schedule so that I was so busy, I had to just push through and keep going.

Lastly, there are the kind, like my friend Doug, who when he saw me crying in the back of a heavy metal bar, bought me a shot (that I sipped because I’m a total square) and his fiancé Carrie who wiped the tears away from under my eyes.

Thankfully Sunday I had all four by my side and in the world of heavy metal, smeared mascara only makes you look more awesome!

I don't know if you've figured this out yet, but I really love reality TV. When Celebrity Apprentice recently launched it’s first.episode of the new season, I was anxious to tune in because several of the cast members had been on reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother UK (my favorite reality show of all time). My DVR was set to record because I wasn’t going to be home and to my disappointment before I was able to watch the episode I learned via a text message from my daughter that Bret Michaels was the first to be fired.

What? Seriously?

Yea, I feel you, that’s what I said too. To make matters worse, when I got the news Bret was off the show it didn't strengthen my desire to watch, it weakened it. I even allowed myself to believe he walked off the show willingly until I saw the episode but don’t get me started. I’m still angry. So angry I didn’t catch up on the episodes until just before the finale and that was only because Bret came back for an episode.

I feel guilty every Monday for not writing about adorable Des. Part of it is probably my own break up but I am just not feeling it this season. I even tried again last Monday, no bueno. Is it me or are these the most unlikeable guys in the history of The Bachelorette with the exception of Juan Pablo of course.

So now you know where I’ve been and why there have been no recent articles from me. Did y’all miss me?

Before I go too far (too late), did anyone pick up that it was rumored  Longoria was dating one of the contestants from Ready for Love? Hummm. Let me think, who suggested that before the news hit? Thankyouverymuch. I took bows from my living room when Eva tweeted, “…AGAIN? Sorry guys, still not dating @ernestoarguello Who are these ‘sources’??...”

All the power of the pen, um, I mean cloud. How adorable is it that she tagged him in her post. Yea, I can relate, if I was her, and I wasn’t dating some gorgeous guy, but rumors said that I was, I’d tag him in a post so he’d get the message I am interested in him. The moral of this story is that no matter how beautiful and glamous we are, when it comes to dating, all of us girls are the same. I wonder if I should send a twitter post that says I’m NOT daing @deancain? Do you think it would get his attention?

Honestly Eva, it was just a logical guess from someone who’s been there.

Moving on! A couple of weeks ago I had a "flash" I'd be inches from Bret Michaels. Naturally I thought I was crazy and shrugged it off. I believe I mentioned in some of my other articles that Bret reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine, so when I had the "flash" as I like to call them, I thought it was more about me missing my ex.

A week ago, my dear friend April sent me a text to let me know she was at the airport waiting to board her flight to Dallas and I went into a panic because I hadn’t set up anything for us to do.

I sent a text to my bff Robert (who was a contestant with his band New Legacy in a reality show called "War of Rock") and asked him what bands were playing locally and he let me know that Bret Michaels was playing at The Rail Club Sunday in Fort Worth. He said the the show was sold out but my friends from Blackout (who also competed in “War of Rock”) were one of the opening bands and the opening bands still had access to tickets.

Well alrighty then. Guess I’m off to see Bret Michaels rock the Rail.

What was great about seeing Bret play in an intimate venue is you could see his personality. He had a huge smile and it was very obvious that he was having fun and that he wanted to be there. I’m so fortunate to have friends who play heavy metal. It’s a community in itself. I was able to get photos with the opening bands and it’s amazing what happens when you have your ears open in a ladies restroom. That’s how I learned that Nikki McKibbon was from American Idol season one and her band, No Rest for The Wicked was one of the opening bands.

Pierce from London Dungeon and the band BlackOut were kind enough to pose with me for a few photos. Bobby from BlackOut shared with me that this is the third time he’s opened for Bret.

The highlight of the night was when Bret Michaels began the song “Sweet Home Alabama” and suddently stopped. He wasn’t pleased with the start of the song because he messed up on the lyrics and he said “At least you know we’re playing live.” Yes you are.

Sadly I didn’t get to meet Bret in person. There was plenty of opportunity with a contribution to charity, but wasn’t prepared. Trust me, I will be next time.

Bret played the harmonica and two different guitars. He played classic Poison and a few covers. He also played the theme song to “Rock of Love”. Does that mean another episode is coming?

Nikki McKibbon looked hot in her little little little black dress and red throng. Ummm...well I told you, it was a small club and I was standing THAT close and it was a little black dress. Very little. She’s still sporting her black hair, burgundy umbre and smoked on stage as she sang. Let that sink in for a moment.

And now to get back to watching BB15 live feeds.