“Why do I have to tell you what to do all the time?”

Aaryn: “You just don’t get it.”
David: “What don’t I get?”
Aaryn: “Anything!”

This conversation was inevitable at some point. But seriously, David, the second night of the feeds! And this isn’t the words of David’s enemy. Aaryn is his closest ally, his showmance. These are the words of someone who is trying to help, but is becoming overwhelmed with frustration. “I just feel like I am wasting my time trying to explain things to you,” says Aaryn.

But this is the scary part: David is sort of right.

This fight was precipitated by a brief conversation David had with Elissa. After being put on the block by the secret MVP (who is clearly Elissa), David is tired of listening to hearsay and approaches Elissa to see what’s up. He calmly asks her about her sister, whether or not she is MVP, and why she would want to target him.

This conversation he had with Elissa is the reason why Aaryn is so livid. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Gee, that doesn’t seem like much cause to warrant getting harangued for a half hour,” you are not alone. Well, Aaryn feels that—by talking to Elissa—David has demonstrated a lack of trust in Aaryn. She already told David that Elissa is a liar and cannot be trusted, and once you willingly participate in a conversation with someone who Aaryn has blacklisted, you have betrayed her. She is nervously yelling at the man who is so mellow we have dubbed him, The Big Chill, telling him that he looks desperate and is freaking out.   

David doesn’t know quite how to react to this. He looks as if he thinks she is about to burst out into laughter and assure him that she is just breaking his balls. That never happens. She just continues to reprimand him for being a doofus, only digressing to curse herself for aligning with said doofus.

It’s hard to gauge what’s going on in David’s head. He incessantly apologizes to her. But when he says things like, “I don’t know what I was thinking,” I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic. And after she tells him that he can’t play the game “personally,” he points out that she is actually playing the game personally.

David eventually caves in. The notion of losing Aaryn is just too painful for him. She forbids him from talking to Elissa; he complies.

I should note that Aaryn has a point. [1] David was too quick to believe that just because Elissa cried in front of him, that she was being honest. She, in fact, was lying to him. But Aaryn’s insistence that David never seek primary information if Aaryn has given him secondary information is ludicrous.  


Gizelle who?

On Thursday afternoon, Jeremy confronts Elissa in a room full of spectators about a lie Elissa has been purveying, that her sister is a model. Elissa clarifies that she said her sister was Gisele Bundchen, the “uber-famous” Victoria’s Secret supermodel, and that it was meant as a joke.

Jeremy does not know who Gisele Bundchen is.

“Do you know who Tom Brady is?”


“Then I find it hard to believe you don’t know who is wife is.”

“Sorry, I don’t keep up with his wife. I’m not a domesticator follower.”

Jeremy’s anger is going to be a serious issue for him. At one point he says, “If you got somewhere to be, walk your ass downstairs.” And yet, he seems to be displaying a lot of restraint. This is first gear from him. I look forward to some future Jeremy fights.


Pretty in Pink

Wednesday night, GinaMarie organized the obligatory Big Brother fashion show. All the girls were getting dolled up and suddenly David waltzes into the changing room.

And then David changes into a dress.

This happened so fast. I don’t know who suggested it, but David just stood there quiescently as the girls threw a dress over him. He subsequently inquired about the availability of heels.

But here’s the best part of this whole debacle: The girls weren’t prepared for the show yet. So David has to walk around the house in his pink dress for about twenty minutes, waiting for the show to commence. He sits down on the couch awkwardly as the camera zooms in on his exposed underwear, and then hikes himself back up to his feet in an anxious fit. He preens in front of a mirror and makes sure his matching visor isn’t askew. The girls still aren’t ready. David is trapped. David is trapped in a pink dress.

David was a good sport, swaying his hips sinuously as he did his runway walk, [2] but there is something tragically metaphorical about this incident. As he repeatedly apologizes to Aaryn, chasing her in and out of rooms, I can’t help but see that pink dress superimposed over him. In his dotting affection for the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes, he has been completely emasculated. He has given up his individuality in this game. 


[1] She has also—after McCrae won the veto— apologized to David.

[2] This observer suspects that the judges were taking bribes from the appointed winner, Helen. David worked so hard. He wanted that crown more than any of those girls and it is a travesty that they overlooked him.