The anticipation of Rosie’s confrontation with Teresa in tonight’s episode was enough to endure another boring episode that leads up to one thing. Each week it’s pretty obvious that nothing is going on with any of the ladies, other than Teresa and Joe’s broken relationship. Without it, would this be the most popular Housewives franchise? 

Melissa is meeting with her family to fill them in on her plans for her book, and make sure they’re OK with her revealing the truth about her late father’s lifestyle. They all admit that when he would disappear for days, he was partying and most likely cheating on her mom. Every time Melissa talks about this book, which has been all season, so far, I cringe. Never one to side with Teresa, I can’t help but be reminded that being on this show was a gateway for Melissa to gain fame and do what Teresa was doing. We can all admit that Teresa is queen of the books. Now Melissa has to write on, ugh. It all seems so inauthentic whenever she talks about the book, as if Bravo told her she needs to make the book a part of the season if she wants it to sell. I’m not interested in any of this. Joe comes home and tells Melissa about his fight with Teresa at the gym, and she admits that she did make the comment on Twitter about Teresa going bankrupt. After defending his wife and not believing Teresa, he can’t believe that she was telling the truth, and was actually right to be upset. He doesn’t want even his wife to talk badly about his sister, and he’s pissed. Between him and Caroline, it’s obvious that Melissa is no longer being seen as such an innocent victim. 

They should really stop showing us these conversations between Teresa and Joe Guidice. This guy is the complete opposite of everything that Bravo stands for. Everything out of his mouth is vile and ignorant; did he even form a sentence tonight? 

Kathy, Rosie, Caroline, and Jacqueline are getting make-overs together, as if Rosie would ever attend such an event. Teresa calls Caroline and tells her what happened with Joe, saying that she thought he wanted to make amends but it’s obvious he doesn’t. Caroline tells her that she needs to take a step back and they need to work it out. Teresa mentions holistic healing, and I already know where this is going. Hmm, a trip? An entire episode dedicated to some traveling and family fighting? Yes please. Let’s not, however, act like Teresa came up with this idea on her own. 

Between Kathy and Rich, there’s trouble brewing. She’s starting up her baking business, and he’s taking over and overriding all of her ideas. Poor Kathy! She feels like Rich doesn’t value her opinion, doesn’t listen, typical marriage problems. He then brings her to a kitchen that he’s renting for her, and she’s not too happy. She wants to do it on her own, and I get it. 

The Manzos are pointless so far, and I can barely deal with listening to the Manzo kids talk about their life goals. None of them want to ever get married, and Christopher never wants kids. He doesn’t want to deal with having a daughter and making sure she’s not a whore. Caroline must be so proud. She laughs along with her brilliant kids while they go on to say that despite Lauren being fat during her whore years, fat girls are, I don’t even want to say it, “blow job queens.” Now I hate them all, and especially the proud mama bear laughing at these guys. I still don’t understand the whole Hoboken apartment thing, but for whatever reason it’s there. 

Rosie calls Teresa and asks if she wants to meet and hash things out. They meet and start arguing about Teresa’s dad still being upset about Kathy calling him a coward. Rosie goes into ogre mode, pounding on the table and screaming in the middle of the bar. I’m glad Teresa stuck this out, because they actually end up on good terms. It was nice to see them in the end, talking about being family and just having to yell and hash it out, but still loving each other in the end. Maybe Rosie is the answer in all of this fighting. Teresa brings up the holistic healing retreat again, and now they’re all going. Thanks Bravo.

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