We have finally gotten to the point of the season where the Gorgas and Guidices are making their annual attempt to reconcile. Last week Teresa planned said retreat with Rosie, who thought it was a good idea. It’s really nice to see Rosie trying to stay neutral and bring the two families together. She’s a great ally for Teresa to have in all this, and she’ll play a big part in bringing the siblings together, if that ever happens. 

As usual this season, there’s nothing to say about Caroline. She was in a quick season with Albert talking about spending time together and looking off into the distance like the Bachelor. Jacqueline was also shown doing her usual routine, bashing Teresa. In all of Jacqueline’s attempts at being the bigger person, she always comes off totally catty and crazy. She’s as immature as her daughter, and is luckily staying out of it. No matter what happens between the families, Jacqueline will always be there to ruin it, and Kathy is on to her, finally. She saw how Jacqueline responded to Teresa’s phone call last week blaming Jac for the fight. She completely embarrassed herself and Kathy, acting like the Bad Girl’s Club.  

Joe and Melissa are going on this retreat in the hopes that they can stop Teresa from going around talking about Melissa. They are willing to forgive her if she’ll stop trashing their marriage. Teresa is going on the hopes that Joe will see what an innocent angel she is, and that Melissa has been feeding him lies about her. For someone that can actually go back and watch her own behavior, Teresa is one delusional lady. I see her side in some aspects, and don’t think she’s a bad person. I know that you know, as a viewer, exactly what I mean. She’s cra-cra. 


Once there, not much was able to happen on this retreat before the mega blow-up. While eating lunch, this family can barely communicate without bickering, and all agree to wait for the “team builders” to arrive. After some trust exercises and games that are apparently right up Juicy Joe’s alley, the arguing starts. 

The issues now lie among last season’s finale, the Posh Fashion Show. Teresa set up Melissa to be called out as a stripper in front of cameras. She set it all up so no blood would fall on her hands, and acted completely innocent as if she was on Melissa’s side. Through a friend, supposedly someone on production, Jacqueline received confirmation that Tre was involved. Since then, Joe hasn’t spoken to her, and it’s been a year and a half. Last week we also have Teresa having lunch with Melissa’s friends, gossiping about Mel cheating on Joe. Sure, Teresa wasn’t shown saying anything. Is it a coincidence that her brother accused her husband of cheating on her a few days before? Now she’s on camera with someone accusing Melissa of cheating. Come on! 


Melissa gets on her knees pleading to Teresa to stop the lies, stop spreading rumors. Teresa will never admit to anything, and wants proof that she did anything wrong. She keeps screaming I love to be proven wrong; it’s my favorite thing guys. Melissa tries to kiss her ring, and finally Joe does the unthinkable. He calls Tre scum. Kathy immediately knows that was a bad idea. 

Rosie and Juicy Joe are outside smoking to get away from the drama. Teresa comes bolting out telling Joe that her brother called her scum. Joe goes into a fit of rage and storms in for Joe to apologize. As soon as he goes through the door and yells “apologize,” Joe Gorga charges him. It turns into a brawl, and we’ll have to see the end result next week. 

This is truly tragic. Teresa can’t get what she wants because of her inability to admit fault. Has this woman ever apologized for anything in her life? I can’t stand people who can’t admit that they’re wrong. I hate to see a real family being torn apart like this, and it’s so sad that every attempt to reconcile fails. Last night, Andy Cohen declared the next two episodes to be the most epic episodes of any Real Housewives ever. I can’t wait, and I love every minute of Rosie. 

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