Big Brother 15

McCrae: "Will you marry me?" Amanda: "Not until we get Howard out." -- SteelCityChamps

GM: "I do fukcing well in pageants cause I'm a fukcing lady, yo!" -- Ivy

"How tall is Howard? TIA" -- crazyferret
' .... "Taller on third leg" ' -- savjoz

"Spencer and Jessie need to start making out. Make Judd jealous." -- Goatey

"Production was prob afraid Elissa was gonna write "Hey Slut, Marry Me?" :O -- JCash2

"i HOPE Arynnn STAYS.. shes growing on me love the bitch :]" -- peniscilin
"A spoonful of your username should fix that :]" -- blondie55

"BB should really let Helen obstruct her microphone." -- ellenaj

"I am so mad. Howard & Spencer are each other's #1 and they have hardly talked alone. They should break up! hahaha" - bee75
"Worse than that. Did you see Spencer and Andy in the hammock together. Sob. You know Howard is crushed. Just crushed. Sob." -- LettucePray

"The Jussie wedding song needs to be "Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts." -- Zenyatta
"How about "Just My Imagination"? -- Markthespot808

"i want to stick my peepee in Arynn" -- peniscilin
"I hope it's white." -- Brandon85

"Backdoor me because I love to get backdoored!" -- goddessbritney

"If Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart were having a private conversation, Andy would find them." -- chiefsalsa

"Of course Marylin is perfect Spencer... The factory wouldnt sell her with any defects." -- Starlynn

"I wonder what BB does with all the dead horses these people beat to death." -- playmate

"Andy is injured, he'll have trouble running around the house today." -- fvdgfd
"He needs a Hover Round." -- surething

"Describe Gina Marie's hair extensions in ONE WORD." -- greenmachine
"Polyester" -- CatsMommie

"If you had a secret and you had to tell it to Andy or Hel, who would you feel safest telling it to?"
"I'd rather take out an ad in the NY Times." -- Blackshirt21

"The Backyard was America themed...and Helen didn't win?!?!?" -- ganz (about Veto comp)

"Judd's stock is crashing - sell - sell - sell!" -- BayouMudbug

"Something is OFF with this WHOLE story... Amanda seems to truly believe it. But coming from AARYN why would she?" -- Starlynn
"Maybe the cameraman whispered through the wall. "Amanda, you are going home" -- Goatey

"How is Kaitlin a whore? Why are women so judgmental?" -- Willizdabomb
"she let a rapper slide his credit card in her ass cheeks ..........." -- Trinity
"but honestly who hasn't done that once or twice in their lives." -- zeigfred0

"If I were Kaitlin I'd be mad at Helen for BD Jeremy, NOT Spencer/Howard." -- TeamMist
"if I were Kaitlin I'd squat in a bowl of bleach." -- zagger

"So impressed with Candice holding out olive branch to Aaryn." -- May
"She's better than me. I would smack her with that olive branch while yelling "Whatchu gon do" at her.' -- Shelly888

"my GF wanted sex but I told her I'm not about to miss who won POV so here we are with my laptop on her back." -- Roimester