The Amanda Show

“There’s people fighting everywhere! It’s crazy! I don’t know if I’m going to last in the jury house.”—Judd

One of the most memorable houseguests of Big Brother 15 has been Amanda. Whether you like her or hate her, you can’t deny her electrifying presence in that house. She was a strategic juggernaut (relatively speaking) and was involved in countless fights. She was good TV.

She is still good TV.

You might think that being eliminated from the game would chill Amanda out; you would be wrong. Now that she has been shipped off to the jury house, she is still up to her hysterics, fervently arguing with the rest of jury over who deserves to win. “I really thought that Amanda was going to be different outside of the Big Brother house,” says Aaryn, “and she’s actually worse…It’s still campaigning, and it’s still drama.”

McCrae has been evicted from the house since we last caught up with jury, but I doubt that Amanda has stopped her tirade. The fact that she and her showmance have been evicted is immaterial. I think this is just who she is. She has to turn everything into an argument, and she will not yield until you agree with her.

Dan Gheesling pegged her as a “brat,” and that sounds fairly apt. But in all her bellicosity and downright nuttiness, that brat is entertaining.


End of the Season Awards

Best houseguest to watch on the live feeds: Spencer

Best Diary Room sessions: Spencer

Best showmance: GinaMarie and Nick’s hat

Best competitor: Aaryn

                Honorable mention: Jeremy[1]

Best fight: Amanda (in underwear) vs. Jessie[2]

                Honorable mention: Amanda vs. Candice during POV competition, Frog Darts

The Danielle Donato “awkward” award: Aaryn breaking up with David and David not realizing it

Best catchphrase: “Welcome to Candiland, boo.”

Best competition: The Black Box (Have/Have Not)

                Honorable mention: Bowlerina (Power of Veto)

Best Have/Have Not team: Poopy and The Cunts (Aaryn, Andy, Spencer, McCrae)

Best thrown competition: Howard in Scary Dairy

Best piece of apparel: Judd’s bear shirt

                Honorable mention: Andy’s cat shirt

Best houseguest shoutout: Matt Fulmer (Spencer)

Best punishment: The Drill Sergeant (Judd)

Worst Alliance: The Grasshoppers

                Question: Where do The Grasshoppers rank among the worst Big Brother                               alliances of all-time? Are they worse than The Regulators from Big Brother 13?

Mascot of the season: Clownie


Now That’s What I Call Out of Context Quotes Volume 3 (Japanese import with bonus tracks)

Spencer: “I can sew like a motherfucker.”

GinaMarie: “[I] crushed a beer can on my head and my head hurts.”

Elissa: “What initially drew you [Kaitlin] to Jeremy? Did you think he was a bad mama jama?”

Candice: “[Howard] was just praying with me, and I was slightly turned on by the prayer.”

Spencer: “Dude, I wish I was a fucking Harlem Globetrotter.”

Aaryn: “I want to, like, work at Disneyworld as Tinkerbell.”

David: “I’m David, I’m a beach life lifeguard, and yeah…”

Amanda: “I’m a professional beer-ponger.”

GinaMarie: “I’m a one-woman man.”

Andy: “Candice, for sure, looks like she should have her own Disney Channel show.”

Spencer: “I smoked a joint with these two Mexican guys and I got so fucking fried. It was one of the greatest 30 minutes of my entire life.”

McCrae: “That reminds me of a puzzle in Resident Evil 4.”

Jeremy: “Flabbergasted is a good word.”

David: “I was totally frickin’ dazed and confused, dude.”

Amanda: “Herpes come and go, but that bad personality will stay forever. And that’s worse to me.”      

GinaMarie: "And they chopped off that fuckin' girl's head and played soccer wid it! You can't write better motion pictures than that!"

David: “I think life’s a party, and I just wanna live it.”

McCrae: “Zingbot? More like Zingbitch!”

Julie Chen: “In a surprising turn of events, Elissa has sworn to keep Amanda. If she goes back on her word, she could lose her wedding ring.”

David: “I like to look at myself in front of the mirror and just, like, hold my pec and see how hard it is and touch my abs here and there.”

David: “Definitely can’t leave home without my v-necks. They show my pecs…”

Judd: “I was kind of thinking, you know, people might think I’m the dumbest guy in the house. But then I meet David, and maybe that’s not going to be the case after all.”

McCrae: “I don’t aspire to anything except for being the best damn delivery boy there’s ever been.”

GinaMarie: “By the grace of God and Nick…”

McCrae: “Howard, man, this guy is absolutely jacked. He is cut from stone. I’m not gay, but if I was, I would tear him apart.”

GinaMarie: “Even Donald Trump ain’t better than me.”

Spencer: “Every time I hear the illness, deep vein thrombosis, I think it sounds sexual and funny.”

*Bonus in context quote: As Judd is getting prepared to endure his solitary confinement, he calmly says, “I’ll be alright. I’ll just pretend I’m in jail.”

[1] Jeremy always spoke with absolute certitude about his prowess in competitions. He told everyone that he would win his way to the final two, and they all believed him! They were terrified of the self proclaimed Cherokee Wonder, so much that they backdoored him three weeks into the game.

[2] Too bad production had to cut the feed to this fight after a few minutes.