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“I wish I could say that racism and prejudice were only distant memories. We must dissent from the indifference. We must dissent from the apathy. We must dissent from the fear, the hatred and the mistrust…We must dissent because America can do better, because America has no choice but to do better.”  Thurgood Marshall

Note: This interview was done right after Jeremy’s eviction but due to some of the controversy this season we chose to wait to post it during finale week.

By the time I got to interview Jeremy, he had already answered all of the typical BB eviction questions in several other interviews [this is the information age!] but they were asked again in this one, along with other, more probing questions. This is my time with Jeremy McGuire.

Hello Jeremy this is BB Evers with Joker’s Updates. How are you?

Jeremy: [Tentative] Hello. [Jeremy had already had several interviews before he got to this one & he seemed a little shell-shocked and on the defensive but still open to answering all questions.]

Jeremy did not think he had a chance of staying in the house even if he asked Kaitlin to not use the veto which would prevent him getting on the block. He said he was told repeatedly that if Kaitlin did not use the veto to save herself, then she was going to get voted out & he did not want to compromise her game or ask that of her.

David getting voted out so early did cause him some regrets but he didn’t feel like he had a big choice in the matter. Jeremy thought the Moving Company was a “team full of cowards” especially Howard & Spencer because they were so duplicitous & Howard threw comps and lied on his bible. Jeremy said Howard was a coward & a liar. If Jeremy had not been evicted & won this weeks HOH, he said he would have put Howard & Spencer on the block.

Jeremy noticed that Howard was doing some whispering before the Spoiled Milk Have-Not comp & Jeremy thought he was being really sketchy & was obvious about trying to throw the comp. Jeremy thought it was “not manly” of Howard to try to put Jeremy’s friends; GinaMarie, Kaitlin & Aaryn, on slop.

Jeremy didn’t mean to be “offensive or hurtful or harsh” & said that he tried to warn “the girls” about their mouths. He said he wants to be “more conscious & cautious of what I say.” He defended his “Jew” remark as being a joke & because he said it directly to Amanda. He wants to own up to his mistakes & apologize to anyone that is or was offended.

“I am not racist at all & I know who I am & the people around me know that I’m, I mean it is what it is, you are going to be scrutinized for everything anyways” Jeremy said in his defense.

He said he regretted his racist remark & not just because it was caught on camera. He seemed to be humbled & sincere, but he was only referring to the Jewish comment & used the fact that Amanda was not offended as part of his defense. He was confused about being called out on his sexist comments but felt sure he would learn more about them. I took that opportunity to ask my first question.

BB Evers: Jeremy, one of the things you said was about “flies on Africans” & Helen & Elissa talked to you on several occasions about the fact that you were not pulling your weight in the house; you weren’t cooking or cleaning up after meals & you made a lot of derogatory remarks about women when you were hanging out with Spencer, do you not remember any of them?

Jeremy: I remember the one you say about the flies on the faces but I don’t think that’s racist & I still don’t. If you go to Africa there’s flies on people’s face[s] & I didn't think that was bad um, I guess it’s just how you perceive it & how you take it. Um, you know, it is what it is & I apologize again for anything that was said that was taken that way, I guess I should just be more aware of that as well.

BB Evers: Well that leads into another question; several times in the house you excused your behavior because of your age & last night Judd actually defended you several times & said that your cockiness & belligerence reminded him of himself when he was your age, but there is only three years difference [in your ages] & it seems a bit of a cop-out, there seems to be a lack of sensitivity & you are being really gracious with the answers you are giving now but do you really plan on pursuing a rationale of thought that would enlighten you when you leave?

Jeremy: Yes, for sure, I’ll get to both but back to the misogynist thing, ya know, I’m not...I’m all for women, and that’s not just saying it because I’m just in the pressure now, um you know, I don’t mean those things, I’m just saying it out of fun and I guess it’s not taken as fun. So, of course I’m going to be aware of them now.

Yes, I would love to grow up. I’m not trying to do any cop-outs, I do have a lot to learn & I am still very young so you know….I have been blunted where I’ve been growing up & don’t really realize there are other perspectives and I do need to realize that & be conscious of everything that I say.

Um, it’s not a cop-out, I still have a lot, a lot, a LOT to learn and I plan on pursuing that & Kaitlin’s helping me realize a lot of things so hopefully I can continue in that direction.

BB Evers: Along those same lines, you said that you are a part of the Cherokee Nation and talked about how they lived but I wonder if you know that Cherokee people never lived in tipi’s?

You also said one night that the Cherokee people were known for cannibalism and being brutal warriors who fought for no reason, which are horrific falsehoods and I wonder if you would like to clarify what you meant or apologize?

Jeremy: Yes, I do apologize to all of the Cherokee people. I am not a part of the Cherokee Nation, I was not meaning that in a serious way, I was just being loud and obnoxious, so that was definitely out of context and I didn't think anyone would take it seriously. I am part Cherokee, so I don’t apologize for that but I thought they were warriors and I didn’t mean cannibals, that was harsh, I didn't mean they ate people…….I may have twisted them the wrong way but I do apologize to everyone that I offended. I am Cherokee and I am not ashamed of that at all.

BB Evers: No, they weren't warriors, they were and are a very peaceable Nation.

Jeremy: If there is anyone out there I can learn from I would like that and maybe I should just be a little more quiet about what I say until I know more.

I know I have acted like a douchebag but there is more to me than that, I know who I am and I am not ashamed of that. America is going to see what America is going to see and think what they want to. I don’t know if I can change what they think, I’ve just got to be the best me I can be.

I definitely did want to play an “evil” type game for entertainment purposes but it didn’t work well for me because I was such a good player in the competitions. Let’s face it, I won everything I played except one of them and ya know they knew I was a physical threat & they knew if they kept me in the game any longer I would be there the whole time so they had to backdoor me at any opportunity and this was their opportunity and I don’t hate ‘em for it. It is a respectable thing & it’s the game!

My worst move was joining the Moving Company & maybe I could have been a little more gracious as well,  but I’d say my first worst move was that. My best move was meeting Kaitlin. She is a fantastic person and she taught me a lot. I am a hundred percent grateful for that.

Jeremy continued and said that he thought Andy was playing a great game and had a good chance of winning and he hoped Kaitlin would get far in the game.

BB Evers: Who do you absolutely NOT want to win, that is still in the house?

Jeremy: Elissa

BB Evers: I appreciated the fact that you didn’t lay down after you were put on the block & the last 36 hours you played a great game, you were personable and really charming sometimes; why didn’t you play that game from the beginning?

Jeremy: Well I thought I would come in with “guns hot” and I didn’t have Kaitlin around to help me see things until midway through my game...maybe if I had known her beforehand I could have totally come in a different person and played a different game...I can’t fault what I did and I don’t like to play the “IF” game.

Jeremy tried to explain why he wiped his arse with Elissa’s hat and said, “This house is a pressure cooker and it makes you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do and I had an immature fit and that is one thing I am a little ashamed of. It is not something I would normally do but it just “spur of the moment” type deal & I think I just didn’t like Elissa attacking people personally & whether or not they showed that she really does & she is a very rude person and she is getting far in this game because she rode the shirttails of her sister and Brendon. I don’t think it is fair & the only reason she won votes is because of her sister’s fans & I thought it was very unfair but this game isn’t about being fair, so…..I tried my best to get her out week one but everyone was afraid of her.

BB Evers: Megs from JokersUpdates would like to know If you could dial back the clock and create your “Dream Team” who would it be?

Jeremy: It would be me, Kaitlin, Amanda & McCrae probably.

BB Evers: David was a little hurt by you betraying him at the end & felt that you two would have gone far if you had been in an alliance with each other, do you have regrets about that & will you see him before you go back to Texas?

Jeremy: If I got the opportunity, yes but I don’t think I will have the opportunity. I hope he is not too upset, he is a good guy & I would like to be friends with him. I didn’t vote him out & I hope he see’s that but you know...I had to do what was best for me. I didn’t come into this game to make friends with everybody, I came in here to win $500 Thousand Dollars!

Things change and things happen, regardless if I would have tried to save him I think he would have been going home anyways.

BB Evers: You seemed to have a very strong attraction to Aaryn & even reached back to massage Aaryn’s leg one night while you were spooning Kaitlin, do you think you picked the wrong female to have a showmance with & would you be surprised to know that Kaitlin & Aaryn both said they thought they got their guys wrong & should have switched you & David?

Jeremy: No, [laughing] I didn’t know that until just now, that’s funny! Um, I don’t really recall massaging her leg, I definitely remember patting it, not really massaging it but uh, I wasn’t doing anything trying to be behind her [Kaitlin’s] back but uh, you know, it is, I guess it looked that way but, you know it is what it is and these girls could definitely be playing us and there were times that I was aware of that [referring to Jessie & Kaitlin] but it doesn’t change the way I feel about Kaitlin. I definitely really liked her and hoped that she feels the same but I can’t control how she feels so we’ll just see on finale night.

Jeremy wasn’t sure if the live feeds held an interest for him but he did say his Mother had subscribed to them, so he might have to watch some of them.

Jeremy was very happy to hear that Judd had won HOH & said, “Judd’s a good dude and a little quirky and a little crazy but he definitely deserves some kind of win so I am proud of him and happy for him but I hope he doesn’t put my girl up but we’ll see!

Jeremy said his Mother is a superfan of Big Brother and knows he is cocky but he thinks she will be disappointed that he went out third. “She told me not to go in and win right off the bat but it’s not in my blood to lose, like I said on TV, it is not in my blood to lose, I am a winner at heart. I think my lack of knowledge about the game really hurt me. If I had known more I would have been more gracious. The cocky guy doesn’t win and look where I am at now!

I wanted to win and I knew I would be a target because of my size and I wanted to win, but it came off harsher than it was supposed to because of the image I played and my intimidating size and what not.

Jeremy said he fell hard for Kaitlin and definitely wants to pursue a relationship with her outside of the BB house.

BB Evers: Several times you told Kaitlin that you wanted to “choke her out” while you were stroking her neck, is that typical foreplay for you or were you influenced by Fifty Shades?

Jeremy: I don’t recall saying I wanted to choke her out, I may have said it in a kidding fashion but I definitely don’t choke people out, and no it is not a part of my foreplay, I think it’s quite comical. She is a Fifty Shades of Grey fan so, I think that’s where that came from but no, that’s comical to me, to be honest.

Jeremy then talked about being frustrated by what he perceived as brainwashing by Helen & Elissa and felt that the “house” kept doing what certain people wanted to do rather than thinking for themselves. “There were a lot of people that were grouped up and instead of talking to the little ants, I went to the queen bee and I tried to get my game in with them [Helen & Elissa] but it was a lost cause.

BB Evers: What do you plan on doing with your life when you get back to Texas? Do you plan on working on boats or sailing?

Jeremy: Well, we’ll see, I am definitely going back to “my” boat. Whether or not I’ll be working on them, time will tell. I just have a few jobs lined up or offered to me and I will just have to see when I get home what is out there for me. I am going to hang out with some family right off the bat, but I don’t know, we’ll see. You can never tell with life and I am just taking it one step at a time.

Jeremy said he will be interacting with people on Twitter but doesn’t think he will have a fanbase.

BB Evers: You definitely have fans! What is your Twitter name?

Jeremy: @JeremyDMcG1

Jeremy McGuire was a polarizing player in the CBS Big Brother 15 house. His behavior was often cocky, sexist and/or racist but then suddenly he was capable of being a charming young man. Some are calling for his blood while others see him as a fan favorite, so who is he really and who are we to register ourselves as judge and jury?

I don’t have the answers but at least we are asking the questions. And while we are asking the questions I choose to throw in the judgment towel. Jeremy hasn’t hired a PR firm to fight his battles or explain his shortcomings. He is open and honest about the mistakes he has made and I really hope to see the real Jeremy McGuire on Survivor or TAR and I hope he goes far. He and Kaitlin are pursuing their relationship and it is going strong and I wish them the best.