Well, well, Dearies, what to make of the last few episodes? There’s been quite a bit going on and there’s really no telling how it will turn out. I have to say that out of all the characters on the show right now, only Pan has held my interest beyond one episode. I think part of this is how the show displays time progression. It’s unclear how many days have passed since Charming was grazed by the nightshade arrow, which makes me feel as if there’s no immediate threat. Honestly, I’m surprised no one besides Hook has caught onto Charming’s strange behavior. This season is off to a sleepy start: everyone’s being caught by poppy dust and it seems to be affecting many fans as well.

   Pan and his arrows are two deadly things I never want Henry to battle. I must say though, Neal was quite clever when dealing with Pan. We all know Peter likes to show off by catching arrows and Neal used that to his advantage, “I remember plenty. That’s why I didn’t coat the tip.” It’s hard for me to tell when Pan is pleased or pissed off: his face retains the smug little scrunched up expression he has. A teenage boy out for revenge is a very scary thing. How old is Pan though if he’s known Rumpel since Rumpel was a boy and how did Rumpel escape? The whole Rumpel/Pan backstory is still a mystery. We now know Rumpel saved Bae from joining Pan’s band of Lost Boys but there’s more to them than we know at this point.

    Can I take a minute and express my deep exasperation at Regina’s true love, her happy ending, as Robin Hood? I’m overly excited and yet deeply disappointed because I have no idea how this will work out. All I do know is thank goodness she has a chance and it’s with a good man who has a son she can love as she loves Henry. After watching Regina’s history with Tinker Bell, it’s obvious all Regina wants is her happiness but she’s terrified that once she gets it, there won’t be anything left for her to do. Regina’s heart, when she pulled it from her chest and handed it to Tinker Bell, was nearly all black and riddled with traces of red. “True love can break any curse.” Is hating yourself and hurting others, a heart black as coal, not a curse? Robin Hood may be able to save Regina and give her the life and more importantly, the love she’s always needed. I’ll stand by what I’ve said before: Regina deserves a happily ever after and I won’t stop hoping she finally finds it.

  One character reunion I cannot wait to see is Tinker Bell and the Blue Fairy. Even though Tinker Bell broke a couple of rules and tried to help someone out of the goodness of her heart, Blue should not have treated Tinker Bell so harshly by stripping her of her wings and denouncing her. I thought the Blue Fairy was better and far more kind than what she showed Tinker Bell. If Tink makes it back to StoryBrooke with Emma and the others, I think the Blue Fairy may reconsider her treatment of Tinker Bell and try to help her. Then again, it’s possible the Blue Fairy isn’t really who she seems and is working against them all. I mean, she did turn August/Pinocchio back into a child and took away the eye candy. That was just downright cruel.

  Neal was not my favorite character when he was first introduced but he has started to impress me. It’s obvious he’s very intelligent and clever and he should be since he’s Rumpel’s son. When he found Henry, I was so excited and I hoped desperately for Henry to wake up but of course, that small pang of hope was dashed as quickly as it appeared. I am disgusted that Henry can hear the pipes now. It just doesn’t make sense to me that Henry would suddenly go from “My mom’s going to save me, both of them!” to believing he has been abandoned especially after everything he knows his family and the power of love is capable of accomplishing. I am worried about Neal though. I’m not sure what Pan has planned for him.  I will say for as much as I hate the kid, Peter Pan is a hero of sorts for all the boys who never had a home or the love of their family. It’s strange but I almost can forgive Pan for saving these boys if he had not turned them into ruthless killers.

  Last night’s episode really was packed with a lot of sentimentalism. Between Rumpel and Neal having several heart to hearts and Charming and Hook sharing a moment, it was an emotional ride. Hook’s concern for Snow and Emma if they found out Charming was dying was touching. However, one of the best scenes for me personally was finally hearing Emma reveal her feelings about Neal. I could tell she still loved him since she first saw him again in season two. It was gratifying as both a viewer and a woman to see her tough shell break and the emotion shine through. This begs the question though: how will she react if she finds out Neal is still alive? Also, next week’s episode looks like it brings a steamy hookup between her and Hook. I’m not exactly complaining but I really think Neal is the right man for Emma. Hook needs to keep looking for his first mate.

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