BB Season 3 – a brand new era
Witches are hemployees, just ask Sarah.
Not into know-it-alls (although who is?)
Not this pretty energy-reading wiz. 

A Calgary lady who sure hates rats,
Call Britt a ‘Plus” as she doesn’t like ‘fat’.
Peter says “high maintenance” and “out week 3”
For me she’s the dark horse, wait and see!

Mr. Physical but he’s no knob,
heading under radar is our Bob.
Thinks he’s all that & has a chance
to hop right into a hot showmance.

Next a big fella, Mr. Quarterback
who’ll hide his athleticism. Really, Zach?
Little fella’s only six foot four,
Built like a tank, what is more!

Ash is gonna leave her morals at home,
between Bob and Zach this one will roam -
Riding sound waves on a cloud
Helps when one can burp so loud
Plenty of clouds in this house, you see
Decked by steam punk, BB three.

Finally we have the smartest one,
according to Jordan! He’ll be fun,
isn’t into people not self-aware -
Does he count himself right in there?

So! Jokers is done with few good licks
On BB Canada’s infamous first six!
Stick around & catch our usual quest
As we find and roast all the rest!