Here they are, your second group,
served on coals as Joker’s scoop.
Unusual casting this time around --
Not just good looks, but smarts abound.

Willow’s 1st on Joker’s grill tonight
Not model-pretty but yeah she's bright.
Wants the whole experience, just won’t stop
Even with a faceful of steaming slop.

Naeha & that face sure smoking hot,
claiming all confide in her, how could they not?
Beauty’s skin deep, learn from your throne –
snottiness, however, goes straight to the bone!

Craig’ll miss his mom but ‘my dogs are there for me’
So’s a job at Cosco tho he’s really an athlete!
Yet another hottie starting off with a lie,
haven’t hg’s learned that bullshit never flies?

This Godfrey guy gonna be a ripper,
forget Costco. He'll lie he’s a stripper!
12 so far want to hump or run nude,
BB Canada three our fav: they so lewd!