FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Reporter Refuses Tuna Bribe for #bb17 Spoiler

On the stand in Nashville, Sakkie LeDevic (ace Joker’s reporter) refused to give up the source who provided him with information about the upcoming Big Brother 17 series. “I’ll just say this. If I turned down 3 cans of tuna and a freshly-grilled turkey leg, what makes them think I’ll rat out my source just because a judge asked me to? I’m taking a meow of silence. ”

The Siamese readily admits he gained access to the newly-designed Big Brother Season 17 set, claiming he slipped down the steps on the heels of an interior designer. As the judge grilled him over the identity of the personage who allowed him onto the CBS lot, Sakkie would only say that “Jokers have friends everywhere, people who truly appreciate blue eyes and blue points! I’ve hung out with some of Big Brother’s best-known houseguests. I never break confidences as my hiss-tory proves. I’m purr-fectly innocent, and I’ll stand by that claim.”

The judge ordered him confined for 30 days without so much as a taste of Purina One. Although speechless at this additional outrage, Sakkie’s body language spoke volumes in this candid shot taken just prior to paw-cuffs slamming closed: 


#jokersupdates is imploring the entire Big Brother community to contact their local congressman and demand Sakkie’s immediate release.