In a scene that's been replayed on media everywhere this week, Aaron was unceremoniously given the boot for having "Crossed the line". We were treated to continuous replays of the teen racing naked around the bedroom, wagging his wenie at a very straight, very nervous Joel.

Every move that the nude kid made was applauded enthusiastically by his fellow housemates, who were also erupting with laughter. Enormous grins all around as Joel hid his face from the horrific sight, told Aaron to "just stop," and admittedly looked as horrified and uncomfortable as anyone I've ever seen.

This is the same Joel who had earlier wondered if he "finished early with a prostitute, could she clean his house?" Not all that innocent, evidently. But discussion about a prostitute and a gay guy's weenie are two different creatures, evidently.

For me, the difference is that the former relates to the straight world: the latter, not so much.

I've watched BB UK every season since it began. These "Truth or Dare" games are staples for the British Big Brother, as are the resulting lip-locks: boy/girl, loads of girl/girl, and yes, boy/boy. Until this past week, British males have locked lips with bravery if not gusto.

No one has ever flipped out as badly as Joel did.

Big Brother promptly called Aaron into the Diary Room and onto the carpet. He was chastised, he apologized profusely and promised he'd go directly to Joel and apologize to him as well. Big Brother excused him from the DR, he went and apologized to Joel: case closed.

Or was it?

I have to wonder if Joel has seen any previous BB UK series? Surely he has, as Big Brother has massive ratings in the UK. Therefore he knew there was a probability that Truth or Dare would be played, and a good possibility that lip-locking with another male would be a result.

Yet he signed up for Big Brother, entered the house with enthusiasm, and a week in, agreed to play the notorious Truth or Dare. When Aaron delivered his infamous TCO (Technical Cock-Out,) Joel seemingly waited 24 hours before he want and passionately bitched to Big Brother... and then Aaron was instantly kicked out of the house for "crossing  the line." Hey, he'd crossed the damn thing 24 hours earlier - had been to the Diary Room, had been chastised and apologized - the affair was over, was it not? How did it happen that he got the boot so ungraciously by a female Big Brother who sounded like Nurse Ratchet on steroids?

I'm sure the story is that Big Brother "reviewed the feeds" and came to that decision then, but I believe the reality is somewhat different. Big Brother was more than happy to let the matter drop until Joel came, bitched eloquently and gracefully.

I just have to wonder: if Aaron's behavior was that far "over the line", why...

  • Did his fellow housemates all but cheer him on with raucous laughter and applause?
  • Didn't Big Brother stop him from doing what he was doing - whilst he was doing it?
  • Evict him immediately when he visited the Diary Room the first time?

I certainly don't condone Aaron's behavior, but neither do I find it worthy of such an abrupt, harsh dismissal from the Big Brother house. I did feel badly for Joel as he was so obviously uncomfortable, but I felt absolutely dreadful for Aaron when he was informed in such a manner that he was out on the arse he'd been so happily flashing 24 hours prior.

Ergo I personally feel that the wrong individual was evicted! Give Big Brother the boot instead. Surely the UK can find another Big Brother who either reacts far more rapidly or far less to pressure.

after Aaron had chased him around, went to the DR and gracefully (I'll admit to that!) confessed his discomfort.