Excitement of the day (or possibly night):

Seems Steve was committing the ultimate sin, and he did so -- in the SHOWER! He sang an entire song, then had the temerity to - well, let me share this with you in the houseguests' actual words:

Jason: He was just singing in the shower, I'm surprised they weren't beeping him. Doing a whole, full song.

Da'Vonne: Really?
Da'Vonne: He told somebody to F-off in production today
James: He did?
Meg: Yeah, he doesn't care
Da'Vonne: He was like F off, and I was like ooooh
Shelli: He actually said that? 
Jason: He's 16 on Jokers Updates right now, I can tell ya that! They do not take kindly to that shit." (meaning the live feeds get cut)
Meg: When he talked to me today, he said that, this was earlier so, who knows, cause I know he's had conversation, but he's trying to go out with a bang. 

Well, I know we sure don't like singing!

Joker's gets down

Meanwhile, Jokers was having a serious discussion about the state of the house guests and it didn't include strategy, alliance, or any of those subjects. It did, however, include slippage - and not the kind you sue for when you bust your ass in a restaurant:

-- No nip slips yet. Keep looking in Media but nada. NT
---- Clay, Jeff, Jace and Austin have all had their nipples prominently displayed since the feeds came on.

Now that's what we like to call "Attention to detail" (or, rather, de boobs.)

Alliance Shmalliance!

A hearty thank you to KennyM for this bit of brilliance regarding current alliances although I am not exactly quoting him directly (she says, walking off and whistling innocently.)

All right: be sure you keep up, now:

BIG-ASSED-ALLIANCE (term mine) or BAE:

BAE part 1: Audrey/Clay/Shelli
Not the most solid of even side alliances in that Audrey wants Shelli out so she'll have Jeff, Clay & Shelli don't trust Audrey worth a damn.

BAE part deux: James/Jason/Meg/DaVonne - Mutual Distrust Society who bonded over wariness of Audrey.

The Sleeper Cell: Audrey/Clay/Shelli/Vanessa/Austin (BAE Part 1 + Vanessa & Austin). Slight problem here in that neither Austin nor Vanessa like Audrey. Hmmm I'm beginning to pick up a common theme on all these alliances but let's continue.

The AGL Alliance (Ain't Gonna Last): Austin/Liz/Jace. So named (by moi) because Jace has 1 foot on a banana peel and the other out the door.


Jeff & Jackie: that whole Amazing Race thing means they're an Amazing Duo which they're certain nobody would ever suspect as long as they keep their distance.

Jeff & Liz: More of a "I'll keep you safe if you my puppet" duo. His first demand is that she distance herself from Jace & Austin so as not to be guilty by association.

There! That wasn't too painful was it? Imagine. The first week, and already the largest alliance has broken in half  - and even the HALVES don't trust each other.

And there ends the first Ette-take on #BB17. Just remember as you chat away or post in BB Discuss - the Eyes of Ette will always be near! (Likely crossed.)