When the feeds go off, Joker's turns on. Philosophers climb out of hiding, questions of deep mystery are posed and discussed. Sometimes, posters express needs that would have remained buried beneath the surface had the feeds not been off...

You get your twin, I get Kathy and Zingbot!

Jokers has a little chart with pictures of each HG at the top of our BB Discuss forum:

Now that we are officially aware of the twins, of course we changed their picture. It seems some posters aren't delighted with the results. "Each twin now has only half a face," I saw somewhere near 4 AM Central the night when feeds were off for hours.

And that's when the first need burst to the surface and flowered much like a seed in the light of new spring sunshine.

You can only fully appreciate this request if you are aware of new circumstances in the Big Brother house. If for some reason you're not, here's a fast summary:

  • A set of identical twins, Liz and Julia, are playing as one person.
  • They are called to the Diary Room at random intervals. Always wearing the same clothes, they exchange news about goings-on in the house, then the new twin enters, the old one vanishes until it's time to exchange again.
  • These twins are identical. I can't tell one from the other, and neither can most people.

Given those circumstances, you'll understand our reaction to the request that we "replace that picture of the twins with a full face of the twin currently in the house. And change that picture in real-time, when the twins exchange is made."

We have two responses to that one. First and foremost, although Joker's live feeders are indeed the best on the planet, not even they can see through walls into the Diary Room. Not to mention that my own crystal ball is cracked, (much like this request.) So I'm unable to scry in its depths and announce which twin is in the house.

Never know, we might find a way. If that happens, then I have a wish I need granted as well. CBS can make this happen so easily!

Have Kathy Griffin ride the Zingbot into the house, swapping insults. 1 from the bot: 1 from Kathy. C'mon, CBS!

Twin Name-gate

Hey, it's serious business - what to call the twin who's actually in the house. (By now, Jokers can tell who is who: I saw reference to a different ear as well as other defining factors.)

One poster remarked that another had objected to "Liz" being mentioned because "Julia" was currently in the house. This poster feels that the twins are two different people and should be referred to as such. If Julia is the current twin, discuss her by her own name. Don't just call her Liz.

The other poster objected, said that was unnecessary as "Liz" is the only recognized HG for now, and that the "continuous corrections of 'that's Julia' were a bit much." This poster will continue to refer to whichever twin as Liz, until they are no longer playing as one HG. If others want to use "Julia", no objection but kindly don't correct those who don't.

I see both points of view. Officially, there is no "Julia" yet: so the twin should be called "Liz". Yet, Jokers are the official house observers, so we should call the twin by her real name. As the official arbiter of all things Jokers, I've come to a rational decision.

The current twin shall be called "Lizulia."

And that's my Ette-take on the twin debate.