Thigh Me a River

In my last Ette-take, we really weren't sure if Liz and Julia were busted or not. Well, I sure can't say that today!

Twin-Gate has risen to absurd proportions. I've read that one has a bigger ear.

Today, Joker's is discussing the meaning of "thick" as relating to Liz. Petite6 hit the Urban Dictionary for the actual definition of thick in her thread titled "Urban dictionary: A thick girl is a girl who is an above average size. However she is not fat. She is solid. Liz isn't curvy at all." 

This is leading into one of Joker's favorite debates, the "Fat" debate (who is fat? Should the word be used, and for that matter, is "skinny" any better?)

The Big Brother house guests are far less PC than most folks, as usual. Jason said "I'm gonna start checkin' out her [Liz's] booty, too. Not that I care about that. The one earlier today had some thick thighs."

Crikey, we've soared to Bachelor-esque heights now! Remember the good old days of trying to figure out who the last girl was from those enigmatic pictures?

"The angle of the sun shows a white place on her ring finger..."

"If you zoom in, you can see her roots! It has to be Whoever!"

Talk About Self-Busted...

Imagine a very tired Julia with a pair of shorts in one hand, talking to Austin. She takes a look at the shorts and says, "Liz will wash them!" Austin did the funniest double take I've seen in years: 

Ears, chunky, self-busted and now her thigh's the limit. Dunno about you, but I'm as tickled as I can be!

HOH HOH HOH and a Bottle of...

If that thigh remark wasn't good enough, Clay got called to the Diary Room. As he was preparing to go, Meg cracked, "Congrats on your Head of Household this week, how does it feel?"

That one took Jokers right out, and I'm with @Laur on her sentiments for sure:

Inclined to agree with @PrettyGirlG too! That took a hefty pair of... well, you know. It also wins the Crack of the Day award for Meg.