As a marvelous psychological experiment, Big Brother has gained multitudes of devoted fans who adore peeling away the complicated layers of each personality to divulge the real character. Even the simplest of remarks can be dissected, and today we’ll cover several from the most recent show.

After Joel nominates Raul and Cowgirl Kel, her cowboy gives her a comforting hug and asks her if she “had any idea” [that she’d be up for nomination.]Such a deceptively simple question. Can there be a deeper meaning to it?

This pair are involved in a torrid showmance, meaning they’re up each other’s arses 24-7 yet he asks if she’s been let in on confidential info from “The other side.” Could it be that the Cowboy is displaying a lack of trust in his Cowgirl? This is a valid showmance, is it not? One side should never wonder if the other hasn’t shared juicy information.

Imagine. What would have happened if she’d responded, “Yeah! Joel told me I was just a pawn and not to worry. His real target is YOU, big boy, via the BDE (Back Door Express.) But don’t you worry, now! I’ve got your back, Sweetums.”

“Isn’t that nice!** As long as that’s the case, would you terribly mind removing the two knives currently sunk to the hilt in it?”
**explanation for northern readers: “Isn’t that nice” was coined in The South (USA) where folks are friendly, women are sweet, and sheep are scared. Direct insults here are verboten: instead, we use a number of covering phrases such as “Isn’t that nice!” which is code for “Fuck you.”

Not catching on to the finer nuances of the question, Kelsey replied “No, Joel made a stupid mistake.” Let’s peel back the layers on this one, shall we?

Why would nominating Kelsey be a “stupid mistake,” after all? Don’t they have the right to nominate whomever they so desire, and the impetus to nominate whoever will best aid their game by vanishing from the house?

That being the case, her remark smacks of an incredibly naive arrogance. The “mistake” he made was having the audacity to nominate half of the self-proclaimed “power couple” in the house, you see. There will be dire consequences!

Normally these couples surround themselves by several hangers-on: safety in numbers and so on. Our cowpeople forgot to read that part of the BB Manual, though. They only have one other tight alliance member: Raul. With such tiny numbers, what weight does such a threat really carry? None, unless one is rather naive with a healthy dose of arrogance involved. Then, one might assume that others venerate this sparkly showmance as much as the involved duo themselves - and that can be a mighty dangerous assumption.

Later on, Raul comes to the HOH for a showdown at the Nom corral. “This is not you, Joel.”

What was Raul really saying, there? Whilst it was Joel’s mouth moving during that ceremony, Big Brother piped his words in through a Loveita filter? Or, how about “This ain’t you, pal. You’d never have the brains or the balls to make such nominations on your own.”

Finally, the Cowboy himself holding forth in the Diary Room. “Loveita is completely cruel for trying to manipulate Joel! [...] Upsets me to see such a nice guy being taken advantage of by a girl so twisted in this game...”

Shall we peel away - wait. For once, words defeat me, here. So I’ll end with a saying that sums up how I feel about misplaced arrogance, folks who let (minor) power go to their heads, and other (not very) astute observations:

“Isn’t that nice!”