First, Claire getting a nomination for something reminded me that she is actually in one of the houses. Until that point, she seemed to have become an invisible housemate.

Vincent is just arrogant and annoying, will someone please just evict him TONIGHT!

Belinda seemed to be the only housemate so far that was vaguely taken by surprise at the fact that she was being asked to nominate people to stay!

Saxon has lead to quite a revelation, either hinting that he in fact is gay or that he thinks that Jaime is gay and it makes him uncomfortable, not to sure there kiddies!

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, what can you say? Nominating Leah? Thought he liked her? Recyclables??? At first, Daniel was at a loss for words? Daniel appears to be the only other male playing the game, apart from Ben, once again he is taken by surprise being asked for people to stay.

We have seen little to show Ben's warmth. Perhaps there are things BB is not letting us see, again!

Chrissy, no surprises there, for her or us, she barely blinked when asked to nominate those to stay.

I think someone should nominate Regina purely on her voice! It would take someone of her intelligence to have to tell the other housemates that you press the button, I really think that speaks for itself, but no, while they are trying to enter the room that was all I could hear!

Leah is the only housemate that has managed to realize that the house does not actually belong to Ben, as opposed to popular belief. She has questioned his overbearing dominance and with any luck will see him shifted out of that house. Although she lacks a vocabulary that can stretch very much further
than "whatever" and "yeah", it was good to see someone trying to get rid of him!

The next 3 guests were the fist 3 nominees of BB Australia series 2, Katrina (evictee No 2), Damian (evictee No.1) and Turkan (evictee No 5). Coincidently, these 3 were the most annoying housemates in existence and were the first 3 people nominated. Katrina never stopped crying and bitching. Damian never stopped sleazing while on his quest for fame within the show. While there, he admitted he wore "different" things such as a visor all the time to try and start a trend when he left the house, he was irritating. Turkan was the MOST controversial housemate. She came up with story after story, she laughed, she cried, she fell in love and she threatened to leave. Turkan was almost the first housemate in Oz BB to leave the house, but of course, BB managed to keep her in there and didn't they milk it for all it was worth! Eventually after her 5th consecutive week of being nominated, she was FINALLY evicted by the bizarre Australian public who voted in incredibly weird trends. Damian getting humiliated was quite the highlight of the episode really. Damian needs a haircut, badly and Katrina and Turkan helped to remind me of how much I didn't miss them.

It was blatantly obvious at this point that BB was yelling down Gretels ear that they had to hurry, it seems each HM wants to read BB a story and there doesn't appear to be much time for anything else during the show, I wouldn't be surprised if they did, as usual run over time.

The crew are now left with about half the HM's to get through nominations in half an hour, yet they only managed to get 7 or 8 through in the first half, this could be interesting.

Gretel's surprising revelation was a good idea, although Gretel appears to be largely incompetent and having a very limited understanding of the nomination process herself. Thankfully it seems Vincent is headed straight out the door come Sunday.

Jaime and Saxon would have been the pair that I would have thought to have bonded the best and not voted for each other at all and the vote to Vincent from Jaime came as a HUGE surprise. Jaime has been the biggest surprise of the evening so far, with his counter attack on Saxon and friendliness
towards Vince and Claire.

And in comes the invisible girl....Who looks a lot like she could be Saxon's sister tonight, a vote for cleaning TOO much!

Amazingly the tables are turning and it looks as though Vincent may be in with a chance now....

Irena seems to be a replica of Chrissy, same looks, same personality, and same reasons, why bother with her.

Seems I am losing my ability to count, never mind we all know there is only the round house left...

Regina's votes look to be interesting...

Jo was not very surprising at all. By intimidating she means, "He is my equal". Leah scares her with the fact that she is better than her and that she looks better etc etc, its all very superficial but that's what she means. Leah is moving in to become the dominant female and Jo is scared. Dan was very clearly the next in line, he has a personality much like Leah's, but that comes through quite a bit more subtly and once again Jo feel's threatened. Patrick and Ben were my picks as her votes for those to stay, but surprisingly, Chrissy took Ben's place, perhaps she is threatened by him too? Only time will tell.

Now the moment we've all been waiting for.....

Regina leaves no surprises, her lack of intelligence, vocabulary and class leave me speechless. Amazingly her excuses to start with were atrocious and the fact that she got away with her reason for nominating Leah is appalling. If I hear the word "aarrrrrmm" from her again, I could be tempted to go in there and evict her myself. Need I say more?

Ben's votes promise to be tactical, with him voting for people he finds to have more of a chance against him in the long run. He will soon find that he's gonna be screwed over there, which is good because it throws his plans out the window.

No real surprises here, Ben and Pat pretty much had the least interesting things to say, waiting now for more "surprises" from BB.

Well that was an interesting little spin on it there. Apparently the housemates will not be told who is up for nomination until 7:30pm on Sunday night. Although it seems that this is simply a temporary measure for the nominations and evictions this week, No doubt the great BB will change things yet again!

Remember Ben's Number 1902 555 571, just in case you forgot! Somehow it seems I have managed to forget all the other numbers!!! But you wouldn't want to vote for any of those people now would you.

Thanks guys--