Beginning of a Double Eviction Week

Live Show

So I have had a yummy dinner, gone to the loo and I have a lovely glass of wine beside me as I sit waiting for this week's live episode of Big Brother to begin. I just want to say that I know for many of us, this week in particular is bitter sweet because we will either lose the lovely Janelle or worse and more likely, America's Choice, Kaysar the handsome and wonderful is probably leaving the Big Brother house. Thus my special preparations for the episode, so I can steel myself for the worst and yet continue to type away, writing this recap for all the Jokers whom I consider family and friends.... you know we really are like a big friendship, oh wait, I need to go puke, what was I thinking? *shudder* Sorry I got a little carried away there.

The episode begins with yet another recap of the hope of evicting James that failed, Kaysar returning, Kaysar giving Jennifer the HoH, the nominations, the PoV won by Rachel, the Fiendship changing their minds, Kaysar being nominated. Who will be evicted Kaysar or Janelle? And with the house divided, who will win Head of Household? All this tonight on Big Brother 6!.

Julie looks lovely in her black top with its scooping neckline, her white slacks and tasteful pink earrings. She tells us the houseguests have no idea that this will be a double eviction week. Julie tells us that Kaysar's nomination has pushed some of the houseguests over the edge.

After the veto ceremony, James is shown in the DR laughing maniacally and not believing his luck. The herd tells Jennifer she did the right thing and she should be proud of herself. Kaysar confronts Jennifer about her lies to his face. She claims it is because things change on a dime. He wants to know if she can cry on cue like that all the time. She says he won't believe anything she says now. Kaysar mostly wanted to know what had happened that made him deserve this.

April says it was a group deal, it was not just Jennifer. Howie goes off on April and April says she doesn't care, she says go ahead and put her up. Howie need to be beeped several time but those who have watched the feeds know that Howie just went off on her verbally. I notice that April and Maggie sit there and listen to it, they have every right to get up and leave but they don't. April talks about how she has so much a better life outside the house. Howie says she can keep her fat husband and her ugly dog.

April now goes into full on drama queen mode as she cries in the DR about Howie "attacking" her family when they are not there to defend themselves then she prays over the commode to God to give her strength. Watching this, I cannot help but wish someone would clue her in that God probably has other issues more pressing to deal with, like hunger, disease, poverty... but no, April thinks God needs to intercede on her behalf in the Big Brother house.

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Janelle calls Maggie a bitch, she tells Jennifer she looks like a clown. April tells Janelle she is drunk, Janelle calls her a "gold digging bitch", she calls Beau "a gold digging whore". Ivette says in the DR they are telling the truth about each other but drunks don't want to hear the truth about themselves. At first Beau and Janelle are playfully pushing at each other and it suddenly gets ugly. Ivette drags Beau upstairs, Howie takes Janelle into the GR. Howie starts in on April, he tells her instead of calling her the "busted blonde" he will call her "Busto" and she asks if he can play without his fingers and we get our first really good look at the damage on his right hand. Hurricane Howie has been unleashed.

Howie asks Busto how it feels to have America hating her, he says in the DR they drew first blood, He rants and raves about Busto, pepperoni for pizza, etc and he is completely unapologetic. April is bawling again and falling apart, because Howie is talking about eating her dog! Ivette is trying to get them to calm down and focus again. Sadly this does not feed into April's drama queen routine. The S4 are actually enjoying the chaos. Julie mentions again it is a double eviction week and whoever wins HoH tonight will have to immediately nominate two people for eviction. Beau, James and Rachel talk in the DR about who they want to vote for. Beau says Kaysar is creating an army.

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Julie talks with Jennifer in the HoH room. Julie asks her about giving her word to Kaysar and why she went back on her promises. Jennifer blames Kaysar's group for her not nominating anyone from her group and then she blames putting up Kaysar on her group. Jennifer thinks no one in the house fully trusts James and she hopes he gets put up this week. Howie, Maggie, April and Ivette talk about Janelle and Kaysar.

Julie tells us the live eviction is just moments away. Julie talks to the group, asking how they are and Howie says it has been great all week. Kaysar says Thank you to America for voting him back into the house, and then apologizes to us for what has happened this week. Janelle thanks her friends and families, she says she hasn't lied in the game and if she leaves tonight it is with a clear conscience. Maggie and Beau are picking lint off their clothing as they try to ignore both nominees, really classy guys.

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Julie welcomes us back, she is always so polite. Julie announces the unanimous vote, Kaysar you have been evicted from the Big Brother house. Kaysar's friend all wish him well and say good bye. Howie sings to him "Whaddup Kaysar!". Kaysar heads out to talk to Julie yet again. Julie asks Kaysar "Why are you sitting here again?". Kaysar says it is because he trusted the wrong person, he wanted to gain their respect by being kind. Jennifer's tears did influence him. He says he ended up leaving because he wanted to play the game a certain way. Julie congratulates him again and tells him he got 82% of the vote. He says he has chills from it.

Kaysar gets the farewell messages from several in the house including Howie, Janelle, James, Ivette and Jennifer. Kaysar is really sad and feels he was duped by people he had been kind to. Julie tells him he will be back for the reunion show and then tells us he will be on The Early Show and on HouseCalls tomorrow.

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HoH competition, the hamsters are in the backyard in the question booths that we have seen before. The hamsters are going to be asked questions and must choose to show a pic of one of the evicted houseguests or the blank for none of the above.

1. Who’s team won the “Sold Out” competition? Sarah

2. In “High and Dry” who came in second? Michael

3. In “Snack Shack from Hell“, who ate snails and noodles? None - Maggie is out

4. In “Will Spell for Food“, who passed on jalapeno? Sarah

5. After “Majority Rules“, who gave the key to Kaysar? Eric

6. In the “Rectangle“, who had orange? Ashlea - Howie and Ivette are out

7. In “Will Spell for Food” who spelled two words wrong? None - James and Rachel out.

Chalkboards for tie breaker. How many light bulbs were used to spell sold out?

Beau - 175, April - 145; Janelle - 275

Janelle is the new HoH!!

Howie hugs Janelle and they cheer and when Janelle goes to get the key from Jennifer she [Jennifer] takes the key off her neck and tosses it sideways across the yard away from Janelle. Very mature Jennifer. Julie tells Janelle to head to the DR. Julie explains that she must nominate two people tonight, Janelle is having some microphone issues but finally just stops and listens to Julie. Janelle has only a few minutes to decide who to nominate.

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Julie explains the eviction will take place on Saturday and a new HoH will be chosen. She congratulates everyone for making it to the halfway point. She explains about the double eviction. Howie stands and yells "yeah!". Beau tells him to calm down. Janelle is sent back into the house to announce her nominations for eviction. Janelle nominates Jennifer first and Maggie as her second. Jennifer and Maggie both look lovely with their legs crossed. Howie picks up Janelle and carries her from the room and Janelle says "Bye Bye bitches!" The herd comfort each other.