This will be my shortest Daily Recap ever.....We'd been expecting an exciting day on the feeds. Last year, when BB did a "quickie eviction" (on September 3, 2004), we had periods of FISH, but in between, there were feeds, so we got to see the HG's reactions and the aftermath of Marvin's eviction....So, this year, nch962 and I decided to split the writing of the Daily Recap, because we expected to have a lot to report.

So much for planning......About 10:00 am BB time, the feeds went to FISH and stayed on FISH for hours...and hours....and hours......Finally we got official word from CBS that the feeds would not resume until Saturday night after the BB television show......Suffice to say, after hearing the news about the feeds, Joker's BB Internet feed viewers were disappointed and angry with CBS, Arnold Shapiro, RealPlayer, and life itself, for all I know....The latest news is that the live feeds will not resume until after the West Coast television showing of BB on Saturday the 20th (that is, 9:00 pm PT/12:00 midnight Eastern).

Back to Friday night....Shortly after 7:00 pm BB time, we got about 45 seconds of live feeds showing the HGs gathered in the kitchen, apparently after a HG had been evicted. Who was missing (and therefore evicted)? Jennifer.

After that, the feeds went back to FISH for the rest of the night, and are still on FISH as I write this Saturday morning.

Here is the recap of what little we saw on the live feeds yesterday.

8:00 am—Wake-up call

The HGs got an early wake-up call today. A little after 8:00 am, BB woke them with the announcement that the veto competition would begin in 90 minutes.....In the HOH room, Janelle and Howie are awake and talking about how they need to win the next HOH. (Yeah, duh.) Janelle also makes fun of the fact that she had to grab the HOH key away from Jenn....Janelle wonders if America heard her swearing at Jenn, "Pack your bags you f*cking bitch!"

9:00 am—Rachel wants to evict Maggie, Janelle stays quiet

At 9:00 am, BB announces that the veto comp will begin in 60 minutes....As the HGs eat breakfast and get dressed, most of the talk is just general chit chat....Among other comments, April says, "I would be willing to pose for Playboy if I didn't have to show my 'box'"...In the HOH room, Rachel tries to convince Janelle that Maggie needs to leave, saying that Maggie is a stronger player and that Maggie is the one who holds the Friendship together....Janelle asks Rachel, "If Maggie gets HOH next, don't you think she's going after James?" Rachel says "No," that she thinks Maggie will go after Howie......Janelle asks Rachel if her ideas about evicting Maggie came from James, and Rachel says they didn't....Janelle doesn't say much as Rachel talks, but does say at one point that she wants Jenn out....It sounds at first as if Howie isn't buying Rachel's reasoning, but he says a little later that, although he doesn't trust James, they need James....Janelle stays quiet during the later part of this conversation, so we can't tell if she is convinced by Rachel's arguments or not.

The HGs have been told that the comp will be "semi-active."....The feeds go to FISH for the comp at about 9:55 am.

10:00 am-7:00 pm—FISH, FISH, and more FISH
There were a few random sightings through the FISH tank of HGs moving around inside the house.

7:02 pm—45 Seconds of HGs in the kitchen, Jennifer evicted

Whether it was a BB error (probably), or a way to make up to us for having no feeds (unlikely), right after 7:00 pm we got about 45 seconds of feeds of the HGs standing in the kitchen, like we've seen every week on the live show after an eviction.....April is crying....We hear Ivette say to James, "I bet Sarah is glad she's gone.".....The only HG missing is Jennifer, leading to the obvious conclusion that Jennifer was the one evicted.....After less than a minute of feeds, we went back to FISH, and still had FISH as of Saturday morning.

I guess we'll find out the rest Saturday night on the TV show. <sigh>