Cause She Ain't Winning The Money!

We start with the recap of the Thursday show, Kaysar leaving, Janelle winning HoH, Janelle nominating Maggie and Jennifer.

Tonight's evicted houseguest will be the first member of the jury in the sequester house. Kaysar is shown leaving the house, Jennifer claims it was strategic, James doesn't care that he left, Rachel hates that Kaysar left. Janelle is upset because Jennifer screwed Kaysar over royally, Ivette's jaw drops when Janelle wins, Jennifer throws the key out of meanness. Jennifer tried to claim to the herd on feeds she did it out of fear of her safety, but in truth she admits tonight she did it because Janelle called her a bitch.

Janelle nominates Jennifer and Maggie without much thought at all. Howie carries Janelle off from the LR and Janelle says "bye bye bitches". Maggie tells the DR that Janelle is a bad winner. April says their carrying on just makes her want to hit them. April lectures Howie about being immature as she flips him off. Rachel is concerned that Howie is going to make them so crazy that they have no future chance.

April says she is not the one on welfare, that she makes plenty of money, not like him. Rachel gets hostile with Howie and tells him to knock it off. Rachel continues to think she can work with James. When invited to see Janelle's head of household room the mature group decides to stay downstairs around the dinner table. James does go up to see the HoH room and does a bit of campaigning for himself by saying he has come up to see every single HoH room despite being on the block four times.

Ivette and James bond in the GR, Ivette says in the DR that she has a feeling that James will have her back. James is campaigning to get Maggie out with Ivette. April and Jennifer hide behind the chairs in the living room [this is the mature group] and whisper to strategize. They sense the group is falling apart, they sense Ivette is turning on April and Jennifer. They don't really trust Maggie anymore either.

Commercial break

Veto competition. Maggie and Jennifer join Janelle for choosing of players. Janelle chooses Howie, Jennifer chooses April, Maggie chooses Ivette. It a lawn hockey game. Rachel is the Hostess. The first to score a goal in all six goals in the fastest time.

Howie - 2:41 April - 2:33
Janelle - 1:45 Ivette - 1:46+
Maggie - 1:46+ Jennifer - 1:46+

Janelle won the veto, April attributes this to Janelle having probably dated some hockey players.

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How has Janelle winning the veto impacted the game....James is up in the HoH trying to gather info. James is campaigning yet again to get Maggie out instead of Jennifer. Janelle was wanting to put April up but it looks like she might be putting up Ivette. Veto meeting, they are still wearing the hockey shirts. She asks why she should use the veto on them.

Maggie says only that she would love to be veto'd. Jennifer thinks its a shame how people have been attacking people in the house. Janelle uses the PoV on Maggie, who looks stunned. Janelle says she will choose to evict.... I mean nominate Ivette. Ivette looks stunned first by Janelle saying evict and then that she is nominated. Maggie is just stunned she was removed.

Because Janelle said "I choose to evict Ivette", Ivette assumes she is being backdoored. James is in the GR listening in to the herd talking in the barracks. Jennifer feels sure it is still her they are after because of Kaysar.

Commercial break

Eviction ceremony, tonight’s evictee will be the first member of the jury to go to the sequester house. Ivette and Jennifer get their chance for a last plea. Ivette says thank you to the other houseguests and that she believes everyone serves a purpose, take care, love you all. Jennifer says thanks to family, friends and Dan and she is wealthy in her life back at home.

Voting -
Beau - Jennifer Maggie - Jennifer Howie - Jennifer
April - Ivette James - Jennifer Rachel - Jennifer

By a vote of five to one, Jennifer you are evicted! April hugs Jennifer, they all walk her to the door. Maggie hugs her, Ivette hugs her, Beau hugs her, April hugs her again. She ignores Howie, Rachel, Janelle and James. She heads out to talk with Julie and has to stop to get her pic of Dan from her bag.

Jennifer says she knew the second she got HoH she was sacrificing herself for her team. Jennifer says it was just personal on Janelle's part, she never has done anything to Janelle. [Forgetting she voted out Janelle's partner, marked Janelle's fella as a sexual predator and evicted Janelle's surrogate partner] Short interview, no farewell messages at all. Jennifer will be on Housecalls on Monday, nothing was said about The Early Show, but it might be because she will be going to sequester.

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HoH competition - "On The House"
Buzz in and get the answer right = one point
Buzz in and get it wrong = out of game

What two colors are the stools? Beau gets 1 pt
How many seas on the map? Ivette gets 1 pt
What are the numbers on the subway wall? Howie is eliminated
What color are the squares on the WC door? Ivette eliminated
What is the gym combination? Beau 1 pts
What color is the rug in the gold room? Rachel gets 1 pt
How many pb&j sandwiches in safe? James gets 1 pt
How many safes in the gold room? Rachel eliminated
What famous landmark is framed over desk in HoH? April eliminated
How many key slots are in the nomination box? James gets 1 pt
Tie Breaker - How many puzzles pieces are on the wall? Beau gets 1 pt

Beau wins HoH with a total of three points!!