Recap includes snips of Jennifer evicting Kaysar, Janelle winning HoH, nomination of Maggie and Jennifer, Janelle winning PoV, Janelle removes Maggie and nominates Ivette, Jennifer is evicted and finally Beau winning HoH. Who will be nominated for eviction and will one of them be saved by the PoV? Tonight on BB6.

Ivette is sad Jennifer left, but happy she was staying. James was glad she left because she was scary strategically. April would sacrifice anything for Jennifer [except herself]. Howie felt Jennifer leaving was the equivalent of a household exorcism. April is shown crying in the bathroom. April has figured out that the million dollars is out of the question for her.

Beau wins HoH. Beau is very excited in the DR, very happy to have won. Ivette says "when one of us wins HoH, we all win HoH". James admits to still playing both sides against the middle. Janelle thinks she might be a target given last week she called this week's HoH a male prostitute. Ivette is bouncing around in the store room like rubber ball on speed.

The herd talks strategy in the store room while Howie and Rachel talk in the GR. Rachel apologizes for the mistakes she has made, including letting Howie stand by his promise to Maggie a couple weeks ago. Rachel says she plans to fight as long as she can, but she knows she has made mistakes. Janelle joins them and says she cannot handle them [the herd] winning this.

Beau invites them up to see his HoH room, pictures of his sisters, his dog, pet rock or love rock as he calls it, etc. Everyone went up to see his room but Janelle, Rachel and Howie don't stay long. Ivette brings Cappy's picture up to set up the nerd herd shrine to him. Howie says he just lost his composure for a few minutes....he apologizes for losing it, but not for what he says. Howie then tries to claim he was joking. Hurricane Howie is out over the pacific building up steam and might hit land yet again before he leaves the house.

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Beau thinks the order of threat is Rachel, Janelle then Howie. He figures James should go last before any of the herd. April and Maggie telling him that James will be harder to get out of the game than he thinks. Beau stares at the memory wall trying to decide who to nominate. Maggie thinks James should always remain a target. Beau thinks he will be a target next week, but he takes his HoH duties very seriously. Janelle is not to worried, she knows they hate her and she has been on the block every other week anyway.

Nomination Ceremony - Safe ---> Beau, Ivette, April, Maggie, James, Janelle. [in that order]

Rachel and Howie have been nominated, Beau says it was 75% strategic, 25% personal. Howie because he was scary, but he is a tough competitor. Rachel seemed at first to him to be shady gray, but now she is black and white. Rachel asks Beau is that makes her the 75% or the 25%, Beau explains a bit more and Rachel then says thank you. Ivette [in DR] calls Rachel a sore loser and says Rachel was making a "horse face". Ivette then calls her a "sarcastic wench" and a "miserable old hag", yes Ivette, it's Rachel that just came off as a sore loser.

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Ivette carries on in the store room after nominations, that Rachel is a bitch. She continues on in the DR that Rachel is such a "miserable aging woman". Rachel believes she is the target. James says "Rachel is very hated by the girl scout troop". Ivette and April continue on about how horrible Rachel is, how "they" have such poor sportsmanship. They tell Beau he was perfect and he did such a great job. Maggie thinks he managed to slam Rachel without being really offensive. Rachel says she'll go but she wants to see one of them join her next week in the sequester house. James continues to play both sides, no loyalty to anyone, just hoping they take each other out.

The dinner table shrinks, or as April says "a mother table gave birth to a baby table". Janelle is happy because she realizes she has made it quite a way and should be proud of herself. They all talk about how they feel about the table it means so much etc. Hey people, it's a table, deal with it, it is not that big of a deal. How boring must their lives be to have a table become such a big deal? Rachel doesn't want to leave, but seems to be assuming she is the target, the one that will be going home.

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Veto Competition. Beau, Rachel and Howie select who will compete with them. Beau picks James, Howie chooses Janelle, Rachel chooses April. Everyone has to go put on bathing suits and then are separated so they can go out to compete individually. "Get your bearings straight", unhook a floating face, slide the picture disk into side by side tubes then match it up with the secret partner.

Howie - 6:20 Says he kept losing his breath [asthma]
James - 5:47 James talks in DR about being in the zone
April - 9:53 April hates the water and is afraid of it, also falls once on the grass
Beau - 6:37 Beau admits his choice to wear pants was probably not the best
Rachel - 8:52 Was worried she would fall out of her bathing suit
Janelle - 5:51 Had trouble with Beau's pic, it took her three tries.

James wins the veto! Safe, yet again.

Commercial break

Ivette places the PoV around James neck and we get a quick montage of all James' veto wins. Ivette talks about how smart it is to keep James on their side. Janelle and Rachel talk about hoping Howie gets to stay, but she is worried they will vote out Howie instead of her, she would rather go. Janelle is worried James will use the veto and she will end up being put up. Rachel is sure James has some sort of deal with Beau and Ivette.

A long shot of the backyard shows the lay of the land, S3 at the table, C4 on the grass, James on the lounger. James says both sides annoy him in different ways. James consider Janelle is toughest competition. James asks Howie and Rachel to make their pleas. Rachel says she respects Beau's decision, and leaves it up to James. Howie says do what he feels he has to do with it. James chooses not to use the PoV. Meeting ends.

James says he did not use the PoV because the girl scout troop would go nuts and he has to protect his position at the moment. Who will be evicted next Rachel or Howie? Who will be the next Head of Household? Stay tuned for the live show on Thursday to find out!

I want to take a moment to say thanks to all the folks who have been sending in feedback on the recaps, it's appreciated, whether negative or positive. See you Thursday, have fun until then!