So Sayeth Saint Ivette

We start with a recap of Janelle winning HoH, nominating Jennifer and Maggie, Jennifer being evicted, Beau winning HoH, Beau nominating Rachel and Howie, James wins PoV, yet again, James not using the PoV. Who will be evicted next? Can the S2 win the HoH? Find out next on the live BB6 show!

Julie is wearing a black dress with a full skirt and a v-shaped neckline. She recaps everything we just saw. The eviction vote will be live tonight. Rachel and Howie talk about who will be evicted, Howie carrying on... calling out Busto. Rachel wants to be the one to go, if the herd is strategic they will vote out Rachel.

Beau asks how pale Howie's ass is and tries to get him to streak across the yard. He says he will streak if the herd swore on the bible they would vote out Rachel. They were not willing to swear on the bible. Maggie takes note that Howie called her the swing vote.... she asks him if that means he knows for sure how James is going to vote. Maggie suddenly realizes that maybe they should have gone after James. Maggie suddenly gets it that the only way James can win the money is to take someone from the S3 or S2.

Julie talks to the hamsters. April talks about how hard it is without Jennifer there. Maggie comments on the table getting smaller and how that is a huge milestone. Julie does something new and asks the hamsters questions that have been sent in to the CBS site. Julie asks Ivette, Who should play Ivette in BB6 the movie? Ivette says Julie Damatto from the Sopranos. If Janelle could leave the BB6 house for a day, what would she do? Janelle says she would visit her family and friends in Minnesota.

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Julie talks to Beau in his HoH room. Julie asks about why he nominated Howie and Rachel. Beau says it was strategic, not personal. Julie asks if he and Janelle made up and he says yes. Julie asks him about what he and Ivette have to do to win the million dollars. He says just stay in the middle, be friends with everyone in the house and not have anyone mad at them. Beau says James is on their side, not actually in their group, but on the good side with them.

Julie examines James and how he stays in the game. It shows James beating Ivette in chess. James talks in the DR about being amazed about being still here. Howie thinks James will end up winning the whole thing. Howie thinks it should be called "The golden power of James" because he has won it so much. James is shown trash talking April. James talks in the DR about playing both sides against the middle and keeping them angry at each other. His job is to "continue the hate". James says in the HoH if he gets HoH he is putting up April and Maggie. The herd all laughs. He says in the DR that is actually his strategy.

Julie talks about how different Howie and Rachel are from each other and wonders what do their families think, so we are clearly getting a chat with their families after the commercials.

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Howie's family is first, his dad says he is outrageous and that is exactly how he is. Rachel's mom says Rachel is very much more the very serious person, Howie is a party person. Howie's friend Mike, who dated Rachel says they only dated for about six months. Mike thinks Howie's feelings for Rachel have evolved in the house. Ashley, Howie's sister, says they have had talks about his having respect for women. Rachel's mom does not approve of how Howie speaks about women.

Howie's mom does not think Rachel is Howie's type at all. Mike says Howie tried to get with Rachel after they broke up. Howie's dad is very proud of Howie and his mom thinks April is not nice.

Julie tells us the vote will be coming up soon and the votes will be live. First some DR opinions... April says Howie is the most immature 34 year old ever... Ivette says she could give three cahoots about Rachel.... Janelle is closer to Howie..... James is scared of Howie.... Ivette thinks Howie has issues....April doesn't think someone as disrespectful as Howie is should be in the BB house.

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Julie talks to the nominees, asking them to say whatever they like. Rachel says it has been an amazing summer, thanks to her friends and family, to the hamsters without them her eviction would not be possible, thank you to Howie. Howie says thanks to his family and friends, to the houseguests thanks for putting up with him, he has a pretend microphone, he says if he leaves, don't feel bad for him because he gets to hang out with Jenny in the tropics.

Time for the live vote. Maggie is first.
Maggie - Rachel Janelle - Rachel April - Rachel
Ivette - Rachel James - Rachel

So it is unanimous, Rachel is evicted. Julie announces the vote to the hamsters "by a unanimous vote, Rachel you have been evicted from the Big Brother house". Rachel gets a hug from everyone before leaving Rachel walks out the door to join Julie for her interview. Julie says at one point her alliance dominated, what happened? It was because Howie nominated Sarah and James. Julie asks about Howie's behavior. Rachel says he was very upset and was just Howie. Rachel feels she was voted out because it was the better move strategically.

Julie asks how their relationship has changed. Rachel says they are much closer but she says they just have to see what happens. Julie tells her the houseguests recorded messages for her in case she left. Howie says she is gone because she was a threat to the nerd herd, Janelle says the house will not be the same without her, Maggie says she played with maturity and self-respect, James says if the nerd herd keeps winning he will see her soon, Ivette says Rachel's behavior in the house is out of control, it has left Ivette speechless, but she continues...she has shown such poor sportsmanship. Rachel is visibly stunned by Ivette's message but just says Ivette has some issues.

Rachel will be on the Early show tomorrow and on Housecalls. HoH competition when we return. America's Choice, who gets a phone call from home? We get to choose! Go to to vote or to see how you can text message your vote.

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HoH competition.

"High/Low" Each question has a number, if you think the correct answer is higher, step up, if lower, step down. They are all blindfolded.

1. Of the 14 houseguests how many are taller than six feet? Is it higher or lower than three? The answer is 4. Maggie, Howie and Ivette are out.

2. Of the current houseguests, how many have never won HoH? Is it higher or lower than four? The answer is 3. No one out.

3. How many veto competitions have been played so far this season? Is it higher or lower than nine? The answer is eight. No one is out.

4. How many nights have you spent in the Big Brother house? Is it higher or lower than fifty? The answer is 53. James is out.

5. How many houseguests went from being HoH to being evicted? Is it higher or lower than four? The answer is 3. No one is out.

Tie Breaker, blind folds off, chalk boards up, they go to the top step, the closest without going over wins. If both go over, the closest wins.

In the veto competition "Goal For It", how many pucks were in the red bin?
April guesses 100, Janelle guesses 85, The answer is 155 pucks.
April is the new HoH!

April cries as everyone hugs her and congratulates her.

Commercial break

Julie says BB will not be seen Saturday. Tuesday, we find out nominees and America's choice. April relives her victory in the backyard, everyone tries to listen politely.