We start by recapping Beau wins HoH, nominates Howie and Rachel, James wins PoV, James does not use the PoV, talks about continuing the hate, Rachel is evicted, April wins HoH. Who will April nominate for eviction? Who will win the PoV and will it be used? Tonight on BB6!

Howie tells us he loves Rachel as a partner, as a friend, as a future hookup, Janelle is sorry to see her go, Beau felt bad but he had to break up one of the last pairs and nobody is really looking at him and Ivette as a threat. Howie admits Rachel was a stronger player than him, but he is going to try to win for Rae-Rae. Ivette says it is said to see someone go, but it's not one of her people so... *shrug*.

James calls this the summer of hell, he cannot win an HoH to save his life. Janelle was hoping to be the first to win HoH twice. Maggie felt like she won HoH when April won HoH. Ivette screams, America loves you April! April feels she is really contributing to the house now because she won HoH. Maggie is confused by Janelle saying Maggie was HoH twice... once on herself and the second when Howie was HoH.

Maggie and Beau talk about James working Ivette. Maggie thinks the amount of time Ivette and James spend together is a threat to the friendship. Maggie and April run into to talk to Janelle and Howie to tell them to backdoor James. Janelle in the DR recalls the last time they said they need our help.... it didn't work out so well. i.e. Kaysar being voted out. Janelle and Howie feel they have nothing to lose.

Ohhhhh so excited, let's all go see April's HoH room, one scream after another as if it is a teenage slumber party and a Clay Aikens concert is on television, it's just sooooooooo exciting. Sent her slippers, a bracelet, a new robe and her picture of they two of them. Howie kisses the picture of Pepperoni and apologies to the picture for the pizza joke.

The herd have their first HoH room meeting, which we all know is completely secure since the HoH is never shown on the feeds, and sure enough Ivette starts her campaign for James and against Janelle. April starts to see the Ivette/James connection. April tells Ivette not to tell James what they have talked about [backdooring him] and Ivette says she doesn't want to lie. Apparently she has that kind of selective moral compass, the one that kicks in when she wants it to.

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Janelle goes up to talk to April in the HoH room. Janelle would feel better if they put up Ivette as a pawn because they have lied so much. Janelle just feels sick about it, she is sure they are going to screw them over. Nomination ceremony, Howie says anytime the Nerd Herd has the HoH he doesn't feel good. James says if he goes home this week it's because he never got HoH. Janelle knows they [herd] see her as a threat.

April thinks and ponders over the keys. She says you can always have a plan, but a plan can always change. April calls them all in for the nomination ceremony. April totes the big round key holder in to the table. Maggie May! you are safe. Beau you are safe. Ivette you are safe. James you are safe. And with a huge sigh of relief, James puts on his key. April says she has nominated Howie and Janelle for evicted, they have a close bond and it is best for her. Janelle says buxom mixed with brains is a deadly combination which must be destroyed. They still do not trust the herd.

James wonders why April will not use him in the veto competition. James feels sure he is being backdoored. April is being very rational with Ivette in explaining she has nothing personal against James, she would love to have him as an ally, but he isn't. Ivette and Maggie talk and Ivette again tries to campaign to keep james. Maggie tells Ivette that helping James at this point would be an act against April and thus the friendship. In other words Ivette, go against us and you are so outta here! You know what I mean?

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Veto competition. Maggie says the plan was to backdoor James, but it only works if no one picks James to compete. April chooses Maggie, Janelle picks Ivette, James does the polite golf clap...Howie picks Beau. James again does the polite golf clap as he realizes they have strapped his ass to the table and the lethal injection needles are primed! "playing it dirty" Six mud pits with keys in them, find keys, first one to unlock the red vetoes wins the PoV, but the first to unlock the silver veto symbol gets the combination for the second safe.

Beau and Howie gets some vetoes, Janelle was collecting keys, Ivette got a couple vetoes but was concerned with not getting to dirty. Janelle gets the silver veto, James calls her Lady Luck, Beau calls her Lucky Bitch! April starts kickin butt suddenly and next thing you know she wins PoV!!! She says they will all be kissing her asses [?] for calling her weak. It makes April sick that Janelle wins everything and is so lucky. James says it sucks to be the host of your own funeral. Janelle runs into use the combination. Janelle wins a trip to the Bahamas!! And a travelocity gnome. Howie thinks she is I dream of Janie! Wants her to blink them to the final two. Janelle says she wants to take her mom with her on the trip.

April says Janelle has to go next week. Ivette complains that Janelle has luck from hell and she is going to end up winning everything. They whine about all the things Janelle has won... PB&J pass, Plasma TV, Trip to the Bahamas. They decide no one will ever win anything with her in the house. Apparently they have amnesia about April winning three grand in cash or Jennifer winning a movie...or maybe that doesn't count since it is not a stick they can beat Janelle with.

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It's America's Choice, who would you like to see win a phone call from home. Maggie thinks everyone is voting for Ivette to win a phone call. Ivette teases that Janelle will win the phone call! Ivette says today is going to be a good, trying to be positive about her getting a phone call. The phone rings, Janelle answers, it is Michael. The herd just drops jaw. Michael calls her "his babe" and he is very sweet, says he is proud of her, he says he will be there when she gets out, she asks if Brittany Spears has had her baby. April whines and says she has to question the character of anyone who thinks Janelle deserves a phone call over the rest of them.

Janelle says "Thank you America". Janelle says Sorry to Ivette. Ivette runs upstairs and collapses in tears because she didn't win. This must be the example of good sportsmanship she expected Rachel to demonstrate, eh? Maggie comes up to comfort her and says how sorry she is, How could America choose Janelle to get a call from someone she has known for two weeks over Ivette. Maggie and April begin to dissect Janelle's reasons for picking Michael, Ivette just flat out hates Janelle. Ivette claims she would not have minded if Janelle's mother had called.

They do not believe America chose Michael to call Janelle over April and her newlywed husband, or Ivette and her mother, James comes up and starts quoting bible verses. April thinks we [America] are all pieces of shit for voting for Janelle. Maggie says it is because everyone loves a villain. James is using the opportunity to bad mouth Janelle. Janelle comes upstairs to the HoH. She apologizes for them not getting a phone call. April now believes Janelle is a slut and let someone feel up on her. America made a bad stupid decision in voting for Janelle.

April tells Janelle she has a huge target on her back because she keeps winning things... as if they would like her any better if she lost things. April says now she does not know what she is going to do with the veto, because Ivette hates her so much and wants Janelle gone. Hey guys, we voted, not Janelle. Get a clue!! Methinks this is a simple case of "Prize Envy", aka Janellousy! [a name that first appeared on the update boards]

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April pondering what to do, use the veto or not use the veto. April talks about how Howie and Janelle have personally attacked her, but she wants James gone as well. Veto Ceremony. April asks Janelle and Howie to make their pleas. Janelle says she respects April's nominations and asks her to use it on Howie. Howie says he would rather she use it on Janelle, but April should do what she feels is best. April uses the veto and removes Janelle from the block. Ivette looks like she just ate a poop-burger with cheese. April then nominates James to take Janelle's place.

April says her nomination of James is strategic. Howie is not sure he is safe at all. April says she wanted to make sure she had the votes to get rid of James. James thinks he has a chance of turning Janelle against Howie. The eviction will be Thursday on BB6! See you all there!