We start with the obligatory recap of April wins HoH, April and Maggie team up with Janelle and Howie to back door James, April nominates Howie and Janelle, April wins PoV, April uses PoV and removes Janelle from the block, April nominates James for eviction. Will the Friendship keep their word and vote out James? Will the Sovereign survive the HoH competition? Find out tonight on BB6!

Julie is wearing black slacks, a pale pink top and a black and white jacket. She tells us there is another double eviction this week. Whoever gets HoH will have to immediately nominate two people for eviction.

April tells us she nominated James, James tells us how stupid they are to remove Janelle from nomination. Maggie talks about the bond between Ivette and James and how that is not smart strategically. James says he is using Ivette as his liaison to the Girl Scout Troop. He is shown working her to try to get them to vote off Howie. Ivette is working Maggie to keep James, this time saying he has played dirty, but he is good company.

Howie's talking apparently is disturbing the three o'clock in the afternoon naptime. James blatantly starts campaigning against Howie. James talks about trying to turn Janelle to his way. Janelle admits she might go farther with James, but she is not sure she could live with herself. James then goes to Ivette and lies as he tells her that Janelle has pinky sworn to give him a sympathy vote.

Julie talks to the hamster, Janelle first about the America's Choice. She said it was wonderful to hear that he is thinking about her, cares about her and will be waiting for her. She thanks America. Julie asks some fan questions. Maggie - How are you losing weight? Maggie says running. Ivette - If you win HoH, what do you want to have waiting for you in the HoH? Ivette says a picture of her Maggie. Beau - Which houseguest from the original fourteen, would be the worst roommate? He starts to say Howie but then changes it to Janelle.

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It's been quite a week for April, she has proven to be quite a competitor. Then we get a montage of "the deal is", "you know what I'm saying", "the bottom line is". Her sorority sisters say she should know when to shut-up. Matt says he thought Howie was funny at first but now he sees a dark side. He nearly cries as he talks about when Howicane hit, Matt does a tough guy impression. Pepperoni is shown whining. Matt says she is not a great physical competitor, but he was happy to see her win HoH and the PoV. He calls her GI Jane. He thinks April's doing great and has a real good shot of being there at the end.

Julie talks to April in HoH. Julie talks her about winning HoH and PoV, and asks was it her strategy to fly under the radar? She says yes, she came mostly for Jennifer. She said the minute she had to step it up, she stepped it up. Is Maggie her new partner? Maggie is her new partner, because if James leaves today as planned, it will be back to pairs. How does she feel about the Ivette/James connection? April says she sees where Ivette's loyalty stands, she cares about James but she believes Ivette is loyal to the friendship. Next a peek at life in the jury house.

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Again Julie tells us it is a double eviction week. Rachel and Jennifer are sharing the sequester house. It looks like it is way out in the country, a gorgeous huge house where she can be outside. Looks like northern California. Jennifer is waiting for whoever is coming next... she hopes it's not Rachel because she is so boring. It is Rachel and Jennifer turns on the cheerleader excitement and gives her a tour of the house. Including her room which is the biggest in the house. Rachel gives her the tape of the last week. Jennifer gets to watch the whole tape, Beau wins, nominates Rachel and Howie, James wins PoV, Rachel gets evicted. As much as these two dislike each other, James or Howie may arrive to find two ice cube girls as these two freeze each other with the cold shoulder.

Next the hamsters vote live. DR chatter - Maggie says both James and Howie are equal threats. Beau says the good thing about James is he will protect him and Ivette. Ivette says she can think of a hundred reasons to keep James. Janelle says James might help her until he turns on her but keeping James would hurt Howie way to much and she still thinks she and Howie can deal with the Nerd Herd. Maggie says if James stays, she is in big trouble.

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Julie talks with the nominees now. Howie thanks Beau for the style tips, says the hurricane has burned out, he says the hurricane did nothing but light April up and she has been winning since. James thanks his family, thanks the hamsters for coming after him, he says if he goes he knows it was strategic, not personal.

Voting time -

Maggie - James Beau - James
Ivette - James Janelle - James

Julie announces it... by unanimous vote, James you have been evicted from the Big Brother house. James hugs Howie, Janelle, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, April, in other words everyone. Tells him to say hi to Jennifer and Rachel. James comes out and smiles and laughs a bit as he approaches Julie.

James since Sarah was evicted he had to go it alone. He says everyone is crazy and they kept making worse mistakes than he did. He said he didn't know until to today that is really was strategic. He says if Howie had not nominated him he would have stayed loyal to the sovereign. He says after that he tried to just get as many people out as he could. He says Ivette is an amazing person and he plans to remain friends with her. He closeness with her is genuine, based on friendship.

Julie tells him the houseguests taped messages for him in case he was evicted. Ivette says she hopes he knows she is his best friend in the house and she is sorry she gave no sympathy vote. Janelle says she just couldn't pick him over Howie. Howie says his five vetoes speak for themselves and he is dangerous, awesome and insidious. April says sometimes the people who play really well end up leaving. Maggie says she really is an ER nurse. He says he thinks he is will talk with Maggie after the game. He is sent off and we are told he will be on the Early Show and the Housecalls show.

Commercial break

HoH competition - "Playing it Straight"

Roll a bowling ball (twice) down the beam that is centered between two rows of bins, each bin has a number in it from 1-6 then zero and if it goes the length of the beam through a hole at the end it is worth 10 points.

Maggie - 2, 5 = 7 pts
Beau - 5, 6 = 11 pts
Ivette - 5, 4 = 9 pts
Janelle - 6, 2 = 8 pts
Howie - 6, 6 = 12 pts

Howie wins HoH!!

He gets an immediate hug from Janelle, everyone hugs him and its all pretty friendly, he even hugs April after she puts the key on him. He says "they stuck a fork in him and said he was done!" Howie paces the backyard as we go to commercial, when we return he will find out it is double eviction and he has to nominate two people immediately.

Commercial break

Julie talks to them again in the living room. Howie how is it to win HoH again? He said it feels awesome, he is the first repeat offender. A fan asks what would a woman have to have to be in a long term relationship? He says you just know when its right. Beau - What would you do with the million dollars? Charity, his mom, travel. April - What do you wish you had brought in the house? She says Pepperoni, Julie says not Matt? She says yes.. Matt too.

Julie asks Howie if he has any ideas of who he will nominate and Howie guesses it is double eviction and is asked to make his nominations. Howie nominates Ivette and Beau. Julie thanks Howie and says Good Night to the hamsters.

Julie says a special guest will stop by the house on Saturday night show. Julie adds thoughts to the hurricane Katrina victims.