Holly King visits, Hell freezes over

We begin, of course, with the recap of James being evicted, Howie wins the HoH, Howie nominates Ivette and Beau. Who will be evicted? Who will be the new HoH? Tonight on BB6.

Julie has on white slacks and a black top with long sleeves. How did James' eviction effect the house? April thinks she is everyone's hero because she got rid of James, yeah April that is right up there with rescuing kids or saving someone with CPR. Beau says we had to get him out this week or he was in the final two. Ivette says they are friends, her and James. April thinks the house is very very happy that James is gone with the exception of Ivette.

First we see the replay of Howie winning HoH. Howie says the PBA isn't going to be calling him anytime soon but he got the job done. April says it is said to see Howie win, she wanted someone from the friendship to win. Ivette is so angry and disappointed, why can't she win. Beau says she always takes things very hard. Ivette says she is disappointed they didn't send Janelle home because Janelle has the worst soul she has ever seen in a human being.

Howie nominates Beau and Ivette. Janelle says Howie did good, Beau is strong and could win physical competitions and Ivette just annoys the living crap out of her. Don't feel bad Janelle, she annoys the crap out of a lot of us too. Howie gets his HoH room. They all go up to see it. Howie got his lightsabres. His pictures of his sister, Janelle says the lightsabres are a bit nerdy, but a great thing for Howie. Maggie says she is such a dork because she wants one too. Howie is very grateful to BB.

Ivette says her only disappointment is she never got an HoH. Maggie and April says it's only partners from now on...her and April fighting for each other. Ivette comes out and they say nothing's happening and change the subject. Maggie says she will play veto for Maggie. Ivette wants Maggie to win, take her off and let April get nominated. Maggie is now in that place known as a rock and hard face.

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Holly King enters the house from the DR and says "Hey guys, it's time to play for the veto!". "Big Brother Casino" - Holly rattles off the instructions but honestly her voice was making my ears bleed so I missed a bit. They have to roll and guess who and what competitions were, i.e. who won veto week one, you have to give name and what the competition was.

Ivette says if the roll ends up on Crap out, you lose your bet, so it's like a gamble.

April showers -19
Beaubonics -16
Howie - 17
Ivette - 19
Janelle - 19
Maggie - 19

For the tie breaker they have to not only choose an answer but decide who much of the chips they have they want to bet.

Tie breaker - April 19 Janelle 19 Maggie 19

Tie breaker - April 37 Janelle 38 Maggie 38

Tie breaker - In the veto competition "Playing Dirty" How many keys were in the mud?

Janelle - 72
Maggie - 96

Answer 138

Maggie wins the veto!

Maggie is upset because someone will be mad at her and she will be responsible for someone going home. Well kid, that's what the game is all about. She has promised to protect April, but Ivette assumes she will use the veto to save her and put April up.

Maggie wants to talk to Howie alone, but Janelle is not letting it happen. Maggie goes to herd and says if he cannot make a decision alone, he doesn't deserve to win. Then she asks the herd what she should do with the veto. April is surprised when Maggie says she may use the veto. April then goes to the DR and cries and whines about Maggie saying she will use the veto.

April ends up crying to Janelle. Janelle says it's a smart move for Maggie to keep the pair because the pair will continue to be the target. April then cries again, talks to Maggie who says exactly what Janelle just told her. Maggie says she wants to keep April, but strategically she knows she should keep the pair.

Veto Ceremony - Maggie looks very uncomfortable as she starts the veto ceremony. She asks them to each say their piece. Beau says he will not campaign against his partner. Ivette says she respects whatever she does, there is no one she would rather be next to than Beau. Maggie talks about how morals are a hard thing to have in this game, because they make it difficult. Maggie chooses not to use the veto. Ivette looks like she has a mouth full of nails and is ready to spit.... .at Maggie.

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Back to Julie who tells us three people will vote tonight, will it be Ivette or Beau who leaves. Tonight the last remaining pair will split apart tonight. She asks Beau and Ivette to plead their case. Beau thanks his mother and sister, friends and family, friends in the house. Ivette says Beau is way to fabulous to compete with.

Janelle - Beau
April - Beau
Maggie - Beau

Julie tells the houseguests that by unanimous vote, Beau you have been evicted. He doesn't look surprised at all. He hugs the friendship, then hugs Janelle and Howie, Ivette is last, then he takes his bag and heads out the door. Beau heads over to talk to Julie. Maggie, Ivette and April have a little cry fest in the barracks.

Julie says to Beau last week you could have voted for Howie or James, you voted for James, does you regret keeping Howie? Beau says you have to do what you have to do when business is business. Julie then asks Do you think Ivette will make it to the end? Beau says she has a great chance to make it to the end. Beau will be on Housecalls on Tuesday.

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HoH Competition - "Magnetic Attraction"
Each question will have a red or blue answer, they pick their answer using a red or blue magnet. Those with the right answer will get a point, the wrong answer and your magnet will slip off.

Questions based on questionnaires they filled out before entering the house.

1. Who said they get the most compliments on their smile? Blue-Kaysar Red-Michael
Answer Blue-Kaysar

2. Who said they have a bad habit of cracking their knuckles? Blue-Sarah Red-James
Answer Blue-Sarah

3. Who said the craziest thing they ever did on a dare was get on stage with a naked girl? Blue-Beau Red-Ivette
Answer Red-Ivette

4. Who once dressed as Brittany Spears for Halloween? Blue-Jennifer Red-April
Answer Blue-Jennifer

5. Who would title their autobiography "I Had a Blast Living a Normal Life"? Blue-Eric Red-Maggie
Answer Red-Maggie

6. Who said their shortest job consisted of three days of selling blood plasma? Blue-Rachel Red-Howie
Answer Red-Howie

7. Who's first job was at Dairy Queen? Blue-Janelle Red-Ashlea
Answer Blue-Janelle

8. Who said the body part he likes best on a woman is her buttocks? Blue-Kaysar Red-Michael
Answer Blue-Kaysar

The score is tied between Maggie and Ivette

Tie breaker - chalkboards
In the HoH competition "Playing it Straight" what was the total number of points scored by all the houseguests combined?

Maggie - 1
Ivette - 35

Correct answer - 47

Ivette is the HoH!

Ivette runs straight to the round lounger, throws herself on it screaming and crying "Oh my God, oh my God!" as she hugs the long round pillow. The rest of the hamsters walk over and she finally hugs April, then Maggie and ignores Howie, who is trying to give her the key and Janelle.