We begin with the recap of 14 houseguests entering the house, the sovereign two take control, double eviction announcement, Howie nominates Beau and Ivette, Holly's incredibly annoying voice in the veto competition that Maggie won, Maggie not using the veto, Beau being evicted and Ivette winning HoH in a fit of tears and "Oh my God"s.

Those show starts with Beau's eviction in black and white which is a subtle hint that we saw this already. Janelle says in a frank DR interview that she wanted Beau to stay, that she wanted Ivette gone, she annoys the shit out of Janelle. Beau wishes everyone farewell and leaves. Ivette says when you lose someone here you really feel a void, every time and this goes all the way back to Cappy. [of course, it always goes back to Cappy for Ivette]. Ivette says they don't have to be nice anymore because there is no more game to be played.

Janelle says she "frickin lost miserably" in reference to the HoH competition. The HoH tie breaker is in black and white. Ivette does her freak out and tears upon winning. Ivette says it is an amazing feeling, she cannot believe she won HoH. She says she knows Maggie might have somewhat given it to her. Ivette runs through the house screaming "I'm HoH" over and over. Ivette plans to keep her promise to Beau and Cappy to get Janelle out of the house.

Howie tries to let Janelle it's ok she lost. They are both stunned at Ivette winning. Ivette gets her HoH room. Ivette is in tears over her pictures of Tushie. Janelle says in the DR that she doesn't want to slander anybody, but her [Ivette's] girlfriend is ugly as sin. [in reference to Tushie]. Ivette whines about Howie opening her candies. Ivette says getting HoH is about family, securing your place in the house and getting inspiration. Howie and Janelle know they are going up on the block. Howie and Janelle come up with a plan to take Ivette to the final three if she votes April out.

Commercial break

The Herd is up in the HoH spying on Howie as he walks around the house with his lightsabre. April says Howie is like being a kid all over again. She says he walks everywhere with his lightsabre, even to the bathroom. April thinks Howie really thinks he is a Jedi. Howie checks out the gym for security with his lightsabre. The herd makes fun of him from the HoH room. Howie and Janelle Jedi-train all over the house. Howie says Jedi Janie is hot! The force is strong with her, a power Jedi she will be. Janelle says her Jedi training has been great and the force is strong with her. Howie sneaks up on the HoH door with the red lightsabre, which Star Wars fans know, is the weapon of the Sith Lords.

Nominations today! Ivette stands in front of the memory wall like she really has to think a whole lot about who she is going to nominated. She sits in the HoH looking like she is really putting a lot of consideration into it. Janelle says when Ivette won, she was really pissed but she [Janelle] is not giving up, she can nominate her but that is not getting out of the house. Time for the nomination ceremony. As Howie said, the only thing he is unsure of is whether Maggie's or April's key will come out first. Ivette gives a speech about heart, truth and instinct which makes no sense at all. April is safe, Maggie is safe. Ivette has nominated Janelle and Howie. She says Janelle because she underestimated Janelle, and Janelle's power over men. Howie is nominated because he is on the other side.

Howie and Janelle console each other, Howie tells us in the DR "No worry, no sweat, this game ain't over yet". Howie says Ivette has had 11 weeks to perfect her speech. Howie says she just talks the talk [Ivette], because her speech made no sense. Janelle does not agree that she manipulates men. Janelle wants to go toe to toe with Ivette in the PoV competition. She can't help it if men like her..... [Don't hate her because she's beautiful!]

Commercial break

Veto Competition - "Morph-a-matic"

DR Comments -
April - "We all made some ugly people when combined", "Why didn't someone tell me I looked like a skater boy?", "That last picture was torn up from the floor up.".

Ivette - "I'm a very detailed person", "an arab/black drag queen, it was horrible, that's probably why there are no arab/black drag queen", "The first thing I saw when that picture came up was Cappy's bootie chin!"

Howie - "third one came up and I think I gone out with girls like that". "the picture I got stuck on the most was the one with Howie's beautiful face", "Did I suck in this event? That's not even a strong enough word"

Maggie - "I picked out Beau right away, I thought it was my hair, I knew I had Kaysar..", "I hope no one in this house decides to have children with each other".

Janelle - "The first one was easy for me because it was Michael's mouth and I've seen that quite a few times", "I thought that was Maggie's hair", "She looked she was beat with an ugly stick", "the last one looked evil, because it had Eric in it".

First face - Maggie, Kaysar, Michael
Second face - Kaysar, Janelle, Sarah
Third face - Kaysar, Rachel, Beau
Fourth face - April, James, Sarah
Fifth face - Ivette, Jennifer, Howie
Sixth face - Ashlea, Eric, Michael

April - 4:16
Ivette - 3:28
Howie - 9:18
Maggie - 3:59
Janelle - 2:30

Janelle wins the PoV!!

Janelle "I was shocked that I won, Ivette thought she had me out the door". Howie says "Jedi Janie proves once again why she's the best in the business." April says "Surprise! Janelle is in the house another week, all she wants in a life is a sugar daddy, why does someone like that deserve to continue to win?" Ivette "What do you do with an all-star big brother player?" Maggie says she has to start winning HoH's and she has to start winning PoVs.

Commercial break

We are then treated to a montage of regret and janellousy. Ivette says at a time like this, when Janelle has won veto, you gotta laugh about it. Ivette says she told them they needed to get rid of Janelle a long time ago. Maggie says it's because Janelle only cares about how people look, that was why she did well. April says she will cry for Howie. April says there is no way Janelle will have a big enough heart to use the veto on Howie. Maggie says if Janelle is going to win, she has got to go through those three.

Howie tells Janelle to go on and win the whole thing. He is very happy for her and resigned to his leaving. They recap their plan to approach Ivette about going to the final three with Janelle and Howie. Janelle says she hopes Ivette knows this is a game and sees what she needs to do to win the money. Howie and Ivette in the backyard are talking. Ivette tells Howie that she pictured her and Howie at the end. Ivette says she would win hands down if she was at the final two with either Janelle or Howie. With Maggie or April it would be a toss up.

Commercial break

Janelle stares at the memory wall a bit, but knows she has to save herself since they want her out of the house so badly. Veto meeting. Howie is in the backyard protecting everyone in case James comes back. Janelle asks Howie why she should use the veto on him, Howie says Janelle should use the veto on herself, she won it decisively, she should save herself. Janelle says she has thought about using the veto on Howie, but she has to use it on herself. Ivette nominates April for eviction, she is a pawn, a new blonde to sit next to Howie.

April doesn't see how it would benefit Maggie to vote out her instead of Howie. [Think about it for a second April, maybe it will come to you]. Who will be evicted this week? Who will be the next Head of Household? Find out on Thursday's Live Show!