We start with a recap of Beau being evicted, Ivette wins HoH, Ivette nominates Janelle and Howie, Janelle wins PoV, Janelle uses the veto to save herself, Ivette nominates April for eviction. Who will be leaving the house tonight, April or Howie? Who will win HoH and secure themselves a spot in the final three? Find out tonight on Big Brother 6.

Julie is wearing a black top and slacks. She recaps the show from her screen-side settee. Janelle uses the PoV [black and white], Ivette puts up April. April says being on the block is nerve racking. Howie is hoping he might be able to sway Ivette to keep Howie since her best chance at winning the big money is with either Howie or Janelle. April and Maggie are watching the spy screen. Watching April and Maggie's faces as Ivette, Howie and Janelle talk. You can tell it makes them both nervous. Ivette talks in the DR about her chat with Howie. Ivette then goes upstairs and talks with April and Maggie and tells them all about her conversation with Howie and Janelle. Ivette seems to be realizing how much she wants to win and what a difference 500k could mean.

Julie talks to the hamsters. Congratulations on being the final five. She speaks to Ivette first. Ivette, how does it feel to have made it this far? Ivette says it's amazing, especially since she got HoH, it's amazing. Howie, how does it feel to be the last man in the house? Howie says it's amazing to be in the house with all these women, they are like family, they are beautiful and he is happy to be the last man standing. She asks Janelle what was the toughest competition? Janelle says the one in the pool with the pictures. April, will you be able to keep up not smoking after leaving the house? Yes, April once again says she wasn't a real smoker but yes she thinks she will continue to not smoke. Maggie, how has being in the house changed you? Maggie says it changes everything, your schedule, your life, the real world. It becomes all about the people around you.

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Julie introduces Ivette's family to us. Ivette's Mom says Ivette tells it like it is, what you see is what you get. Maggie tells us that her strongest weapon is her mouth, but it gets her in trouble too. She says Ivette is not really a crier. Maggie hates Ivette's obsession with Cappy. Ivette's Mom says she doesn't know what Ivette was thinking, she was friends with Cappy and then with James, she kept forgetting Beau. She says the friendship sometimes gets kind of sketchy. Maggie as Ivette's girlfriend it's probably not right to say but I do like Janelle. She likes Janelle in the game, she's a great player, she's smart, she's witty, she's funny and charismatic and she thinks Ivette is jealous of Janelle. Ivette's Mom says bring the money home.

Julie talks to Ivette in the HoH. Last week your partner was evicted and you won HoH, back to back, how was that? Ivette thinks it was because she lost Beau that she won. Why did Ivette put up April? She put April up because she had not sat on the hot seat. How important is the money at this point? The main reason Ivette came out to the show was for the money, she needs it a lot. She heads back down to join the other houseguests.

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James and Beau head over to the sequester house. Jennifer and Rachel walk out to see who is joining them in the jury house. Rachel says the jury house is a wonderful place. When they see James they scream but Rachel admits she is disappointed to see James here. James seems a bit bitter about his eviction. They watch the tape that James brought. James says he has no plans to be nice to Jennifer, Jennifer says she is getting bitchier with each person who comes into the jury house. Then Beau shows up in the house and they are scream and hug him. Rachel is holding out hope for Howie and Janelle.

Julie says the eviction is coming up, the votes will be cast live. DR comments - Ivette says sitting with April at the end means I probably lose. Janelle hopes Howie gets to stay. Ivette thinks it is strange how April is now all about the money. Maggie says that if anyone turned on the friendship it would seal their fate with the rest of the friendship. Ivette ends with tears as she talks about April wanting the money and acting like everyone there needs it at the same level. [Ivette is desperate for the money where April just wants it.]

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Julie asks the two nominees to plead their case. April says thanks to Matt, her Mom and Dad, friends and family, all the houseguests, the dorks, she would love to stay another week, vote with their hearts. Howie thanks family and friends, apologizes for his wardrobe, says that a good woman could settle him down, Janelle has been a great student, she will be a terrific Jedi.

Janelle - April
Maggie - Howie

Julie tells the houseguests that it is a tie and Ivette will have to cast the deciding vote. Will Ivette's vote be strategic or personal? Ivette votes to evict Howie. Howie is evicted! Ivette hugs Janelle, the herd hugs Howie, Howie hugs Janelle big time. They all hug and kiss him, this is the most friendly farewell in a while. Howie leaves the house to join Julie for a chat.

Howie you had an alliance of six, what happened? James, I thought we had some powerful allies, he found out they were coming after him or his alliance. Howie says he felt like he was fumbling the football instead of moving it forward. Julie asks him about calling them the nerd herd. He says he is out and they are still in there, they played a better game. Farewell messages. Janelle says hopefully I can take on the nerd herd, you've been a great friend, we will be friends forever. April was shocked at how he treated her but she forgives him. Maggie says thanks for all the laughter he brought to the house. Ivette says don't hate the houseguest, hate the game.

New America's Choice, who gets to leave the house and spend a day on the set of Two and Half Men? Vote for Janelle, Maggie, Ivette or April! Voting is tonight at 9pm pacific until tomorrow morning.

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Head of Household competition - "Before or After"
Questions if something happened before or after a second event.

1. Did Kaysar receive an mp3 player before or after his return to the house? J-1, M-1, A-1

2. Did James win fourth veto before or after Jennifer was evicted? After J-2, M-2, A-1

3. Did Howie meet Holly before or after he got his lightsabre? After J-3, M-3, A-1

4. Did Beau win martini bar before or after Maggie's birthday party? Before J-4, M-3, A-1

5. Was Eric evicted before or after first safe? Before J-5, M-4, A-2

6. Did Sarah eat turkey pot poi before or after opening gym door? Before J-6, M-4, A-3

7. Did Janelle receive the phone call from Michael before April was HoH? After J-7, M-4 , A-4

Janelle wins with 7 points!!!

She will be able to compete in the next HoH as well. The others hug her but it is very noticeably half-hearted. Julie asks "How will the new head of household shake things up?" stay tuned. Janelle says she feels like Miss America, she did it, she made it to the final three! Maggie is asked what she wishes she had brought into the house. Maggie says she sees what everyone else brought in and she realized she packed like she was going camping, there are about twenty things she wishes she had brought. Janelle is asked "What was it like growing up in Minnesota?" and Janelle says it was very sheltered, boring at times but she wouldn't trade it for anything. The Saturday show will be at 10pm/9pm central. On Saturday the nominations will be announced as well as the winner of America's Choice. On Tuesday is the live eviction.