We start by recapping Ivette winning HoH, nominating Janelle and Howie, Janelle wins the veto, Janelle removes herself from the block, April is nominated as a pawn, Howie is evicted and Janelle wins HoH. Who will be nominated for eviction? Who will win the PoV? Stayed tuned for BB6!

We hear Julie recapping once more in black and white as Howie is evicted. April says "Howie was a ball of fun" and that she thinks she is the girl version of Howie? Oh please girl, you are the female Howie like Beau is Marcellas x 10, keep dreamin. Janelle says Howie gives her motivational speeches and she will miss that. Ivette admits Howie is a funny guy, but makes fun of the "Janie you're a cutie", "Howie you're a beefcake" thing. Janelle says it is three against one and it sucks. Janelle wins HoH and finally we are back in color. Maggie says "What can I say? We should have evicted her...". Ivette says "Janelle has been hated, trashed, nominated...can you top her?"

Ivette thinks there will definitely be some claws coming out this week as they now have to fight to stay in the game. April talks about Ivette taking it pretty good which worries her. April goes on a montage rampage about how horny she is and how long it has been since she has had sex, how much she misses Matt. Janelle offers to show her HoH room... candy, snacks, Mary Kay stuff, picture of Janelle and her friend Naters, Janelle's family picture, her picture of her dog cupcake. Janelle admits in the diary room that is was purely strategic when she asks them to sleep up in the HoH with her.

The herd goes to the backyard and talks about Janelle's invitation. Ivette assumes Howie told Janelle to be nice to the herd to gain votes. April says her invitation is to little to late. April says Janelle said her goal was final three, not final two, she got her goal. April thinks something will be going on tomorrow.

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Ivette and Janelle talk about becoming a mom someday. Ivette says she would love to be pregnant, it would complete her. Janelle likes the name Isabel, Ivette likes Sophia. They both talk about looking at baby things. Ivette in the DR makes it clear she doesn't think Janelle would make much of a mom and that she hopes their kids don't end up in preschool together. Janelle seems really pleased to have found some common ground with Ivette.

The nerd herd stays up in the barracks and talks about how the room was so full at the beginning. Maggie believes the herd has the longest alliance and that they dominated. Maggie believes the friendship is ground breaking, they formed a family, not just an alliance as music that sounds similar to the titanic sound track plays, then scratches off track as Janelle enters the room. Janelle admits she was nervous in the HoH competition. Janelle admits she is only warming up to the herd as a strategic move. Ivette seems amazed that Janelle might actually be human, Maggie believes it is all just a ploy for votes at this point. Just a suggestion there Maggie, if you spent less time stroking April's back in bed, she might not be runnin round so horny?

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Janelle calls everyone into the living room where they watch the plasma screen, they hear "Hi, I'm Charlie Sheen, I'm John Cryer and I'm Angus T. Jones", they get to see a snippet by cast of Two and Half Men, a clip from the show which the hamsters seem to enjoy or maybe it is just seeing something other than notifications on that television. They tell the hamsters there is another America's Choice to spend a day on their set and the winner of America's Choice is Janelle! There is a limo waiting for her outside. Ivette gives Janelle a big hug, Maggie says so does this mean you are going to give one of us the trip and one of the plasma tv? Janelle says no.

Ivette says the three bitches are still here. April feels bad for being so jealous, she knows her mother raised her well and she just doesn't get it why America loves Janelle. [April, see my open letter to the herd, it explains it a bit] Ivette just cannot imagine that America does not love them, they have families, they have heart, April is a newlywed. The fact Kaysar got back in this house boggles Ivette, the fact that Janelle got the phone call boggles her, now she gets a day out of this house? Ivette says Janelle is making them look like idiots.

Janelle is smiling ear to ear in the limo and says she loves America so much and that we are so generous. Janelle assumes the herd are back at the house, gathered around talking about her and the AC.

Sure enough, Janelle is right on the money. Ivette figures she is seen as trash, given how the America's choice's have gone. April says she has never said she hated anyone, BB obliges with a quick montage of April saying she hates Rachel, she hates Howie, she hates Janelle, she hates that son of a bitch [Howie?] as she cries to Beau in the pool, and then she hates that son of a bitch again in the GR. Ivette doesn't believe Janelle deserves the money, she has no morals and not a bit of a soul. April wonders how can America like a girl ... are they taping this? Maggie says yes, they are always taping us so be very careful with what you say. April just stares off like she has decided not to finish that sentence.

She is met by Angus on his scooter and tells him he is cute. Angus gives her the VIP tour of the stage and backstage areas, as they walk by the audience, he explains the set walls can be moved around so they can shoot from lots of different angles. He makes sure to show her the frig on the set because it is a real frig and not many shows have a real one, she gets to check out the cameras, sit in the cameraman seat and play with it a bit. She seems to be having a wonderful time. Janelle is very gracious and thanks Angus for the tour.

Back in the house we hear April whining about how she has a life to go back to and she [Janelle] doesn't. Apparently a home, dogs, job and family don't constitute a life unless they belong to the herd. April saying she has a job to go back to...Janelle has a job where she talks about sex and alcohol and drugs... we have real jobs to go back to, credible jobs! Ivette says her family knows she has a heart of gold, and if people believe tv they are bleep kind of person. BB then shows us again Tushie speaking well of Janelle. They all say they do not care that Janelle is winning all this stuff... but they worry about their families because they look like big fat assholes. Sounds like Janellousy to me girls.

Janelle is introduced to the studio audience who give her a very warm reception, they tell her to come on up to the set and "they love you!" in reference to the audience. She gets an autographed shirt, the cast asks her questions about the BB house. Angus tells her "I hope you win!". I hope so too Angus, since she was my pick in week two of Rabbit's grab game. Janelle watches the taping of the show from backstage and really seems to be enjoying herself. Janelle shows off her shirt and says she wants to wear it when she gets back to drive the nerd herd crazy. Janelle thanks America once again.

Janelle is blindfolded both when she left and now as she returns. I am assuming this is so she doesn't see parts of the BB house she is not supposed to. Janelle goes back to the house and they meet her and ask her all about her day. Janelle talks about the studio audience and fans and the whole day. They don't seem to be all that happy for her, or maybe they just don't believe she actually has fans. Janelle admits in the DR she was not that excited to see the herd, nor them her, but she did like rubbing it in their faces. You go girl!

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Janelle is laying out with April and Maggie and talking how she has gained so much weight. As April pokes at her boobs, BB gives us a boing sound repeatedly which I find amazing. Janelle talks about wanting to get her breasts redone. Maggie and April think that is foolish. Maggie says she is not a huge supporter of vanity...again with the boob poking and the boing sounds. Janelle and April go up to the HoH room to chat about nominations. Janelle admits in the DR that she chose April because she talks excessively and gives up way to much information and it might make Maggie and Ivette think April and Janelle have a deal of some sort.

Maggie and Ivette talk in the backyard about April going upstairs to the HoH bedroom. Ivette does not like that at all. Ivette thinks April has something going on with Janelle, that April has a way of selling herself without being obvious about it. Maggie says April making a deal would cost her to the money. Way to go Janie! Those seeds have been planted...let's see if they take root and grow.

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Ivette makes note of the fact that April was upstairs for forty minutes. April says basically she [Janelle] never said who she would put up and April never revealed anything to Janelle. Ivette thinks it's a bunch of BS. Maggie seems unsettled by April and Janelle as well. It looks like Janie plan has worked, those seeds of doubt have been watered. Maggie admits in the DR that April's chat was a huge problem.

Janelle gets ready to put one key in the nomination box. April says if she gets sent home, she gets sent home. Maggie says it doesn't matter who gets nominated the only chance of being safe is winning the PoV. Janelle makes her choice and then calls everyone in for the nomination ceremony. Janelle welcomes them to the final nomination ceremony, congratulations to all of them for making it to the final four. She thanks all her fellow sovereigns for taking a fall for her and that they are the reason she is there. Ceremony begins. April is safe. Maggie and Ivette do not seem pleased. Janelle says she nominated Ivette because she is a strong player and doesn't give herself enough credit. She said Maggie it was nothing personal it was all business. Maggie and Ivette both say Janelle's speech was all lies and it made no sense at all. Personally I thought it was pretty good speech. Who will win the PoV? Will it be used to save Maggie or Ivette? Find out Live on Tuesday show where someone will be the evicted!